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  1. bump for discount on leather
  2. aaand thats how all old server economies are dead. maybe you should play wu with your alts in your private server lol.
  3. Last update fixed my issue. Install Wurm - select directory appeared then everything went smooth. Can close topic thanks for helps.
  4. Hi , I downloaded new launcher. when i run, it downloaded java runtime and client but nothing shows up afterwards. icon still running in dock & activity monitor. But nothing shows up its not minimized aswell. I'm on Mojave 10.14.6 with retina mid 2012
  5. its not minimized & nothing shows up after Wurm logo.
  6. I tried new Mac launcher but nothing shows up after Wurm logo. App still running but nothing shows up. edit : on mojave(10.14.6)
  7. @Retrograde any update on mac os problems ?
  8. yeap , its still same for me.
  9. i think they are working on fix. lets hope its getting fixed in upcoming update at 8 march.