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  1. I have the same problem and i'm on a Nvidia 750M. Exact same problem, textures for roads only seem to load 1 tile away, any further and they disappear to grass/dirt.
  2. I've seen some server advertisements claiming multiple maps and sailing to get to them: Anyway, thanks for your help, I think i'll get ultimate after all!
  3. From what I understand each server can have more than one landmass/map? So by travelling to the edge of the map you can travel to another map within the server, is that correct?
  4. Thank for your reply! Are these Adventure and Creative maps multiplayer? Also, will the private servers be absolutely separate, for example they keep track of their own time, economy, players, etc?
  5. I was a WO player a few years back but stopped due to lack of interest, but now WU came out with a one-time payment model and I thought it might be interesting since I dont play often enough to justify a monthly fee. Correct me if i'm wrong, the FAQ says that WU and WO characters are completely separate and cannot interact is that right? If so, I have a few questions: 1) What are the official worlds currently available to WU players? 2) How active are the official worlds ATM? 3) How are characters managed in WU? If I create a character in the official servers, will its skills and traits be transferred over to private servers when I join them, or will I have to create a separate character for them? Thanks for your help!
  6. That would explain this; my cow was tamed. Funny how you can't kill ol' fido even if you really wanted to. Oh well. Thanks for the tip!
  7. I was taming my cow today when it tried to attack me. I noticed instead of retaliating my combat was stuck perpetually in "You try to cut an old fat brown cow". I couldn't retaliate, the message just kept looping every second while the animal could continue to hit me. Pic: While I noticed this only for my cow, i'm not sure if combat with other animals will go the same way.
  8. Okay just another question, can traders be placed on any floor above ground level?
  9. I am thinking buying some silver to get myself a trader. But before that, I have a few burning questions about traders: 1) How often do traders restock cash? 2) Are traders only available to villages? If not, are there any disadvantages of planting traders outside of villages? (in terms of money gain, etc) 3) Is buying a trader as a sustainable money maker worth it? I'm intending to get the trader solely for personal use, so I would appreciate any answers. Thanks!
  10. Cooking shouldn't be complex if you don't want it to be. If you're contented with mediocre food, it should be simple to throw a few things in a pot and let it cook. However, those who prefer to invest time in cooking skill shouldn't be restricted to an overly simplified and unrewarding cooking system. It becomes more of a chore than a challenge to practice cooking as it is now.
  11. Cooking is hardly important right now, I agree, simply because its a flat, dumbed down version of the intricacies of actual cooking. With an overhaul of the cooking mechanics, I hope that can improve. I don't see what's so bad about giving a skill more depth, especially when the status quo is nothing more than putting food in an oven and waiting. Its boring, tedious, and an afterthought, precisely the reasons why you would find it unimportant.
  12. You misunderstand, I'm in agreement that at recipe DB might not be such a great idea. My point is that player-made recipes should have a system to determine how delicious a particular combination of foodstuffs is. Otherwise, throwing together any few items into a bowl and giving it a fancy name still won't make a dish any more tasty. And this is a problem because novelty alone doesn't make a feature people will use often. Even if you throw away "meals", "casseroles" and "stew" and add a lot more kinds of food, people will make and eat it for a while, then go back to the food with the least hassle. There needs to be a unique incentive to each combination of food that you prepare. There must be a reason why you choose one kind of food over another, for example deciding between enjoyment and nutrition. A trade-off system needs to be in place, otherwise people will just find the most efficient food and stick to that. I do wonder however, should QL represent nutrition, or tastiness?
  13. I understand why you guys aren't so hot for preset recipes. Allowing the chef to name his own dish would be great, but there needs to be a system to decide what dish is better than than which, otherwise there's no difference between a common fish stew and "seafood ala supreme".
  14. I would be inclined to agree with you if there are actually people trading in meals, but the reality is that hardly anyone does, due to the lack of incentive to buy something they can cook themselves. Since the idea of recipes make skilled cooks much more in demand, they need a medium they can trade through, much like a merchant. Plus, a player can't be playing shopkeeper the whole time, and with the short expiry date of their dishes, I believe an NPC is necessary in this context. I understand that an NPC may not appeal to everyone, so please do critique my other ideas as well. Took the words from my mouth. Food should last about as long as they do in barrels as they do on bartenders. Since food is a consumable, I believe they'll sell faster than other goods like tools etc and as such decay shouldn't pose too much trouble. Sorry, I don't quite understand your point. Purchasing food from another's business serves 2 purposes, for those who don't want to cook, and those who don't have the skill to do it well. Like I mentioned, good food will impart +ve bonuses, so they will be highly sought after. Its much like tools and weapons, you either smith them yourself or buy them from someone who can do it much better + enchants. May I know what your "main goals" refer to?
  15. I'm sure I don't have to tell you, cooking is somewhat of a joke, as it had been since the beginning of wurm. It has completely no depth, no challenge, no fun, and most importantly, no incentive beyond keeping yourself fed. There are quite a few different foodstuffs available, but most of the time cooking is limited to stew, casserole, and meal, simply because the rest have no point. What's the point of tea, porridge, bread, cheese, soup and goulash, beyond making more meals and being relegated to low nutrition, novelty, ignored foods? Right now it seems cooking is nothing more than a grinding skill, one that is as brainless as it is boring. It doesn't do justice to one of the most important of skills. With the recent release of 1.0, i'm hoping Rolf and team will have time to look beyond the big picture (multi-stories, animations, combat, etc) and add flavour to existing skills and make them more rewarding and more fun to use and not just "grind for the sake of grinding" I've listed a few possible changes to the cooking system below: 1) Recipes Beyond the generic "meal", dishes actually have names attached to them. Do away with the terms "meal", "casserole" and "stew", and give specific combinations of foodstuffs a name. The more complex the recipe, the higher its difficulty, which encourages experimenting with recipes to maximize skill gain with higher HFC. It also takes away the impossibility that a sprig of oregano and parsley as a dish can actually feed you. For example, a fish cooked in a pan with a potato could become "fish and chips". Putting cheese, dough, a cooked meat and probably an onion in a pan would produce "lasagna". Putting an unbutchered chicken corpse in a sauce pan with maybe oregano (or another herb) should make "whole spring chicken". Not every single dish cooked must be a unique recipe. Cooking beef would produce a steak, but adding a vegetable or herb would create "steak with <vegetable/herb>". Cooking water, milk and something else in a cauldron will produce a "cream of chicken/onion/mushroom/catfish/whatever". Its a small gesture, but its still a lot more descriptive than just "meal". Of course, the variety of recipes is completely up to the dev team. But if there is ever a way to have player-created recipes, that will be epic. Perhaps each ingredient can be assigned a certain "luxury" value which in turn determines the difficulty and quality of the resultant dish. And with the possibility of publishing recipes on papyrus, the possibilities are endless. 2) Cooking overhaul and portions Cooking shouldn't be a game of watching the kettle boil. Neither should it be overly complex such that it becomes tedious instead. A simple solution is to give different recipes a "sweet spot" during cooking, before and after which food will be of lower quality. This will be a simulation of under-cooking and over-cooking/burning food. Food which is perfectly cooked may give additional bonuses including greatly increased QL. And this is where HFC skill (and in fact all other cooking subskills as explained later) can come into play. A higher HFC not only determines the base QL (Ql should be be determined by a range of factors not excluding ingredient quality and chef skill), but also when the game will inform you when food is cooked, as well as the window of time when the sweet spot can be attained. For example, below 10 HFC, one will only be able to tell a dish's readiness when the ingredients turn into the dish in question. From 10-20 HFC, an overlay will appear on a cooking dish telling you whether is it undercooked, acceptably cooked or overcooked. From 30 HFC onwards, the overlay becomes more specific until about 50 skill when it will tell you when the dish has hit its sweet spot, something along the lines of: "This dish is now perfectly cooked." Higher difficulty dishes will have a smaller window for cooking it well and the "sweet spot", so those with lower skill still can try cooking them, but they won't be as successful. Due to the difficulty of simultaneously cooking many dishes, this encourages chefs to focus their attention on one dish, rather than the current cramming of meals in an oven to cook. More skilled chefs might be able to handle slightly more dishes since their window is larger and can afford a bit more error. There should also be an option for portioning meals, especially larger ones. Lower skilled chefs can't pump out as many meals, but they can focus on cooking one well done, larger meal (think whole roasted meats) then portioning it out into similarly well done meals. Cooking time should be directly proportional to the size of the dish being prepared so as to prevent churning out of large quantities of food in a short time. Do note that this system of "sweet spot" should still be possible to reach for lower skilled chefs. They just don't have the guide of an accurate overlay, but with experience and timing they can still produce a perfectly cooked meal. 3) Don't ignore the subskills! I don't believe medieval baking consists of just bread. Even the wurmian cake is just bread with milk. If that's the case, then I bake "cakes" for breakfast everyday Pastry is common in medieval times, commonly seen in pies and other confectioneries. Even the basic cake (read, real cake) is a common treat. I feel baking should have the same cooking system as HFC, so I won't elaborate too much beyond the fact that I would love some pie in my wurm. Moving on, beverages should be an vital part of wurm cooking as well not just because there are so many (useless) types at the moment, but also that they they are so important to roleplay in wurm (what's medieval without wine, women and song?) I appreciate the addition of wine as a means of adding variety, but its still not enough. Learning from wine, beverages are also another way to impart bonuses and other effects on players. 4) Bartenders We have NPC traders and merchants, so why not NPC bartenders? Rather than having just the "inns" we see that are completely devoid of life, give them a bartender, someone who can sell your dishes and drinks. What's the point of cooking good food if you can't share your creations? Give inns a niche by providing all bartender-sold food a bonus to happiness (see suggestion No.5). They should be hire-able in the same way a merchant is, and maybe costing a bit less due to the reduced profit margin of food. This is not to say all food should be cheap, magnificently cooked food which imparts many bonuses should be priced as such to give good chefs a way to make a profit. 5) Nutrition and happiness In my opinion, the current nutrition bonus system is flawed in that it doesn't represent the psychological effects that food has on us. I'm not going into that spiritual "experience your food" ######, just trying to drive across a simple point: good food makes people happy, eating the same thing over and over does not. I'm still not very sure how nutrition can be revamped at this point, but a simple idea I have is a happiness bar. 0% represents a neutral mood, while +/- 100% will represent euphoria and suicidal tendencies respectively. Since a happy person is more productive, +ve happiness can net increased skill gain, and maybe some other benefits, inverse is true for -ve happiness. Eating high QL, high difficulty (lets assume difficulty corresponds to luxury) food increases happiness. While eating modest food will neither increase nor decrease happiness too much, eating the same dish multiple times will drive it down greatly (less so for higher QL meals). Perhaps happiness can be made to work in conjunction with other non-food factors. (Maybe an environment score?) Condiments such as salt, sugar and herbs could have a positive effect on happiness when dishes that contain them are eaten. Eating food together with certain beverages (preferably alcoholic) should also increase happiness. Even with a happiness system, I still feel the nutrition bar is insufficient and unrealistic. Do share your suggestions on how it can be improved. Sorry for the TL;DR, but I just feel that there's so much leashed potential in wurmian cooking. I don't want to look at an onion and think, "good for a meal". I want to pick up any vegetable and think of how it synergises with other ingredients, of all the possible dishes I can prepare and share. I don't want cooking to be just another grinding skill, we already have smithing and carpentry for that.