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  1. Felled trees does not go into any container as far as I know
  2. As one of the beneficiaries of your kindness I just want to thank you for the effort you have put in without expecting anything in return.
  3. CoD to KillerSpike Pls 1. Pickaxe, iron (coc 98) price 1s30c 53. shovel,steel (coc 83) ql 1 price 83c 202.grooming brushes ql 20 coc 83 price 83c
  4. +1 While looking at the "build" missions please check why they never happen on the North side on Xanadu. (possibly other servers too). I find it pretty annoying that these missions never happen in my are (Vrock landing).
  5. there has to be a Nahjo priest wanting to belong to me
  6. +1 and a detail log of items posted. item, price. recipient, when it was collected.... and while we at it. increase mailbox sizes saves everyone the effort (and money) to get a Rune applied
  7. I disagree. It just enhance the experience for the newb's and imp'ers by running it at a know place where the organizers learned from the previous one's mistakes/short falls. There is nothing as annoying as a badly run impalong. pls send from the 30c collection. the best remaining QL in the batch of: 4 x Carving knife (blank) 4 x sickles (Blank) 3 x butcher knifes
  8. @Holar Thnx for the heads up. I have seen it and chatted to Wulfgarr but he declined my offer and I am not prepared to offer more for what he offers
  9. Thanks Jake for the fast delivery. Great service.
  10. Updated OP with minimum skill required
  11. Made a sweet deal. PM me with offers and skill dumps. the following minimum stats required Mind Logic 23+ Body Strength 23+ Body Control 21+ Faith 50+ Channeling 20+ Nice to have Skills but not required. HFC AH Farming
  12. WTB Drake Hide armour set. With or without cap. Black or White. other colors will be considered. Paying via Verified paypal.
  13. as topic say. I am looking to buy up to 2 gold. I will do smaller transaction but preferably not less than 50s at a time due to transaction cost.