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  1. Hi folks. I'll look at this once I'm back from vacation. Maybe I can fix some bugs.
  2. +1 to this suggestion, I agree that mayor should have absolute power over anything on his deed.
  3. Hi For first, please compare father name between Granger and in game messages. You can fix these in Granger manually on each hellhorse, if they are different. As for second, this may happen if horse traits change, or when another character with low AH skill is used for smilexamine and WA somehow doesn't pick the skill difference correctly. This can also be fixed manually in Granger. Let me know if you need any more help.
  4. Hi folks. I have good news / bad news sort of news. TLDR: Bad news are that I will no longer put any work on WA, short of maybe critical fixes if they ever are needed. Good news are that I will probably write a couple entirely new tools for Wurm Online. They will cover some stuff WA already does and some things it does not. Longer story: Since some time now I'm running rather busy life. As anyone who worked in IT already knows, being a developer means pretty much doing double job. One job is the thing we get paid for right now. Second job is learning stuff we will be paid for in the future. This second job gets more difficult every year, as the tech keeps on advancing faster and faster. When I've made WA, it was a strong addition to my portfolio, but today it's a bit of an old dinosaur. It's quality is completely unrepresentative of my current skills and It's technology is outdated and neither something I currently work with nor something I want to be working with. I can't use current WA to advertise myself to potential clients I wish to work for. I need to spend my free time building software that is modern and I need to focus on smaller apps, so that they are finished and polished before technology makes another leap. There are a couple very popular features in WA that I think are worth re-coding as more modern apps - and there were couple ideas for new tools, that might be worth exploring. That is my current plan for next months. I can't promise they will be "better" when compared to the old megazord, but I will do my best to make them attractive alternatives. This has to come at a price and that price is to let WA itself retire. Hopefully devs won't be making too many breaking changes, so there is a good chance WA will keep on working for a good while.
  5. This might have been some maintenance on Azure server. I've tried it now and it downloads, but it's wee bit slow. Guys at microsoft should handle this eventually, but I'll check it out later this evening.
  6. Hmm, please try redownloading launcher itself. I've put couple updates to it over some time.
  7. Even though your Antivirus does not show this in the log, it has most likely blocked the app. It may also be another windows security feature. Please try to move Launcher to eg C:\wurmassistant\ and try running from there. If that doesn't work, you can try adding Launcher folder to AV exclusion list, though that is a last resort solution.
  8. Yes this is the reason of Granger not working, but am not sure how this happened. Does that directory exist? I've just tested this on WU by doing fresh install and joining random server. Then started WA, set the wurm client path manually to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Wurm Unlimited\WurmLauncher\PlayerFiles\" and it found my char and everything worked. Maybe you have moved you steam library elsewhere?
  9. Hi @Yaga. Just looked over code and yes, looks like this was fixed. Have you noticed anything off? Hi @Stargrace. It looks like a bug and I'll try to fix it. In meantime I think restarting computer should fix this issue. One of WA log files appears to be locked by something eg. a text editor. EDIT: Just made a small tweak to avoid this crash.
  10. Released new WA version. Fixed an error message logged in WA in unlimited mode, when old wurm logs dir path did not exist (this path was used in early Wurm Unlimited version and was then changed to look similar to Wurm Online). Added option to Granger so that server and skill checks can be disabled for SmileXamine. This is done mainly for WU, where server/skill detection often fails to work. @McKennathis should let you use Granger in WU.
  11. Hi drewlar. The only long shot I can think of: when you start WA, do you get a window saying you need to change some options in Wurm Online? What you describe appears as if your game event / skills log lacked timestamps.
  12. Did you receive this error during smilexamining? I've checked the code and it appears to be possible only when using "Editing creature colors" windows. Though that tool is known to miss usages, so I want to confirm.
  13. Hi katnip2067. I'm sorry you run into an issue, am not familiar with this one unfortunately. Did Granger work for you before and this happened spontaneously, or do you have this issue from the very beginning?
  14. I'm personally not a side in this discussion, so please direct your hate elsewhere. Out of pure curiosity, how many of these deeds are yours?