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  1. Bridges

    Hordern you only say what you have to. It's how you keep your job. Tp are you new frustration is understandable with bridge topic. Yeah there on test server now. Just saw that's awesome.
  2. Sorry Fixed, was doing something wrong!
  3. Im sure he will fix it for you, it happens!
  4. you still have dirt im thinking about buying corbita's worth 49 large crates x 300 = 14700 Figure about 13.230 Silver.
  5. Anyone have a good price on dirt again, dont really wanna go to xanu, that was not as fun! Prefer meet @ Libila's landing on Deli. I want to buy about 10K or maby 13K about corbita full!
  6. NM Sleepy found my location!
  7. Wish they didnt add Xanadu, take longer to get to Pristine now. I might head over there all let you know in a few. Thinking if i wanna go al the way over there from Deli.
  8. I can come and pick them up in my corbita. Id like to get a better deal then 1k dirt 1 silver, and 1k bricks for 2 silver. I have crats, i can use, thats not a problem.
  9. Well looking to buy a High Masonry/Carpentry/Stone Cutting account. If you have one please let me know in pm, or on here, and list of your skills. Thank you have have a very awesome day.