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  1. I don't understand people that play on a PvE server but wants means to kill other players... just play on PVP servers and kill whoever you want, et voila
  2. I think we would all become JK, everyone looking the same (face, hair), and we would have double skill/stats from what we previously had (except Gary, since he's already at a 100 in every skill except Papyrusmaking)... or maybe volcanoes and fissures... and server crash meltdown nuclear bomb thing
  3. Elevation Reset

    those are just islands on a server, not new servers or anything... and it doesn't mean people can't spawn on home servers, means they can CHOOSE to go to MRH/JKH/BLH or Elevation border islands... I really think you are confused...
  4. Elevation Reset

    who and where does it say anything about removing F2P from home servers...? and where did you get this "new home server islands" thing...? Affliction, Desertion and Serenity won't change...
  5. Elevation Reset

    I did not think the F2P allowance would cause problems, since I thought they would be confined to the outlying islands, and unable to GO to the central/HotA/P2P area, unable to see Local list, etc... And I thought it was a good idea, since I'm tired of getting stuck on Elevation because I'm too dumb to go to a home server before my premmium runs out. BUT... after reading again the original post, I saw that F2P would be unable only to SPAWN in the central island... they can just embark on a boat or swim and go ###### all over the P2P place (and yes, I'm talking about YOU, dude that uses F2P alts to grief). So... although I think a reset and some changes are a good thing, I'll have to agree with whoever is against allowing F2P on Elevation. It would be a mess...
  6. that happened to me some times... I think you need to log in the game, activate those items, position them where you want on the screen, maybe even right click and lock window... as soon as you're happy with the arrangement, press Esc or "o" to open the menu, and quit the game... It saves the windows sizes and positions on a file when you quit, if i'm not mistaken
  7. now he's gonna break his "space" key thinking that we actually CAN jump in this game...
  8. All hail Teh Greatest... Of all time!
  9. By WHO? I consider Land of the Dead to be overpowered, when are you going to nerf it?