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  1. I disagree that it is a net loss all around. I always sell my in game silver and buy Premium with RL money. The reason I do that is to ensure that CC get some RL money out of my subs. This enable them to pay for their staff and improve the game. I see that as a win not a loss. Sure it does not help the economy but it helps the game overall. More money for CC the more staff they can afford and the better they can look after the game as a whole. Maybe even have time to come up with solutions like a terrible economy.
  2. -1 until the creature ratio's and distribution is fixed we don't need new creatures types. Once I go for a ride and don't see only non-agro animals around but a good balance between agro and non-agro creatures I will +1 this for sure. TL;DR - Fix the creatures spawning issues first
  3. +1 Would be great if we can make vehicles (boats/carts ect) that has a "non-harvestable" wood type.
  4. I got my first 2 pads and a mask in less than 30 minutes
  5. Think about all the iron nodes that had to die
  6. +1 I absolutely HATE it when I get a refresh medi tick. my ticks are so small anyway (0.022 With Affinity meal + SB) and a refresh tick is even smaller (0.007 With Affinity meal + SB) and it prevent me from eating affinity meals for quite some time. If I want a refresh I will sac a rare.