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  1. Try a tool called Everything from voidtools. It can find things that windows search fails to. Run a simple search like for word "wurm" and check filters, so that you scan through hidden files as well.
  2. FYI. I'm now going to track replies daily to this thread. Have found some more free time for WA.
  3. @ReskalYup, wurm must store the files elsewhere on your PC. Even with monthly files, it should have worked fine. @ErowynnSeason can be added manually. You just need to set the wurm day of a year it starts and the day it ends.
  4. @Reskal Try to check files within F:\Wurm Online\players\Reskal\logs Find the latest "_Event" file. Note it's date, then look inside and check couple last lines. You should compare that to Wurm itself, to check if new events in Wurm go to files. If you notice that new events don't go to files, first check Wurm config, text tab - if you have logging enabled (*** Message Logging not disabled), whether you have Timestamps checked and Skill Tab Updates as frequent as possible (eg 0,001 or Always). If that doesn't help, I'd default to my previous diagnosis, that wurm is now storing it's configs and logs elsewhere, while this folder is a left-over. If you notice that events do go to files properly or that above did not help, we can continue debugging this over PM, as I'm getting thread updates once a week only.
  5. Hey @Reskal! I think your Wurm folder has moved to a different path for some reason. To fix WA, use options -> change game client path in Wurm Assistant. That will restart the app and then you can click Find button, with some luck it should guess right. If not, you may have some additional luck looking for it within your user profile folder (eg. C:\users\reskal\ or C:\users\reskal\AppData\Local\). You may also try to move everything from F:\WurmAssistant to that new folder, this should restore your configs, keybindings, most logs and such.
  6. Should fix itself after DNS propagation. But let me know if it doesn't, as propagation should take no longer than a day.
  7. Hello. No version for linux yet. Also I'd like to get a bit ahead of the peleton and say, that today's April Fools with skills will most likely make skill stats bonkers. Though the joke was hilarious!
  8. Hello. You may try looking through skill dump files for that character. We've had similar problem where there was an empty skill dump and it made WA confused. If that doesn't help, please pm me and we will debug this some more.
  9. Hi. Good to hear you have solved the problem. I'm sorry for late reply, I only get pings about new thread posts once a week. I've not given up on WA, I just have very little time. But recently have fixed a couple of bugs and issues. And am still working on new version of WA, though it's going extremely slowly, so prefer not to give any hopes.
  10. I'm having trouble debugging this. WA is correctly picking up skills from logs and from skill dumps, smilexamine is working. This isn't first report about such issue, I'm just at a loss to what is the cause. Especially that granger remembers last skill level for a character, so even if log reading breaks, it should still be working. @Yagawould you mind sending me a recent skills log file (the whole file, so I can compare encodings and BOM and what else magic).
  11. For me, it would be ok not to spawn rifts on tundra. It's rare area anyway, so shouldn't affect the spawn locations by much. I feel for Baloo's claim as she put a ton of work into restoring original Tundra Mountain on Exodus. However if so, this would have to be smartly coded, so that players wouldn't use single tiles of tundra to prevent rifts over large otherwise-covered areas. This could be disruptive.