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  1. Firstly I will not sell this Toon unless I get a good offer. For now I just want to get an idea of her net worth. Level 11 on Path Of Knowledge (almost at level 12)
  2. Not sure what you are saying here. I think what you are saying is : If I am not invited to private slayings it is because I don't have interest to the community aspect of the game. I am actively part of our local community. I do attend public slayings when I can. I do not attend private slaying because well, they are private and unless you are part of the "elite" you don't know about them. My opinion of the private Dragon slayings is so that the "elite" can get the hide and deprive the rest of us from getting any to keep the price of dragon hide sets inflated so that they can make money. Totally against the way I understand the concept of "interest in the community". I don't know who are all the "many of the sub communities of the Wurm population" you are talking about. But for starters I don't believe there are that "many" of them and as stated above I believe they have only have their "sub communities" (I call it "Elite Group") interest in mind and not of the Wurm community.
  3. Please change it so that we can sell bee hives on merchants.
  4. Hi there,

    I see Vrock is on your list but there is already a Inn and market. It is under care of Timothymarker.


    I suggest you talk to him first :)

    1. RockyBalboa



      This project is being planned by Sila (Paulofdune in game) and he is the mayor of these small markets. I will contact Timothymarker in Vrock Landing (Eobersig on forums) to see what his thought are on this.


      I appreciate the advice; Thanks ;)

  5. weird it did not work for me tried it on empty cart & wagon [19:01:29] There is not enough room in the "Killer Cart" for the bulk storage bin. [19:03:43] There is not enough room in the "HotSpike" for the bulk storage bin. Will have to recheck
  6. All we need now is a rack for small and large crates
  7. BsB's & FSB's cannot be loaded with stuff in
  8. offer of 4s for the 3 oil of the Armoursmith. if except CoD to KillerSpike pls
  9. The new Taste option is great. Can we please make that it works in a containers/cookers/ hota statues and not only in inventory. EDIT : Seems only the HOTA statue that I don't get the menu option
  10. @Alectrys Can you please confirm this was added to the bug list. I have seen the problem with both my rare 100% imbued 90QL hatchet and rare 100% imbued 90QL Pickaxe.
  11. From what I have seen the final rake rarely add more 1 extra yield. maybe the rune'd rake did it's job?
  12. @Wargasm Have you tried to "examine" the tile before raking to see what difference the actual final rake action makes? I would be interesting to see that in combo with your logs. @Bubba Any idea when this change will be on live ?
  13. Thanks Budda for looking into this. I am having the same observation as Wargasm. (Next is a bit out of this threads context but...) I know it's WO and we always have to figure things out ourselves but it would be really nice to get some more info on how the runes are suppose to work. I have applied QL increased one's on my rare 100% imbued 90QL hatchet and rare 100% imbued 90QL Pickaxe and it seems it actually reduce the QL output compare to before I applied the runes. Can you please explain how the rare+imbue+rune was designed/suppose to work?
  14. Okay, we are playing Wurm and many things don't relate that well to the same action in RL but if you mail something it does take a considerable time before your parcel is being RTS if not collected. 2 weeks sounds pretty reasonable to me in that light. so a -1 from me to shorten the RTS timer. However I give a huge +100 to having mail history to see what what mail has been collected etc. (like a tracking facility we use all the time in RL) I would go as far as to log and display the amount of notifications that was sent to the recipient that there is mail waiting for him. Indirectly see when last he/she has logged in. Hell we can even go 1 step further and notify the sender (if he is online) that a notification we send. That way we can query the recipient why he is taking so long because he will needs to be online to get the notification. I have a feeling the PvP'ers will cry "exploit" here because you can send something to an enemy and get notified every time the enemy logs in until the mail item is collected/rejected. So don't implement this on Epic/Chaos.
  15. Like the idea, just 1 huge difference between rafts and crates. The one is a bulk container and the other not. To drag from a bulk container where individual items are combined into 1 you need to specify how many you want to remove. the idea works fine if you want to remove max/all QTY but if you only want 1 or 10? In a raft you can individually select the items to remove because they are not combined. But I am sure it can be done with something similar to the <shift><drag> option. maybe <ctrl><drag> to always move max QTY.
  16. Thanks for the offer but I don't see anything there that I want.
  17. Nope, just need one for my pickaxe as well
  18. I would like another one if you got. and a Vyn Bronze one (best one you have left)
  19. I will be willing to come and help out as well. I am planning to visit the impalong with my 3 toons can just as well come a day or 3 earlier.
  20. I think it can work if we can move (drag & drop) a crate between vehicle (Large Cart/Wagon/ship) Inventory and Storage. On that note it would also be awesome if we can move crates (and any other loadable items) from one vehicle to another. It would save a lot of the annoying unload from one/disembark - embark on the destination and load again.