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  1. bronze rune of Libila best you have if you have any left Cod To KillerSpike
  2. What about when you examine the meal it gives YOUR affinity from that meal. so no need to wait to be able to eat some to find the affinity.
  3. Never thought I would hear Retro say these words Back to topic : I am on Xanado. I planted 1 of each of the new crops on the day the new version was released. None of them has even reached "almost ripe" stage when I checked about 12hrs ago. I planted some of the "old" crops and have harvested them already. If the problem was the tile poling/lag I would have seen the old crops also being slow to grow? I have waited for Maple season because I planted my farm tiles with trees. Will chop them of now and as soon as the new crops are harvested start to plant them to build up a high QL stock pile. I think once I have multiple tiles under the new crops I well see better how the growth cycle really is on the new crops.
  4. Cave in is a normal mechanic of the game. To prevent that you need to put in support beams .
  5. Have we establish what % gain the temp affinities give? if you can find a "meal" that give affinity for the skill you grinding and it is 10% or more gain (to compensate for the refresh bonus) and the affinity last long enough and it push your CCFP fat high enough you can score on using less SB so you can grind longer. To many if's involved so I vote for refresh to be the better one for skill gain.
  6. +1 specially the distance you can see what is planted in the pot.
  7. Runes

    Please Cod to KillerSpike Gold - Fo Zinc - Mag Bronze - Vyn Bronze - Fo Bronze -Lib Iron -Jackal
  8. Please CoD to KillerSpike 1x Rare Knife, Iron - 80ql - 5s each - chopped veggies
  9. I don't see the promised reduction of difficulty for Cordage Rope? (From 60 to 40) in the release notes or did I miss that
  10. I am okay with the chopping veggies thing for Nahjo. What I have a problem with is that the close to 30k Wemp I have is now "useless" for my Nahjo. Yes I know I can make cordage ropes from it but making ropes is a PITA due to the RND factor. The amount of potential favor is so much less than if I had 30k veggies. With my 30k 99.8QL Wemp I know/knew exactly how much favor I can get out of that. (That is one of the main reasons I made a Nahjo. NO RND involved) Making Cordage Ropes nobody knows how much I will get. Include the cost of keeping my Rope Tools imped up to try and get the most favor possible it is just a no win situation. At least the priests that is using veggies right now for their Nahjo's can go off chopping and casting. I on the other hand will have to make another plan . My Nahjo have prem time till early January I guess I will have to "wait and see" where this end up and if I am prepared do put more money into him after loosing out quite a few silvers with this change. On a side note. : I always defended Retro by having the "don't kill the messenger" approach but that has come to an abrupt end with the deleting of a thread because of the response it got was not to his liking. I am all for moderation when it gets to personal insults etc but this was not an example of moderation. Not sure exactly what it was but it was a bad move imho.
  11. What plsses me off the most is they jump it on us without pre-warning. so no opportunity to manage the change at all.
  12. I have close to 30k wemp because I COULD use it for my nahjo as is and for my vyn to make ropes. With the coming change my Nahjo sac items will be all useless for him. This really sucks Devs. Time for me to move on if this change is not reverted
  13. Been said above but I think I should just mention the consequences : >>From the wiki on Campfire : >> The quality of ore smelted in a campfire will be reduced by 20%. A 50QL ore will only yield a 40QL lump. No way to imp any tool/weapon above 80QL (if you can mine 100QL ore so realistically more like any 75QL+ item can't be imped)
  14. I mine a lot and have not found source salt in months
  15. What I think is 1 unique ad every 5 minutes and not allowed to repeat same ad for 20 (xx) minutes
  16. I think what Retro mean is that for the same person, the exact same recipe will always give the same affinity to THAT person.
  17. even using them back-to-back would be a nice option
  18. At least it is the first one on the north side. all the others was "miles" away from us
  19. Just want to compliment and thank @Jackjones and @Aniceset with the work they doing here. It is pretty awesome. Just a few Questions I have on the future developments: Will roads be added. Will we have the ability to get links to map positions? (e.g. on the old map) If this is not possible then ability to copy map co-ords to clipboard and another option to paste co-ords and go to that place on the Map I have not done any map development like this but am a skilled c# developer if you might be in need of an extra resource.
  20. CoD 79QL oil of wep smith 3 x 90QL+ oil Armour smith to Killerspike pls
  21. Just a observation. The Legend you used does not show up very clear. It gets lost in the background See example image in Spoiler