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  1. Secert Updates

    Its not a surprise Niki fell for this, but Keagen? C'monnnnnn
  2. "Play nice or ill rip your heart out."

    There is no reason to create these personal wars on Freedom. Go to Chaos or Epic if you are that kind of person. Have fun for crying out loud! -enki '15
  3. 90 Ropemaking (Warning: Maths inside)

    And then they fixed the BsB Trick
  4. Real Words of Advice to New Players

  5. wts 20s - 20euro

    can we do it tommorow?
  6. Another week with no news?

    I mean they fired the news dude and hired someone to make forum badges so..........
  7. WTS Rockybalboa+Market+2 deeds (SOLD)

    Spams about bridges in every single post for a year, day bridges are due to be releases he quits [Rolf] GG
  8. Please close

    Chat warning won't show up in /warnings though?
  9. Highlands Communications

    I, for one, welcome our new jkirkwood overlords
  10. The Creator (ROLF)

    ~Insert recent mag priest suggested changes thread~
  11. WTS or WTT Affinities

    But only if you spawn at Gold Coast
  12. The Kingdom of Jenn Kellon - Chaos

    Special for Mr Mellyrose [media]
  13. Priest skilling Island

    Ya'll complain about multi-pavement roads.... imagine the myceline hate