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  1. i can get u the marble pm me in game
  2. LETTERKENNY https://ibb.co/eLui9o Hello we are happy to announce that we are opening up new plots in Letterkenny. Located at Xan T20/21 Come build your house on a free 5x5 plot. We often have lots of paid jobs. (Paid in silver) and beds for your to get that oh so precious sleep bonus. We also have a working mailbox We have a great little local alliance started. Check it out here https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/163721-xanadu-the-silk-road-silk-wurm-esteron-alliance/ PM "Whytea" in game for faster response or leave a comment on this post
  3. Thanks for the fast delivery! great prices and good service!
  4. Msg me in game if you looking for work still ... @whytea
  5. Pm me in game if your still looking dor work
  6. Hello i may be able to help with this.. is the job still available?
  7. Ok sounds good i will buy them all and pick them up same day if the deal goes thru.. im always in game just let me know happy wurming !!
  8. [close]

    Can u do stone brick and mortar? For powder?
  9. Looking for new villagers we have paying jobs!!!

  10. WTS 500 Clay

    Pm me in game whytea

    Do u have any left? Pm me in game