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  1. Hi @DannyUK, your hunch is good. It looked as wurm assistant couldn't read some info from the logs, namely the messages that state which server you are on (they print when logging in). Without that, it was unable to tell if the log line should trigger timer or not. I'm happy you're sorted that. I'm not sure exactly what was the core reason though.
  2. Thanks @polarbearfor figuring this. @Crackzwould you be able to update your original doc? I think this is the best guide for running on linux that we have so far.
  3. Hi @Humpf, there is no timer with a button, but the second option is totally possible. Experiment with the custom timers:
  4. Hi @Lovelie, thank you for spotting these peculiarities. I've found a way to fix 1st, but will need a little bit more work to make that actually fixed. Issue with description here. The 2nd problem probably unavoidable.
  5. Hi Aldur, 

    I do love Wurm Assistant.  Lately I have been examining my HH and they show have the strong willed trait. When I smilr examine it is not showing in the said horses trait profile. it is listed as a trait in Trait view but not marked as the horse having said trait.  When i genesis the horse, the trait is removed in the event window. So I know it was actually there to begin with. 

    Not sure what the issue is. 

  6. Really good guide @Crackz! I'm adding it to the OP, big thanks for this!!
  7. Ow! Well that should be easy to get alphabetical as well, thanks for clarifying.
  8. Hi @Huserx, about second bullet, do you mean the list of herd names on the left? Indeed it lacks sorting, I can make it alphabetical. These feel minor, will try to fix them soon. Thanks!
  9. Yes would be best to have manager rights for one of them. But I'm really busy this week, so please wait with that till weekend. I'll try to catch you online then.
  10. Hi @denully, this is good idea but last time I've explored it, the list of items was only visible inside a window and it is against Wurm policies to scrape data directly from Client window. I could check if there are other ways, but I don't have any merchant - so if you could make one accessible for experiments, I can possibly come back with some more proposals.
  11. Hi @Lovelie, sorry for late reply! I think it was intentional, but I agree it makes no sense. It's probably because in the past it had a day-accuracy. Changed in last version.
  12. @Baronessthanks for that, updated! I smell devs plot against me in all this!
  13. @Baronessthanks for spotting that line, there must be missing corner case there. I should probably look at this parser and maybe put more wildcards into pattern matching.