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  1. Upload it to a 3rd party website, get link and past it in the image button dialogue from the editor.
  2. Can get 70 LMS in a few days if you don't mind just sitting there getting wacked with sleepbonus on and a solid CoC Shield. One of the easiest things to raise imo. Now shield bashing... that I'd pay tons for.
  3. Also, I believe the demise casts are first to be dispelled, so you can safely take off HD and put AD or SHD on this depending on your needs. Demise spells don't shatter either.
  4. If you can get smoke of sol, the negative affect is negated. But in the mean time, you're walking around with the worst possible debuff for one of these spells. It is a bit disproportionate being physical damage vs some of the more obscure others.
  5. I am interested in purchasing a charge from a sorcery item that gives a summoning spell. - Looking for summoning sorcery items. Offering 65E. - If the item will grant a spell to summon undead (skeletons, wraiths), I will offer 75E - Also looking for Red Tome, offering 50E. - Also looking for Smoke From Sol, offering 100E
  6. I'd use it on my pvp character. So... yeah, gotta consider that 5%.
  7. I might be interested too. Looking into that physical damage debuff tho... isn't that the most common type of damage dealt?