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  1. I have a feeling (TBC ) that those 2 tunnels there are actually correct.
  2. +1 Specially with all the lag I tend to eat more than intended because the <Esc> takes to long to register.
  3. I built that tunnel and is planning to put a tower on the North side and fix the entrance to make it more visible. I will have a look to see if I can sort the entrance out for cart/wagon travel
  4. Yes Please. I don't care about realistic or not.(Although I actually think it is realistic to harvest/pick sprouts mounted) As what has been said many times before. we need to get this tedious tasks simplified.
  5. some weird tunnel now showing at Must be a mistake
  6. I disagree with Angelklaine, the meditation is not what I would consider high. 70 is getting into the high bracket for me. Also the path is pretty useless as a PvE toon and it will take more than 6 months to get back to level 9 on something useful like Knowledge. by that time you can be close to 70 if the force is with you wrt skill ticks. Saying that I agree meditation has a positive effect on the toon price but not that much. And like Ondar said there is not much special to offer except the mining so hardly useful as a non-priest toon. I would peg my estimate somewhere in between Ondar & Angelklaine. What would help is if you can spend the last few prem days at a sermon group and push faith over 70.
  7. Just to confirm I still have this issue on the latest version
  8. @icbash I am all up for helping with the testing and I am sure many others are too. Just give me some hints as what specifically you need tested and need feedback on. So far I have tested the spreadsheet as of the latest one with the tutorial in it. Could not find any bugs. One of my toons are "bugged" but he is not at home and it is difficult to test on him but I will try my best to play around with his results a bit to see if I can find a way to "debug" him over the weekend. What I still missing the intended purpose of the 2nd page. How is that useful? I think I have sort of figure it out but if you can give some explanation on it without me doing to much speculation. If you and the other contributors in this tread is ok with it and once we have all (most) of the mechanics figured out nicely I am considering writing an app for it. I need to brush up my android dev skills a but and this seems like the perfect candidate app to do so.
  9. @Galatyn Thanks for starting this thread and making this knowledge public. @icbash Great work with the spreadsheet. One thing I am missing is that you don't cater for multiple meats in one meal. From what I have seen it seems like if you use additional meat(s) as an ingredient(s) you also factor in the offset.
  10. I need to prem two new toons. I don't want to use another pay method because I have money for that in my PayPal account. I can use the in game option with silver but then I will loose out on the 2s per new prem. On top of that I prefer to give CC real money to support their cash flow. Can we please have some official ( @Retrograde @Budda ) feedback of what's happening and what the time frame is for it to be fixed.
  11. Felled trees does not go into any container as far as I know