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  1. I don't use journals... did not liked it ever. Completion of entries was coincidental and a complete embarrassment as it happens.
  2. I found same problem on a lava tile, using windows
  3. Maybe you can add several components to a windmill. For sawing, milling or making mortar. Making them more specialized.
  4. Please add 480,5270 New Blacksmith
  5. Blacksmith has free beds too on first floor of workshop. H21 5 minutes east from tapdance. We welcome you.
  6. I had a short talk with Joseanjim some days ago. He told me he would not be much online and has no premium playtime. He tried to put the organisation for this impalong to me. He handed me the deed of Blacksmith earlier. But for personal reasons i will not take up the impalong organisation. Jose said to cancel or postpone the impalong, but it is not yet clear what his intention is. In case some of you have brought materials (i am sure of Elfnz and Jonydowy) i will cooperate to hand them back. Maybe Jose is in future time able to restart this all, i am sure you will hear about this in time.
  7. Branded Animals

    We found it.. I had no manage rights as i was not the owner having managment rights for the animals. It is settled by setting permissions by deed owner.
  8. Branded Animals

    Hello i found the same issue, after branding horses i wasnt able to ride them It were my own breeded, but i am not the deed owner.
  9. Jose, I have a snowlantern. You can PM me in game:)
  10. Tower Guards

    Found the same in 2 mines this day. In both cases tower is 2/3 tiles from entrance Guards reply but dont come out.
  11. Cancelled, close plz. 100 maple sprouts QL 30+ 100 grape sprouts QL 30+