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  1. Somewhat different reason, but boils down to the same outcome. Have not yet thought of a good and simple way around this. A not so simple way is to add some kind of interactive window for smilexamines and other creature actions. So in the end, that things like that could be picked up - but when Granger isn't sure, there could be confirmation needed.
  2. Looks like Granger was finding "He" in [13:29:45] Healing: 1.0 *:0 Fixed. Also fixed "finished parsing pregnant line" spam. Thanks @Tyarra!
  3. Hi @Nythallia @Explora I'm not sure this is the case here, I think Nythallia already added that server (correct me if I'm wrong). I'm guessing that from the message, where it says for server "SERVERSCOPED:CADENCE". My best bet is that there is a problem with reading your skill from logs. Do you have any animal husbandry gains in Skills log? If not try configuring logging of WU Client so some are generated and try again. If completely no luck with this, consider this option:
  4. Hi @Tilda @Sidereal Rolling update for branded and cared by. Not in Mood was set only during breeding, which is currently broken and fix isn't simple.
  5. Hi @Tilda The first one - can you paste me couple event log lines, it will be quick compare and fix that way. The second one - do I understand correctly, thar you'd like for smilexamine to never update parents once they are set on a creature? I did a step towards that in some update this year, but maybe I could make it completely work like this.
  6. @Jazcould you scan for these messages and paste couple full examples? I need this for getting the tool to parse correctly. had a moment to test this myself and fix is rolling as I write
  7. "Absolutely certain" fixed, update pushed PS. Thanks @Jazfor spotting this, will fix as well
  8. I have an idea, but it's not for today. I've been thinking for a while now, to have an interactive widget instead of these things being fully automatic. This way it could ask for confirmation. I've got this planned for next version, not sure when I'll be ready with it though.
  9. Well this is trickier than I thought. Since message from breeding is the same as message from examine... I can't find a good pattern to avoid accidental update of wrong creature. Scenario 1: 1. Creature A (female) and B (male) start breeding 2. Smilexamine creature C that is also pregnant 3. Creature A is marked to give birth as time of creature C 4. Creature A and B finish breeding 5. Actual birth date is disregarded. I thought of doing something like detecting examine but the outputs are varied among creatures. Then perhaps reacting to Smile that precedes examine, but that also causes tricky corner case: 1. Creature A (female) and B (male) start breeding 2. Smilexamine any other creature 3. Breeding is forgotten by WA 4. Creature A and B finish breeding 5. Nothing is updated. Did I miss any clever way to go about this? If not, we will probably need to rely on smilexamine for this... or ask developers to modify these log messages to be unique between action types.
  10. Got it, thanks to @reddragon6450 [14:14:53] The aged fat Hasteocho shies away and interrupts the action. Seems unchanged. With that I can start fixing.
  11. Thanks @Explora, looks like 'confident' messages from examine are now reused in place of "probably give birth in a while" that used to be there. This is tricky, because old message had name in it but should be doable. But before I tackle this I still need to confirm what the shys away message looks like today.
  12. Thanks for all your observations! @Lisabet, @Zera, @Homestead Both birth date and colour should be working again! Update is brewing @Exploraabout setting male cooldown, this is somewhat tricky multiphase code. Can I ask you to show current log messages that appear during ? The ones that Granger interprets now are similar to: //[04:23:27] The Aged fat Dancedog and the Aged fat Cliffdog get intimate. //The Old fat Ebonycloud will probably give birth in a while! //[04:23:47] The Aged fat Dancedog will probably give birth in a while! //[06:18:19] The Aged fat Umasad shys away and interrupts the action. Fun fact. This is by far not the weirdest REGEX I've seen, but definitely the weirdest I've written so far: (?:You feel confident|You predict) she will give birth in (?:(?<days>\d+)(?: days| day))?(?:, |)?(?:(?<hours>\d+)(?: hours| hour))?(?:, |)?(?:(?<minutes>\d+)(?: minutes| minute))?
  13. Hi @ZeraI will have to field-test this then. In R122 - on "paper" - code works for this new wording.
  14. Hey @Explora& @Lisabet, I'll take a look at these 2 issues around this weekend
  15. Hi @Exploraand thanks for example. It should now be fixed. Hi @denully Yes. Create REGEX trigger and aside from typical trigger options, for log entry content, type: The young .+ has arrived Hi @Homestead- this should also be fixed now. Is the old wording still in use? Hi @LeoraI don't think this is possible. Added to todo for someday.
  16. Hi @Exploracould you send me the Event window output of Examine? I think this is a bug with new "name extracting" code that I recently changed. Should be quick fix. Hi @Trakeyes I'm working on this. Sorry it's taking so long, was to finish this month ago, but been through job switch and had to invest some extra time there for a spin up.
  17. Thanks @Zera@Explorafor feedback. I've gone ahead and pushed the update to these trait, as it appears it was a wurmpedia typo after all. But if you notice anything odd, please let me know. Hi@LionIX, I'm pretty sure this could be done, but it also sounds like an in-game bug for it to update so late. Perhaps you should report it? In meantime I've added this to todo list.
  18. I've double checked and all those changes got through. Obviously there must be something else missing, but I'll need more help in finding that out.
  19. Hi @Zera and also other Granger users. I'm investigating traits and I've noticed that some traits have different names in the above log: In my WA there are: Bred in captivity. It seems shabby and frail. But in the logs above there are: It has been bred in captivity. It looks shabby and frail. Are these wordings different between horses and donkeys / other creatures, or was it wurmpedia typo?
  20. Hi @Lisabetyes it's what @Explora said, affinities aren't useful for WA and I should probably remove that line from logs. Hi @Zerathanks for spotting this. I see that some messages are a bit different than expected, so will try to adjust for that.
  21. Hi @Skullripz, I'm sorry but that is not possible as of yet. WA was made when there was only One True Wurm. I have this on todo, but it's not trivial to do.
  22. I think I've got it (Thanks for the video!! @Malena). I've noticed that wording for dead parent is different than for alive one. Never noticed, because my creatures are from long before that feature was added! Granger simply didn't notice "mother was" and "father was" lines. New update rolling as I write!
  23. Hi @Malena Do you find any possible reason to that? Could you post what /smile emote and smilexamine event output looks like in wurm for all involved creatures (including parents) and also any screenshots of how they appear in Granger?
  24. Hi @Malena@gnomegates Good idea about adding some way to manually set inbreeding between 2 creatures. I'm adding to the idea list. About reasons behind this, it may be related to what I've described one post above yours - changing in-game name of a creature causes name of parent to change for all offspring. You can verify this by doing new smilexamine sweep over entire herd and seeing if inbreeding is then picked correctly. However if that doesn't change anything, then I'm extra curious and would love some more information on this. There may be some rule I'm not aware of.