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  1. I did just about every labor job, mined, farmed and did carpentry. Thanks for Answering me!
  2. Well i will be in a month! I still lack a laptop but will be getting one.
  3. What's up! Im a long time wurm player who joined close to 3 years ago, and played it very often! But sadly, my computer broken around 9 months ago and i just haven't had the cash to get a new one. But i would like to know all the updates and the events that have happened since then so i can be up to date once i join back!
  4. wait why does my birthday say 1995

  5. archery towers exist, they have an NPC that shoots arrows and nearby hostikes
  6. having built 3 colossi... do you have any ###### idea how long they take? me and several other people spent days and days and a few thousand bricks and clay to build them... honestly it wouldnt be worth the effort and resources
  7. is it a man? is it a pig? no! its manbearpig!
  8. As Far as I know, You can bash Opposing Kingdom Towers, But the Feature to bash your own kingdoms tower (That you didn't make) was removed to prevent mass Alt Griefing from other kingdoms
  9. Lets Take our Problems, And Push them over there

  10. You could get this at 1 Gold maybe a bit more if you find a guy horny for shiny stuff, like a cat maybe, but if you find the right buyer, 1 Gold
  11. I wonder what its like sitting in front of a monitor for 5000+ Hours
  12. I keep trying to get on my account, Xxforgottenxx, but it wont let me in and says I need to register, even though the account is prem and I just used it earlier, any idea what's from and/or a fix?
  13. Holy moly. Did a kingdom do this. Are all kingdoms like this? No one can be trusted now on chaos
  14. Understood its impossible to cap a tower and would simply die if i try to bash and rebuild a tower. Also MR hunt new players for fun thus will play on PVE for now. Close please.
  15. MR will do -1 and others will do +1. But really its not fair that they control the area. So majority of votes would be -1 as they did on my post.
  16. Yes i want to play on chaos, and the last option is No because most of the old timer would say, i made a deed and now why reset. But the thing is a new map is more fun and gives new opportunities to late joiners like me. I added a new option so you or anyone does not think, this is a troll. I am seriously thinking to join Chaos and am asking for a new map as people on Epic did. This is my personal suggestion. Thanks