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  1. Thanks @Explora, this is a great idea and doesn't sound like rocket science (I've already coded trait category on my working branch!)
  2. Yes it's only about breeding assistant. The Granger itself will still be there But if the current breeding assistant is still useful, I can keep it working for now.
  3. Hi @KionScar, actually wasn't aware of this issue. I was considering to just drop parents from these validations and now I see I need to do just that. Thanks for pointing it out. Does the workaround of manually updating parent names in Granger help to fix this for now? ---- Hi folks. As usual I'm late with everything, but I guess it's nothing new when it comes to my Wurm Assistant updates. I've been having a lot of trouble getting Granger to love me again and just bend to my will for the required update. I've finally decided to take it slower and the nearing WA update will not have breeding assistant included. I quite feel I just need to release anything, so that yer increasing beer supply that im drinking as soon as delivered, is not wasted! But of course the breeding assistant will be back. And I welcome any ideas as to how it should work to be most useful. Some of the new inbreeding aspects seem a little foggy. Cheersy!
  4. Hi @Oblivionnreaver, couple control questions to narrow this down: 1. Do you have skill dumps generation enabled? 2. Is the current level correct in the screenshots above? 3. Would you be willing to send me all your skill and event logs from the range and any associated skill dumps, so I can try to reproduce the issue? I will look into this issue anyway, but the more info I've got, the easier it will be to nail down. Thanks for bringing this up!
  5. @Zuelatakglad it worked. Thanks for pointing that instructions may be misleading, I'll reword that to be more clear! Cheers!
  6. Hi @TildaI've just ran the version everyone here is using and smilexamine is working correctly. Tried official launcher and steam version. Source must be somewhere else. No warnings in logs? Try maybe starting WA "fresh" and checking if that works. Easiest way is to use -relativedatadir command line arg when starting (should be .bat for that there already, in the launcher dir). When using this option, all WA data will be right in launcher folder named data-wa-o. You can then also clear it and start fresh again. And when you'd like to use the old WA data, simply run it normally again. @ZuelatakI've just tried steam version of Wurm (normally not using it). I've noticed that WA does not find the correct game folder by itself, have to be selected manually (using "find" button in the dialog). Since you have already selected a folder, that causes a crash, you need to click "reset wurm assistant config" in that crash dialog to get the choice again. My suspicion is that you've selected a path too deep (\gamedata\players - suggested by error you've sent me). Simply select D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Wurm Online\gamedata and it should work again.
  7. Has anyone else observed behavior reported by @Zuelatak? @Zuelatakcould you send me the contents of that very ugly error?
  8. Hi @LynDim sorry I've meant this will be available shortly, haven't rolled the update yet.
  9. Hi @Sinsun, I don't think there was, would you like me to add this to wish list (will go to WA4 wish list, I prefer not to add more stuff to WA3). Hi everyone, I'm finishing my updates for Granger and it looks good so far. Some things to expect: Granger will use the new inbreeding message to detect relations (old method of comparing parents still working, but this new one will take precedence if available). Granger will again read all traits. Granger will also read trait points of a creature. Experimental breeding advisor for the new rules (simplified compared to old one). I'm trying to do the changes in a way that preserves existing herds in the app, but can't promise it will work for 100% cases, only that I'll assist on any bug. Unfortunately I've found it difficult to use the new creature info feature (popup), so smilexamine stays with us.
  10. Hi folks, a little progress report. I'm not yet done with updates, it was a bit of a crazy couple weeks for me (very unusually crazy). Tons of unexpected things happened, including organizational catastrophy at my work and my father finding himself in a hospital. Fortunately all problems are resolved and I've been continuously working on updates, so delayed but they should hit the update button shortly. Thank you for your patience, as usual with me, some is always needed!
  11. @Zuelatakthank you for this suggestion, i will have to think about it, but I'll move that for after Granger update, as everyone is waiting for it now. @Nomadikhanin short. Yes. Been asked for many times.
  12. There is a way already - check the main post. I am also working on new WA4 (not ATM since focusing on updates) - it will work on Linux without any magic 🪄