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  1. Looking for Grapes n Maple

    We are going after the personal goal, i would look for grapes n maple sap for wine makeing. Color of grape and QL not important really. Amounts needed are about 2500kg sap (60barrels a 45kg) and 9000 grapes. No crazy expensive prices please. If you want to offer some amount for a fair price, please answer or pm me hee or ingame (Daryan). Thanks (Can pay in silver, or Dirt or bulk metals etc.) Changing my request, if possible for anyone, i am interested in buying unfermented wine or at least grape juice ... if anyone can deliver those, too. please pm me with your idea of price for that extra step
  2. Looking for Grapes n Maple

    Changing my request, if possible for anyone, i am interested in buying unfermented wine or at least grape juice ... if anyone can deliver those, too. please pm me with your idea of price for that extra step
  3. Dragon Beard Markets One Stop Shop

    Made a good deal, thanks. Where is my free coins back?
  4. Tiny symbols / Tiny GUI on High Resolution

    I tuned down resolution and it is better now
  5. I have a new graphicscard, and use simple 1280x1024 pixel for the game. It makes part of the GUI very small. Look at the Inventory. Can't see the halter rope. While the Target window is of normal size! I wonder, how can i solve this, to have a bit bigger symbols such as the halte rope i have activated. I have not seen any options for GUI size in the options. Only seen text size changes. The symbol sizes seem to be tied to my desktop/app size settings, which is now at a size of (recommanded) 250% screenshot below. https://snag.gy/TWqn81.jpg
  6. WTB Strongwalling priest

    Beside strongwalling, i am also looking for other types of priests if anyone has to sell for a fair price. 70 or 80+ faith would be interesting for example.
  7. WTB Strongwalling priest

    Hi, WTB Strongwalling priest means basically, Nahjo or Magranon (Nahjo preffered) Please give me your idea of an price to talk about and if you like some skilldump to backup priest usefullness beside strongwalling in case of a high price. Can pay with silver, cash, resources, but let's make it not too complicated.
  8. I also have lots of dirt for sale if still needed Call me ingame or on forums in case anyone wanna buy.
  9. UI too small on 4K screen

    New GUI soon! Can't wait to have a bigger GUI on my settings
  10. Yes, definitly you should have a Individualty with it if possible - see how the toolbar buttons can be toggled on and off in the settings? that is a good step to not force it on everybody, but have it an optional thing that is toggled on on standard. if you don't like it, toggle it off.
  11. We got shiny new tool bar and some new buttons and icons, but still the call for help is the same old. If one would aks me, i would say it is the most old thing Wurm Online has. A new player not even has the keybind set, you have to open a console, and add in some weird command line. in 2018 !!! #omg #fail Write help in local chat, is also not natural for new players, it is quite "unique" for WurmOnline. How about we get a button added on the toolbar or somewhere else, but not keybound anymore??
  12. As the title says, i see no reason why Marble brazier pillar should not be secureable, or placeable from hand. not only unloadable from cart - which means everyone can come by and load them up if not on deed. Lams and Buoys only light up for 15 tiles, hard to see from afar. Pillars could be a very good light house, show the entrance of canals or tunnels or highways ( 80 tile visible light). We should be able to use them properly, withut haveing to make a house for every pillar to prevent stealing.
  13. i believe it can now already be secured to the ground, which would fix this problem and i might have been missleaded on the information. in that case, the topic could be closed. thanks lol...
  14. WTS Dirt / Sand 90c/1k

    Hello, you can order small amounts or big amounts. Lots available. You can send me a forum pm, or reach me ingame! Pickup at my deed normally, but please ask whatever you, like dear customer!
  15. How do you like the new buttons with the recent update? I waited so long for more Quickbar!!
  16. Could it be added, that already a keybind is done, and then the tutorial gives a hint that you can press H to call for help? and all newbies have to use it once, to continue the tutorial? That would be a step in the right direction, imo.
  17. How do you like the new buttons?
  18. Ok, i was disapointed by the bridge planning lately. I made a rectangle house, and want to fit in a bridge on ground level just where other bridges on upper levels are working as intended. The ground level needs 33 instead 30, i know. But with a flooring it can be elevated by 3 - the survey shows that the difference between dioptra and rangepole is indeed 30, not 33 if i would stand on the ground, not the flooring. But the planning still did not work, i got an error holding the dioptra. To understand, i made you a picture to show the differences of bridge planning and what i would like to have for the ground level. The one bridge in front is the one i would like to build, as the house layout can be the same for ground level and upper levels then ;-) YOu see the elevated flooring in the little 1x1 house in front, on which you stand. In the middle you see the common 4 tile long bridge, which works, but messes up the layout of the house, cause it is the only bridge that need 4 tiles instead 3 tiles like the upper level bridges. In the background you see a bridge that would not work, cause it would be too steep (21 slope) - obviously it is NOT attached to a flooring and therefore, correctly not elevated by those 3 "dirt" but directly on ground, which causes the error. WHat i would like to have is, that the bridge like shown in front in the picture, can simply attach to a flooring on ground level, same as it does on the upper levels.
  19. Thank you. The bridges still have a lot of potential, but i guess, some things are technically not doable i Wurm, and there is little interest it seems, looking at the very few answers. Still, Thanks @ctaylor77
  20. 2018 ! New update, introducing a sleepbonus button ! I liked this new feature, it helps a lot myself and all new players who are confused already. What are we missing? A call guards button ! A lot of people posted above, that they bind their "help", it is one of the first binding they do. 2018 ! beside the old-school players, younger players don't want binding, they want buttons like in any modern game, imo. The tutorial does not mention how the newbies can call for help - they die often and need any help they can get in this complicated hardcore game, and we giggle in the GL about the recent death message - that is not cool If the devs are now working on buttons, please add also a call for help button.
  21. Goblin leader slaying

    Thanks for a public slaying, was a very very very well visited event! Many PC were fried on the way!
  22. The building of Haven's Landing

    Very good idea to offer newbies (and Elders) a better start experience Oh, the possibilities of big impalongs, i hope there is a harbour nearby
  23. Valrei International. 057

    I love the huge number of updates and additions you add now all the time! Only too bad, it is kinda late for that all, 3-4 years ago it was the time to solve those long standing bugs to be honest. Is there any plan, that Wurm online could be transfered to a steam program, as similar as Wurm Unlimited? I would never ever start new in WU, i would only like to transfer existing WO chars to a proper steam game. Would be a good addition and steam players would come to WO big servers instead hosting their own. Would be nice.
  24. Please reduce the sound of destroying sounds! If someone on deed is bashing, even if far away, it still sounds as they are bashing my house door. At least an option in the settings, just for certain sounds, as destroying would be really great addition to reduce annoyance!