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  1. Is there a way I can increase the amount if skills are tracked? the current 4 is great but 6 or 8 would be better
  2. I have the same "Not in the mood" problem. I have not counted exactly but I recon that I am successful with breeding at most once every 10 - 15 tries. AH = 43. I also think it is related to when last the Mare gave birth. The effective "cool down" seems to be much longer than 24 RL hrs. It seems more like a few RL days. I don't see to many mobs in my area but I am not sure if the Max Mob Count is server wide or a combination of server + area.
  3. Would help to know where you are...
  4. I just want to publicly apologies to Coastis. I am sorry I was being rude and it was out of line.
  5. WTB 4 x 4 Speed breeding horses (2 male and 2 female) in Vrock Landing Area. Or delivered to my settlement Maranwetheal located 2-3 minutes by foot from Vrock Landing. (Much closer then it looks on the map. Vrock is on the wrong location on the map.) There is also a paved road from the West Coast all the way to my settlement. Please PM me with offers. Killer
  6. Just got my order delivered. Very Friendly and Good Service at good prices from Baloo & Lando. I can strongly recommend them.
  7. Got sorted by Baloo & Lando. Great service and reasonable prices.
  8. As topic say I am looking to buy 1k of the items below. If you can deliver to my settlement 2 minutes from Vrock Landing please PM me with a price. My settlement Maranwetheal is located @ http://xanadu-wurm.r...ark/2762/2342/5 1k High(ish) QL Wemp 1k Potatoes 1k Corn 1k Cooked Meat I might also consider the following at a good price : 1k High(ish) QL Cotton Low QL Gems Breeding Pair(s) Horses
  9. Look on the xanadu map ( and tell me where it is.
  10. As the topic say WTS 3 x Sleep Powder and 1 x referal 1.2s ea for the sleep powerder 6s for the referal. If you buy all 4 items the cost is 9s I can deliver SP with my alt at any starter spawn point on Xanadu. or you can collect from Vrock Landing or my settlement Maranwetheal located @ I am also willing to trade for 1k per Sleeping Powder (payment negotiable) if you can deliver to my settlement. 1k high QL Wemp 1k Potatoes 1k Corn 1k Meat
  11. coc to killerspike File, iron QL 71.82 coc 57 - 25c Hammer, iron QL 71.81 coc 69 - 30c Meditation rug QL 10.18 coc 58 - 25c Needle, iron QL 71.94 coc 67 - 30c Pelt QL 74.94 coc 56 - 25c Pickaxe, iron QL 4.66 coc 68 - 30c Rake, iron QL 14.10 coc 61 - 30c
  12. I want o upgrade a bunch of my tools. If anyone wants to "quote" me reasonable prices please send me a PM I am not looking for very high priced items as I have a limited budget. It will also help if you are on Xanadu to reduce the COD costs. I would like a individual price for the following items. All with WoA & CoC. And also a bulk order price if I buy more than 1 item from the same person. hammer Wetstone pelt Rake shovel ropetool spindle grooming brush file mallet scissors meditation rug (CoC only)
  13. Please add Maranwetheal just north of Vrock Landing
  14. Any progress on this project? Would love to have a "short cut" to GlassHollow
  15. We are 3 player from South Africa getting the same issues. I personally have only DC'd once but lag spikes up to 2-3 minutes is a regular occurrence for all 3 of us
  16. I have done business with Outlaw (Warrior - ingame) over the last couple of days. Good, friendly and fast service at very reasonable prices.