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  1. Hey @Leora Thank you for spotting this, should be easy to fix. Were you working on leather working or tailoring? Or both? If you can, please PM me event log messages describing needle as next tool - will be simplest to test this way.
  2. @Kierkegaard Yes, files are checked for size changes every half second and if any is detected, new content is read and parsed. I did experiment with system file watchers, which are supposedly more efficient - but they also turned out unreliable.
  3. Hi @Kierkegaard, all timers are triggered by log events. Monitoring memory of Wurm client is not allowed. Logs monitor within WA checks logs every half second. Hi @jammerluna, I've just uploaded mp3 into WA and it plays fine. Did you notice any errors or warnings?
  4. Hi @Molten. Next major version of WA will target linux as well, but I can't make any promises as to when it's going to be finished.
  5. Aye sir and sirses! I've had to pause work on page, because I'm behind on other paid project. But will go back to it shortly. And with it, I'm going to open Patreon option. The money will go for beer only, I promise!
  6. @Tomatoes Aye! As soon as there is something to test, I'll send you a ping! Thank you!
  7. Hi @Tomatoes Next major WA version is going to work on linux. Current one does not. This is a big deal to get done, it requires entire GUI to be replaced.
  8. Hi! i have pathed to the correct place and i am still getting API errors. I can ignore the constant stream of errors and everything else works fine. I have deleted the steam version of the game so it is not the issue of multi-boxing and i have tried redirecting the path to the actual files but i get an error and then have to reset the path. It might be i do not install games on my OS HD. not sure, but thought id just give you the info. 

    "2021/01/20 20:29:14.050 > Error > WurmApi > WurmApi > TaskManager: Error during task execution: WurmConfigs update > One or more errors occurred.
    gamesettings.txt not found at path D:\Wurm Online\configs\test\gamesettings.txt ; Config for: TEST ; Dir monitor for: D:\Wurm Online\configs"

    "D:\Wurm Online\"

  9. @MaiyaI only suspect for the moment, but I think I know the cause. Assistant first finds all folders at path: configs\, then it assumes every folder is an actual fully working config and tries to read gamesettings.txt. But if file is not there, it blows up. It doesn't break WA, it only makes annoying error spam. Can try fixing this by either making one login into wurm online, using this config, or deleting the folder (eg. if it's empty). As soon as I have a while to hack at WA (busy with other project now), I'll fix this.
  10. Thank you @TeeeBOMBfor kind words and I'm glad the issue is fixed. That gamesettings.txt error spam feels like a bug, I'll have a look at it. I might be able to do something about such backups. There is a system for backups in the app, I will have a look at it as well.
  11. @TeeeBOMB, you may be able to fix this easily with options marked below. Please try them, first "change game client path", then "clear wurm api caches". Reinstalling WA is not should not be necessary.
  12. Hi @Malenaand @Kelody, I think it won't be much work to add that which you ask for. Added to my todo, both ideas. @TeeeBOMByes, you can do that. Note that this will overwrite any new settings, you might have created after hard drive switch. 1. Go to the backup of your old C partition and find: \users\[your-user-name]\AppData\Local\AldursLab (you may need to turn on viewing hidden files, as AppData folder is normally a hidden one) 2. Copy that entire folder to the same location on your new system: C:\users\[your-new-username]\AppData\Local\AldursLab (overwrite everything) Merging settings is possible, but probably easier to set them up anew.
  13. Hey @Fengist After doing a quick research, I could go for making a WP site on I've used that wordpress hosting before and were happy with it, their offer is very affordable. And actually it's a very good point on Patreon. I've been looking to setup something just like it in the past, but Patreon wasn't an option back then (it were very immature options at that time). Patreon looks great and I think famed beer button is coming back! Will contact you via PM once the site is setup, we can work the details.
  14. @Fengistthis looks awesome, great work! I'm really sorry I did not yet fix the export issue, I'm almost there! I can also add link to your tool to Wurm Assistant, credit and all preserved of course. Just let me know when the link is permanent. I can also: If you could extend your API with a POST endpoint (no clue how to do that under wordpress plugins), I could also add to Granger "export to html formatter" (working name) option, eg. it could automatically upload XML through the request body. I can extend XML if you feel any extra Granger info could be useful.