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  1. Hiya Oddfellow, and welcome to Wurm! What I usually do is pick a spot partway up the hill to start from... as mentioned, the depth of dirt before you hit stone is a big factor but just as a starting point. Just assume it might be 40 deep (pretty typical). Look at the slope of your hill to get an idea of how many tiles wide your flat spot can be made without hauling in a lot of dirt... just to make it easy, let's say your slope is about 12-14 per tile. If you want to have your flat spot near the water's edge, move upslope say 3 tiles. Activate your shovel and right click on the tile, pick flatten. This should make that tile flat or with maybe a corner low by 1. If you need to, grab a dirt somewhere to finish leveling the tile. What I do from this point is level the upper tile, then level the lower tile, repeat this back and forth. Depending how many you can carry, this might take a bunch of cycles but you will grab 4 from above and then fill 4 below. This keeps you from having to carry much dirt from place to place. I hope this helps... you can adjust depending on just how much dirt you find you have to work with :)
  2. This is a great server to play with and see what is possible. The settings are very fast which makes things very easy so it is good for trying stuff. If you enjoy the challenge of crafting you may like a slower server. I find I like both, one to experiment on and play with endgame type stuff, and one to where you get a sense of accomplishment from working at it
  3. Just out of curiosity, does this work any better? I'm new to trying to share stuff through dropbox
  4. There may be a more current map, but there is one here:
  5. Hi all, I don't manage to play Calysto too often but I love the way it is set up...
  6. Good luck to you both! Sorry to lose good players but sadly, it happens... be happy!
  7. Hi all, I just joined this server a couple days ago... it's been great so far, custom map, fast gains, lots of great mods with more coming. The GM is very present and helpful. All in all, it's a very friendly and fun server Come and join us!!
  8. Neville, normally (unless Shrimpiie has decided otherwise) we normally imp to 70QL due to time and material constraints. Personally I would love to be able to raise that if time and supplies allow I know my armor could use it!
  9. I will be there to help out however I can... I've been away so I will have to check my chars and see who can be the most help. Shrimpiie, if possible, could I have a couple rooms since I will have several chars there? If it gets too crowded I will be happy to downsize as needed
  10. I am not surprised at all Calysto is a fun server and Kitty is the best!!
  11. That would be great... something subtle like a submarine announcement "Unique spotted, dive, dive, dive"
  12. Wulfgarr, I am right there with ya! Once it keeps the trolls out, it's done! hehehe
  13. Hi Darkness, We are just starting a new server and are having that issue with the ores only having minimal ore in them before popping... can you tell me about the Cave Resource fix or where to find info on it? Thanks!
  14. I didn't think so but I will have to go back and check... or maybe let it recreate the file.
  15. Since they just had an update, that prompted me into running patcher.bat. All my mods are back now, but ESP still crashes the instant I enable XRay. The version I downloaded is 0.1.0, is that the right one or am in the wrong place? If that should be working, I can try deleting the folder and properties file and redownloading I suppose. I can't remember if I have done that already or not. Thanks