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  1. Thanks Nadroj. Since these are just cooldown adjustments, I'll try to roll an update even today.
  2. Hi folks. Indeed I've made no update for Meditation yet. I'm adding to todo, but it will likely take a month or two before this is done, as I'm swamped with other work for now. If you have any details about how things have changed, it will greatly help me do it faster. The most of the work is usually in-game research, and as I'm not actively playing, it takes double effort. This also applies to any other current issues with WA.
  3. Hi Mal. I recall a fix so thay WA would not remove parents of creatures, even if they are dead. If that is what youre asking. Keenan confirmed that parent is still there, even if no longer shown on examine.
  4. Hi Jaz. I suspect antivirus, please try adding launcher folder to exclusions and see if the issue persists. Luka, I'm sorry but I don't know what might be cause of this. I doubt it's the update (nothing changed in timers). Maybe server group is set incorrectly? The log says "group: prayer", that doesn't seem right.
  5. Don't worry about it. I am still maintaining the app, it just goes slower because of lots of other work recently... and summer. No need to donate anything.
  6. No more donation button, sorry. But you can drink in my name!
  7. I'm not sure exactly, but this error is sound related. I suspect you might have another audio device sometimes plugged into your PC and it somehow conflicts with sound system of WA. Try experimenting with this, I would love some more feedback. In the meantime, I'll try adding a workaround, so that features don't crash due to this, just no sound will work.
  8. Added Nadroj and boilingfort requests to my todo. As for the server travel on Wurm Unlimited, I'd have to investigate this further. I thought it should work the same as with WO. Not sure when I'll have a bit more time to do this though. Does restarting WA fix the issue?
  9. Hi Gorwst, unfortunately I don't think that's possible in the current WA version. I've had plans to make this possible, but no time to get this done, sorry.
  10. Updated Wurm Assistant Stable to build 86 * Fixed errors about missing upgrade.dat * Granger will no longer clear parents on smilexamines
  11. Holy horse! Guess I need to change that in Granger. It does explain some odd bad traits I was getting once in the past though.
  12. Hello. Looks like a simple bug, I'll try to fix within 2 days. Sorry for the trouble.