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  1. By default, you will find all data in one folder: For WA Wurm Online: %localappdata%\AldursLab\WurmAssistantData For WA Wurm Unlimited: %localappdata%\AldursLab\WurmAssistantUnlimitedData When you run using relative data dir, you should notice new folders created within launcher folder: Wurm Assistant: data-wa-o Wurm Unlimited: data-wa-u Close Assistants and copy contents between these folders to move all settings and data. For second question, since assistant can only work with single wurm client folder, mixing steam and standalone is currently not possible, sorry.
  2. Hi @SouthPaw, yes it is possible. You can run WA with relative data dir option. This option makes all WA data to be placed in same directory as the launcher. You can then make copies of that directory and effective have as many independent Wurm Assistants as you like. If you need further help, let me know. I think this thread has a few more in-detail guides on steps how to make this work. But the easiest one is via checkbox in the launcher. There is also a manual way to copy all your current WA data into relative instances, if you need that.
  3. If the skill shows lower than ingame, it probably means WA has some trouble reading latest level of it. Some of the causes may also be the reason why skill does not trigger. First please check if your skill gains are being logged into Wurm text logs and at what decimal resolution. If all is working there, I would then suggest trying Options -> Clear WurmAPI caches. If that doesn't help, there is probably some log parsing glitch, you may try to play with the files, move them etc. (always do the Clear WurmAPI caches afterwards). It is also possible that WA is observing wrong folder for logs, you can play with that using Options -> Change game client path There may be other reasons. Any extra info you can provide may point us to the solution.
  4. Big thanks for this @Aeryck! I've updated the timer with this extra condition. I have no way to test this, would appreciate feedback if it works correctly. Also if anyone finds any other wordings of this message, please let me know! (the update will arrive soon)
  5. Thanks for reporting these issues. I have a period of limited time to properly support WA, but will try to find a moment to fix this.
  6. Hi @Aeryck, sorry that is not possible without some serious windows hacking.
  7. Hi @DannyUK, your hunch is good. It looked as wurm assistant couldn't read some info from the logs, namely the messages that state which server you are on (they print when logging in). Without that, it was unable to tell if the log line should trigger timer or not. I'm happy you're sorted that. 👍 I'm not sure exactly what was the core reason though.
  8. Thanks @polarbearfor figuring this. 🍻 @Crackzwould you be able to update your original doc? I think this is the best guide for running on linux that we have so far. 👍
  9. Hi @Humpf, there is no timer with a button, but the second option is totally possible. Experiment with the custom timers:
  10. Hi @Lovelie, thank you for spotting these peculiarities. I've found a way to fix 1st, but will need a little bit more work to make that actually fixed. Issue with description here. The 2nd problem probably unavoidable.
  11. Hi Aldur, 

    I do love Wurm Assistant.  Lately I have been examining my HH and they show have the strong willed trait. When I smilr examine it is not showing in the said horses trait profile. it is listed as a trait in Trait view but not marked as the horse having said trait.  When i genesis the horse, the trait is removed in the event window. So I know it was actually there to begin with. 

    Not sure what the issue is. 

  12. Really good guide @Crackz! I'm adding it to the OP, big thanks for this!!
  13. Ow! Well that should be easy to get alphabetical as well, thanks for clarifying. 👍
  14. Hi @Huserx, about second bullet, do you mean the list of herd names on the left? Indeed it lacks sorting, I can make it alphabetical. These feel minor, will try to fix them soon. Thanks!