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  1. I  have the same "Not in the mood" problem. I have not counted exactly but I recon that I am successful with breeding at most once every 10 - 15 tries. AH = 43.

    I also think it is related to when last the Mare gave birth. The effective "cool down" seems to be much longer than 24 RL hrs. It seems more like a few RL days.


    I don't see to many mobs in my area but I am not sure if the Max Mob Count is server wide or a combination of server + area.

  2. WTB 4 x 4 Speed breeding horses (2 male and 2 female) in Vrock Landing Area.


    Or delivered to my settlement Maranwetheal located 2-3 minutes by foot from Vrock Landing.

    (Much closer then it looks on the map. Vrock is on the wrong location on the map.)


    There is also a paved road from the West Coast all the way to my settlement.


    Please PM me with offers.



  3. As topic say I am looking to buy 1k of the items below. If you can deliver to my settlement 2 minutes from Vrock Landing please PM me with a price.

    My settlement Maranwetheal is located @ http://xanadu-wurm.r...ark/2762/2342/5


    1k High(ish) QL Wemp

    1k Potatoes

    1k Corn

    1k Cooked Meat


    I might also consider the following at a good price :

    1k High(ish) QL Cotton

    Low QL Gems

    Breeding Pair(s) Horses

  4. As the topic say WTS 3 x Sleep Powder and 1 x referal


    1.2s ea for the sleep powerder

    6s for the referal.


    If you buy all 4 items the cost is 9s


    I can deliver SP with my alt at any starter spawn point on Xanadu. or you can collect from Vrock Landing or

    my settlement Maranwetheal located @


    I am also willing to trade for 1k per Sleeping Powder (payment negotiable) if you can deliver to my settlement.


    1k high QL Wemp

    1k Potatoes

    1k Corn

    1k Meat




  5. I want o upgrade a bunch of my tools.

    If anyone wants to  "quote" me reasonable prices please send me a PM


    I am not looking for very high priced items as I have a limited budget.

    It will also help if you are on Xanadu to reduce the COD costs.


    I would like a individual price for the following items. All with WoA & CoC.
    And also a bulk order price if I buy more than 1 item from the same person.







    grooming brush




    meditation rug (CoC only)