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  1. hi @Yuchdan! As part of my refresh of portfolio, I'm working on rebuilding WA under Avalonia UI toolkit, which is cross platform. I was hoping for .NET Core to allow WinForms on linux, but that ain't gonna happen any time soon, so WA3 has to stay Windows only. As for cd /d %0\ This switches directory of the script to the folder where script is. It's a kind of insurance, so that following commands will run where they are supposed to. A mirror solution for .sh script would be start the path with ./ eg ./someFileName Disclaimer: I'm actually not sure if it is universally true for every unix system, for called script to always set current directory to it's location. It seems to work for me, but I'm in no way a distro expert. Consult stack overflow before taking this script.
  2. @Kelodyspeaking of Wurm Clock, are seasons there all accurate? I could use that to update calendar in WA as well.
  3. Hi@Yuchdan App does not work on linux yet. I've been working on a remake but it's going to take a while to finish, as I'm overworked atm.
  4. This looks like WA has not noticed your examine outputs, but it did notice the smile. I might be saying obvious things, but is examine done after less than 5 seconds since the smile?
  5. @Baiabout breeding advisor. First of, I'm not entirely sure it's accurate. It was created based on breeding research many years ago, things might have changed or may have not been true in the first place, so I'd recommend to use this feature only as a hint, not an oracle. With that disclaimer said... @Arronicusis right, the breed value tries to guess quality of the outcome of a couple. So for example, if two horses share a parent, the likelyhood of bad traits is high and so the breed value will be low. Exact value is not very important, more the difference to other candidates, so you can pick one with least risk of bad traits and most chance of many good ones. As one developer has found out, each horse has unique ID, even wild horses. It's the thing that decides about inbreeding penalties! ID persists even if a horse dies, so parentless horses are NOT safe for inbreeding! Granger is limited when it comes to inbreeding, as wurm does not show that ID anywhere. Best it can do is guess based on parent names. So my advise is to always name all horses that are taking part in breeding and never to clear parent names from imported creatures. Also at low animal husbandry, there is an option for including potential bad traits in value. If that is on, any possible bad trait that can't be scanned, will be assumed to be present on a creature. Try to check if that option is on.
  6. Thanks for noticing this. There is something weird: "Gender: False" in this log, which is why Granger refuses to add it to the list. It's also fishy there are no traits, as the ones you listed should have been picked up. I've tested this on my old horses and they seem to work fine. Could you paste Event window lines that you get after examining that creature? Are you on Steam version?
  7. Try editing the batch file and adding -RelativeDataDirectory option. (Not sure I've worded that correctly, I think I've mentioned that parameter a couple times in the past of this thread)
  8. Hi @Mornare Looks like a bug. Could you dig into verbose log files for wurm assistant (there should be button in the app to open them), find that message and send me the whole stack trace found there? I'll be able to look at this in a week or so, as I'm on vacation without PC
  9. Aye! When you start fresh launcher without any data, manually enter the other folder (or use "Find") during wurm api setup.
  10. Yes, if you need to remove everything, delete folder "data-wa-o" for wurm online and "data-wa-u" for wurm unlimited. You can also be more selective, eg delete only Data and DataV2 folders, so that sounds are kept. Or delete data for specific features. I'd only recommend under every case, to delete WurmApi folder.
  11. That old wurm installation most likely has plenty more log files. I've noticed many hard to find bugs in log parsing code that I've never quite fixed. It may be that some of the old log files trigger such bugs. Before doing a wipe of the entire Wurm Online installation, you may try to just move log files and skill dumps somewhere else, then clear wurm api caches in Wurm Assistant. Another possible cause is that Wurm Client configs differ between those installations. However if any option were unsupported, Wurm Assistant should pop a warning about that on launch.
  12. Yes, it is possible: 1. Have multiple folders with separate WurmAssistantLauncher.exe 2. When running each of the launchers, check "Use relative data directory" option
  13. Hi folks. As usual I'm late with everything. Also need to say that WA may not work with Steam, initially. "May" because I did zero tests so far. It may be enough to manually set wurm dir in the options. Will appreciate feedback about that.
  14. I'm going to update WA with fixes, within next week or so. Sorry for delay.