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  1. I did just about every labor job, mined, farmed and did carpentry. Thanks for Answering me!
  2. Well i will be in a month! I still lack a laptop but will be getting one.
  3. What's up! Im a long time wurm player who joined close to 3 years ago, and played it very often! But sadly, my computer broken around 9 months ago and i just haven't had the cash to get a new one. But i would like to know all the updates and the events that have happened since then so i can be up to date once i join back!
  4. wait why does my birthday say 1995

  5. archery towers exist, they have an NPC that shoots arrows and nearby hostikes
  6. having built 3 colossi... do you have any ###### idea how long they take? me and several other people spent days and days and a few thousand bricks and clay to build them... honestly it wouldnt be worth the effort and resources
  7. is it a man? is it a pig? no! its manbearpig!
  8. As Far as I know, You can bash Opposing Kingdom Towers, But the Feature to bash your own kingdoms tower (That you didn't make) was removed to prevent mass Alt Griefing from other kingdoms