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  1. @Baronessthanks for that, updated! I smell devs plot against me in all this!
  2. @Baronessthanks for spotting that line, there must be missing corner case there. I should probably look at this parser and maybe put more wildcards into pattern matching.
  3. Hi @Borstaskor, this is a good idea, noted! Hi @Baroness, yes the skill may affect that but without more details it's very difficult to be sure. But you can try manually setting that horse as pregnant - set its "will give birth on" in the details to some date in the future.
  4. Hi @AshtonBlack- this is correct, as weird as that sounds. The recent change in wurm creature traits made the old values outdated. You need to now copy the preset and set your own values, based on which traits you'd like to breed for. For example if you set draft traits to 20 (or any number you like) and all others to 0, then the granger will suggest to pair best draft combos. You can make multiple presets for different targets.
  5. Hi @SouthPawI don't know what happened. I doubt it but have the season dates change in wurm? I'll look into it, may need your help at some point (will PM you)
  6. Awesome @nicedreams! It's good to know that windows and linux improve relations every year! If only that were true for all relationships... I've linked this into Linux section of OP. If you spot any specific issues that prevent using it normally, please let me know.
  7. Yup, at the moment custom timer is the way to go about it. It works for all simple cases, which is probably why they weren't added explicitly.
  8. Hi @Madnath, there is already a meditation timer in WA and it shows the countdown. Assuming it still works correctly, there have been some reports over time of odd bugs that I've never managed to figure out. Or do you mean something else?
  9. Extra piece of information. When trying to build a ladder, the building would refuse claiming that all external walls need to be finished first. Suspecting this wall to be the culprit, I've built a complete arched wall there. Afterwards, building that ladder was allowed. I will keep that arched wall, so I can finish the rest of the building. If you need to play with it, just please remove it for any testing (the plan will reappear in its place).
  10. What happens when Unremovable Wall Plan meets Unstoppable Game Master Force? Together with @Aionwe've been trying to understand, why a certain wall plan cannot be removed in one of my buildings, but alas the riddle remains unsolved. Not even superpowers can help. We've even tried removing nearby bridge and other walls, to no avail. The plan is located at deed Misthaven on Exodus server, within building "Aldur's Manufacturing Ltd", ground floor. Some context that may be relevant: the wall plan was there for a long time, at least couple months but the other wall plans made around that time, all can be removed just fine Screenshot below.
  11. There is indeed an issue with detecting that, some previous post explained it. I have an idea to improve it.
  12. If all creatures have different branding names eg: Sad 'DD2' Sad 'DD2.5' and assuming that option is unticked, then it should work correctly.
  13. This option should be ticked, that's the default for Granger. But for old WA installations, it may be that it used to be unticked in the past and it didn't update to new default (my bad, sorry about that).
  14. Hi @Lisabet How do you have option below (screenshot) set in your Granger? I think what you observe, will happen when that option is unchecked. When unchecked, Granger first tries to match by creature name (here: "Landhard"). If no Landhard is found, it tries to match by branding name (here: "HD4") and finds unrelated creature, because you use these names for tracking traits. PS. I've updated description of that option to be clear about this. I think it became confusing during last Granger update, where this part changed a little.