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  1. Shame & Name (Enki & Keenan)

    *spawning cookies in wu but already too fat to move*
  2. The Constantinople cathedral from a distance (while still under construction) Everian Shores J24 Fisherman's Wharf J18, community temple
  3. Project Independence

    Hey I think I left a small cart by The Howl Let me know if you see it thanks
  4. Multi Story House Pics

    This needs an art caption. "Impressions and Repressions III"
  5. No new features for WU

    Actually, if WU players could also pay a monthly stipend through paypal to a designated WO player termed his or her "Lord" or "Lady" that wouuld be great
  6. Weekly News #7 testing...testing..1..2..3..

    oo rummaged flint very nice
  7. It will be revealed that this has all been a leadup to a kickstarter campaign for another game and this one will be abandoned.
  8. How To Video: On Rubbing Puss

    Maryjean brought me closer to my animals
  9. Retrograde hired

    Keeping on rocking in the free world
  10. Mardi Gras and Wurm

    Please pass the king cake
  11. Weekly News #5 Good Neigh-bours

    I like my news 1. Forums 2. Game client 3. Local billboard 4. Creepy neighbor 5. Visiting pirates 6. Back of recipe book 7. My own tombstone 8. Billboard in hell 9. Social media (that isn't reddit)
  12. Wurm population

    From the Gaming Dictionary: dead ded/ adjective 1. [means pretty much anything] "a dead mmo" synonyms: snookered, nerfed, totally killed
  13. North Swedish Horses

    *paging Malena*
  14. Hedge Removal

    I'm a little torn. It's a good idea, but I like how hedges are a fence of last resort for off-deed areas as they don't decay. Making them easy to destroy could limit this functionality.

    -1 There isn't enough player density on Xanadu and other servers to deal with myc.