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  1. Ow I see. True it is possible to build this feature as plugin, however I don't think this is a good idea right now. I was planning to remove plugins support since there was no interest in it. Also I'm working on the WA internals right now and there is a good chance I'd break something in your plugin in the coming months. Since there are many fundamental changes I'm doing to this tool, I'm planning to fork it from current WA3 and ultimately release everything as Wurm Assistant 4. In WA4 there will be a way to add new features, but not as plugins like the ones described on the github wiki. Each WA feature will be a separate C# project in the git repository and it will be possible to add more such projects. If you'd like to go ahead with your plans, the best would be to wait a while until WA4 has the shared kernel component ready. Then we could work in parallel: me adapting existing features to this kernel, you building code of your feature. I will post here once this is all set up.
  2. Thanks joebodo, this sounds useful, will add it to my todo.
  3. Not sure what might be issue here. Just tried it myself, using latest version of WA, with no problems. I right-click the blank space in "active herds" area, choose Create new herd. Then type the name, tap Enter and done, it's on the list.
  4. Merry Christmas all me Assistant followers. Hope the New Year brings you much much and more.
  5. Sorry for late reply. It is possible to clear just timers, but it requires messing with WA data files. 1. Easiest is to delete all data, but that means everything in all features, including creature database of granger and all triggers. To do so, delete folder: %localappdata%\AldursLab\WurmAssistantData\Data 2. To delete only timers data: Open %localappdata%\AldursLab\WurmAssistantData\Data\ and find key "TimersFeature_MeditPathTimer", copy the value of "DirectoryName" (a guid similar to e7d8a12e-5bda-42f9-be3a-4bc170a5daf0) Find a folder having same copied name at %localappdata%\AldursLab\WurmAssistantData\Data\ Delete this folder only. This will delete saved settings for all meditation path timers for all your characters, without breaking anything else.
  6. What is the exact scenario? Which path, which levels? If it's a bug, it needs to be fixed. You can also try resetting caches:
  7. Hi. I think you just need to install this: Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86), official download:
  8. Cheers. As usual some delay with deploy but it's all set. Build 93. Yup.
  9. Ok, the bugfix update is brewing. Should arrive in 10 minutes. This time it works. Found a way to test this.
  10. 88 was the last one before path timer change. Should work (works for me). 87 should be fine though.
  11. Working on a fix. FYI, you can roll back to any version you like. Just remember to try new ones eventually.
  12. I think I know why this is happening, the WA eventually unfreezes though, right?
  13. Good news. Update server is back online and I've just pushed the update with meditation path timer update. The change is untested, as I have no means to do so at the moment. Please let me know if there are any problems. The rest of updates have to wait till January. Sorry.