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  1. Sadly, I can't make it... I have a set building party for my theater group at that time... thank you for the announcement though! Abbynormal
  2. You ought to check out the path up to the Skyforge. It's the biggest surface mining project I have done much on. They did a nice job plotting out the combination of road and bridges. The deed itself is still in work. I want to say coords are L9... it is on the peninsula just south of the big round island.
  3. 50 each of all sprouts with following exceptions: No Oleander, lavender, or camelia As many blueberry and rasberry as you can. 25 each Oak and Willow Add enough additional walnut and chestnut to make an even thousand. Would appreciate delivery but I can do a pickup this weekend if needed. Please send bill to Shokan
  4. Fast response! Was waiting for me when I got home from work
  5. Rare trowel and rare huge axe to Shokan please
  6. Does anyone have this available? I have tried about 3-4 of the different links and they all show expired Abbynormal
  7. Not a problem I should have posted sooner too... thanks very much for the service I haven't used them yet but they will make my cooking experiments much easier!
  8. Hiya, would you by any chance have a stash of bulk tin or zinc that is in your way that you want to get rid of cheap? I could mine it myself but I am grinding metallurgy and would rather continue to concentrate on the grind than the mining Anbynormal in game or here...
  9. I am.located at Skyforge about center on the west coast. When you look at the there is the large round island, and both morth and south of it there are mountain ridges pointing NW... We are in the southern one, tucked just around the point to the south. I will be on this evening probably within about 4-5 hours... possibly sooner... If you can reach Abbynormal in game, then I am online You wouldn't happen to have a pile of tin or zinc around too would you?
  10. Would you deliver the gold to Cele's west coast for 3s?
  11. That bridge project was amazing... I had never considered doing that level of surface mining... it actually went way better than expected... well, except for that Megacide clown who kept going too far .. who let him in? Makes me consider doing something similar at my Xan deed... do you know about how many dirts we climbed from water to top? The spot I have in mind is about 1800 or so if I remember right.
  12. Possibly the way to go would be if it was possible to set limits for breeding... ie-Ibex will only breed above 'X' dirts. This means you could lead them down but you have to breed them in the mountains. Seems like it could be implemented much like young creatures won't breed until older but it could be more complex than it seems. Just a thought (but appreciate it... I have so few!!!)
  13. Just took delivery of all kinds of goodies from MrZodiak... fast delivery, good price, and patient with my permission issues. I heartily recommend him!
  14. I will take those off your hands Abbynormal in game