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  1. Fixed The culprit was: [10:22:16] You feel very confident she will give birth in 1 day, 12 hours, 26 minutes.
  2. Hi @LynD- yes @Explorais 100% correct, WA is not understanding something and I will need examine event messages to figure out why.
  3. Merry Christmas fellow Wurmians. Hope that Wurm Assistant and all other valuable things in your lifes will make this Christmas happy and the New Year fruitful. Cheers!
  4. @Orlaz I've looked over code, but it ain't going to be simple to fix this. I will have to rewrite that timer entirely to allow magic like that , taking a todo note for now.
  5. Oh ok, got it! So basically the moment of reset is not exactly at the start of server, but since 5th minute of reset. Ok lemme see what I can do...
  6. Hi @Orlaz Would you mind describing this in a little more detail? Do I understand correctly that: between server coming up and before 5 minute of uptime, it is possible to meditate without triggering any cooldown? after 5th minute of uptime, the meditation cooldown works as usual? Or did I misunderstand?
  7. Somewhat different reason, but boils down to the same outcome. Have not yet thought of a good and simple way around this. A not so simple way is to add some kind of interactive window for smilexamines and other creature actions. So in the end, that things like that could be picked up - but when Granger isn't sure, there could be confirmation needed.
  8. Looks like Granger was finding "He" in [13:29:45] Healing: 1.0 *:0 Fixed. Also fixed "finished parsing pregnant line" spam. Thanks @Tyarra!
  9. Hi @Nythallia @Explora I'm not sure this is the case here, I think Nythallia already added that server (correct me if I'm wrong). I'm guessing that from the message, where it says for server "SERVERSCOPED:CADENCE". My best bet is that there is a problem with reading your skill from logs. Do you have any animal husbandry gains in Skills log? If not try configuring logging of WU Client so some are generated and try again. If completely no luck with this, consider this option:
  10. Hi @Tilda @Sidereal Rolling update for branded and cared by. Not in Mood was set only during breeding, which is currently broken and fix isn't simple.
  11. Hi @Tilda The first one - can you paste me couple event log lines, it will be quick compare and fix that way. The second one - do I understand correctly, thar you'd like for smilexamine to never update parents once they are set on a creature? I did a step towards that in some update this year, but maybe I could make it completely work like this.
  12. @Jazcould you scan for these messages and paste couple full examples? I need this for getting the tool to parse correctly. had a moment to test this myself and fix is rolling as I write
  13. "Absolutely certain" fixed, update pushed PS. Thanks @Jazfor spotting this, will fix as well
  14. I have an idea, but it's not for today. I've been thinking for a while now, to have an interactive widget instead of these things being fully automatic. This way it could ask for confirmation. I've got this planned for next version, not sure when I'll be ready with it though.