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  1. Mining Bug!

    Hi Darkness, We are just starting a new server and are having that issue with the ores only having minimal ore in them before popping... can you tell me about the Cave Resource fix or where to find info on it? Thanks!
  2. [Release] [Client] WurmEsp

    I didn't think so but I will have to go back and check... or maybe let it recreate the file.
  3. [Release] [Client] WurmEsp

    Since they just had an update, that prompted me into running patcher.bat. All my mods are back now, but ESP still crashes the instant I enable XRay. The version I downloaded is 0.1.0, is that the right one or am in the wrong place? If that should be working, I can try deleting the folder and properties file and redownloading I suppose. I can't remember if I have done that already or not. Thanks
  4. [Release] [Client] WurmEsp

    I am still having problems with the XRay in ESP and I have downloaded the latest version 0.1.0 I think? Can I just replace the files or do I need to run patcher again (I haven't done that) Thanks for your wonderful work on this stuff! Abbynormal
  5. The Screenshots Thread

    They look good although I agree with LordLouis... they take a lot more material, seems like they should be larger... 25kg of gold... I probably won't be making too many of those!
  6. Astaroth | Wurm's Hardest Server

    I'm a little confused... I started a char on the difficult server... got far enough to get a mine open with iron in it... make some tools... built a tiny one tile house to lock stuff up in... Came back a few days later, and everything is gone including the character... I mean, I understand difficult... but having to start new again? What's up?
  7. Nocturne (new server I think)

    Hi all, A new server showed up on the list the other day with 25x skills and lots of mobs. I have been playing it for a couple days and I like it so far. I haven't been able to find a map for it though. Does anyone know about this server and where I could find a current map? Thanks
  8. Blackmoor Christmas Impalong 2017

    I had a blast as usual. My apologies to Shrimpiie for mot doing better at filling barrels, every time I signed in they were full, my timing was evidently about an hour late every day! Thanks all for your hard work, wish I had time to have been more help.
  9. Blackmoor Christmas Impalong 2017

    Abbynormal and Megacide are working on Blacksmithing. If needed, Megacide can also take care of Masonry and Carpentry.
  10. The Screenshots Thread

    Champion anaconda?
  11. [Fixed] Problem after dying - Can't pop to deed token

    After about 4 deaths I did finally get an option to spawn at my deed instead of 'outside' my deed. Don't know what changed from the other three times My apologies for not thinking to take a screen shot of the choice menu. If it helps any, I counted the options listed... there were 18. Included in that list were "Outside the Cookhouse" and Start which left 16 for the 9 starter tokens... I seem to remember that Linton showed but not Outside Linton, I don't remember which other one was missing. In any case, Blucher is back home again finally with just a pile of missing skill points to show for the excitement!
  12. [Fixed] Problem after dying - Can't pop to deed token

    Actually, I submitted here instead at the request of the CA. Problem finally resolved itself after about my 4th or 5th death I received an option for The Cookhouse instead of outside.
  13. Hello, My character Blucher is having an issue. I haven't played her in a while but popped in for a bit to fill deed upkeep. My deed is the Cookhouse on Xanadu. Blucher is the mayor. She died and when I tried to come back in, I received options for all the starter deeds, Start, outside most of the starter deeds, and 'outside the cookhouses'. Unfortunately, this apparently translates to 'wayyyy up the mountain above the cookhouse'. Oddly enough, several years ago, I made a tunnel up to the top of the mountain which has since failed in several places including the upper mine door. Every time I have died (3 times now tonight) it has brought me to the tile immediately outside where the mine door used to be. If it helps any, there is an FSB up there just a couple tiles north of that spot. Anyway, I will leave Blucher signed in for as long as possible tonight in case that helps. If not, I will watch the forum messages
  14. Summerholt Fall Festival, November 10-12 2017, by NEXA

    I'm sorry folks, I love Impalongs but I will be up in Las Vegas that weekend and will have little or no time for gaming. I hope you all have a wonderful time and draw a great crowd! Abbynormal
  15. Valrei International. 042

    Hi all, I have two characters that played on Epic back when Affliction was reset... they haven't been back for a while... can I hope for some skill gain on freedom from back then?