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  1. +1 I absolutely HATE it when I get a refresh medi tick. my ticks are so small anyway (0.022 With Affinity meal + SB) and a refresh tick is even smaller (0.007 With Affinity meal + SB) and it prevent me from eating affinity meals for quite some time. If I want a refresh I will sac a rare.
  2. Prices : Cast Range 80 -> 84 1s 85 -> 89 1.2s 90 -> 95 1.5s 97 1.6s 98 1.7s 100 2s
  3. I always like the idea of a traveling Smith or Priest. Need a Mini-Forge and a Altar as options
  4. On my deed I have 3 fountains on the same tile. one in the mine and 2 in my house on the first and second floor. If your argument holds water in Wurm terms my house fountains should not be working either.
  5. and while we at the emote topic. Please add keybinds for emotes
  6. @Retrograde I understand that the event is running for a month but how long do you estimate the actual time spent at the event will be? Can it be interrupted and resumed at a later time? Gotta plan those crops you know
  7. Would love to get the source code and add veggies etc to it
  8. Looks like a possible permissions issue. Try and run wurm as Administrator
  9. I have a feeling (TBC ) that those 2 tunnels there are actually correct.