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  1. hello there Alder,


    I am writing to let you know that the crafting assistant doesn't update for sewing needles. It just continues showing the last Imping tool. The tool in question is called "needle, iron" I don't know if all needle types are affected, but the iron one I have does not update the display. I am using windows 10 in the Live Wurm client. If you need any more info feel free to message me of course. Thanks for such an awesome program. :D


    (Please note: I am not computer technically savvy. I wasn't sure all the info you needed about my computer etc. If you need more info about my computer, please let me know where to find it for you and I will be happy to give you extra info. :) )

    1. Leora


      I just had it do it to me with a pelt while trying to imp a steel knife. The behavior is consistent with the steel knife. But I haven't had trouble with the pelt not being recognized with any other object yet. It makes me want to note that the needle is never recognized no matter what item I am improving.


      I hope this info is helpful.

    2. Leora


      I also observed that the text does not always fit in the text window on the widget. I can usually figure out what improving tool it is referring to, but it is yet cut off on the end. This happens with titles like a whetstone or a leather knife, etc.

  2. Thanks @Zera@Explorafor feedback. I've gone ahead and pushed the update to these trait, as it appears it was a wurmpedia typo after all. But if you notice anything odd, please let me know. Hi@LionIX, I'm pretty sure this could be done, but it also sounds like an in-game bug for it to update so late. Perhaps you should report it? In meantime I've added this to todo list.
  3. I've double checked and all those changes got through. Obviously there must be something else missing, but I'll need more help in finding that out.
  4. Hi @Zera and also other Granger users. I'm investigating traits and I've noticed that some traits have different names in the above log: In my WA there are: Bred in captivity. It seems shabby and frail. But in the logs above there are: It has been bred in captivity. It looks shabby and frail. Are these wordings different between horses and donkeys / other creatures, or was it wurmpedia typo?
  5. Hi @Lisabetyes it's what @Explora said, affinities aren't useful for WA and I should probably remove that line from logs. Hi @Zerathanks for spotting this. I see that some messages are a bit different than expected, so will try to adjust for that.
  6. Hi @Skullripz, I'm sorry but that is not possible as of yet. WA was made when there was only One True Wurm. I have this on todo, but it's not trivial to do.
  7. I think I've got it (Thanks for the video!! @Malena). I've noticed that wording for dead parent is different than for alive one. Never noticed, because my creatures are from long before that feature was added! Granger simply didn't notice "mother was" and "father was" lines. New update rolling as I write!
  8. Hi @Malena Do you find any possible reason to that? Could you post what /smile emote and smilexamine event output looks like in wurm for all involved creatures (including parents) and also any screenshots of how they appear in Granger?
  9. Hi @Malena@gnomegates Good idea about adding some way to manually set inbreeding between 2 creatures. I'm adding to the idea list. About reasons behind this, it may be related to what I've described one post above yours - changing in-game name of a creature causes name of parent to change for all offspring. You can verify this by doing new smilexamine sweep over entire herd and seeing if inbreeding is then picked correctly. However if that doesn't change anything, then I'm extra curious and would love some more information on this. There may be some rule I'm not aware of.
  10. Hi @Arelone I've done a quick hack at this. When below option is unchecked, it causes described issue: After checking it, my creatures updated as expected, even if multiple were given same custom name, since they still had different birth names. I'm also updating Granger now, so that this option is checked by default - as it feel default is more intuitive that way. Please let me know if this worked for you. Also make sure you have latest version of WA: "3.3 stable-win R117 I've also accidentally noticed that father and mother printed by Examine is now logging exact current name of the creature, including custom name. This is tricky, because those names are used for inbreeding checks by advisor. So after renaming a creature and smilexamining it, without doing smilexamine update on all offspring, granger will incorrectly claim breeding these creatures is fine. I won't be able to improve on this, sadly. Because creatures without unique birth names, can only be compared for inbreeding using custom names. The only way for now, after creature rename is to re-smilexamine entire herd.
  11. Hi @Tilda, keen senses was not removed as it would break couple things in the app and I didn't see any value in such tampering.
  12. Hi @LynDas far as I remember, color is currently not included. By default it's only creature name. You will need to use a unique naming method or separate creatures using couple herds, to achieve this.
  13. Thanks @Explora for spotting these, just updated. The "more friendly" was a little headache, I've chosen "friendlier" for the other one.
  14. Hi folks, has anyone tried this tool after latest WA update (WA version R111 or higher)?