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  1. On behalf of the Merchant owners : Thanks for the effort and free advertisement
  2. Thanks Guys. I can say 1 thing and that is they are worth MUCH more to ME. Personally I don't think I can sell any of my toons unless I quit the game. Even than I doubt I would. I am to sentimental to see my toon I worked hard on running around in some other puppeteers hands
  3. I have no plan to sell any of these toons. I am just curious to know what my 3 toons are worth at the moment. My main KillerSpike Meditation Path : Level 10 (Crooked ) on Path of Knowledge My Vyn Priestess Meditation Path : Level 9 (Thought Eater) on Path of Knowledge My very young Nahjo Priest Gandalfthegreat Meditation Path : Level 4 (Sheetfolder) on Path of Knowledge
  4. I think IRC would be the right place to do what the OP wants. I prefer not to use IRC because I have typed "/fsleep" or press the hotkey to call the tower guards once to many in a IRC channel and did not notice that the intended command did not reach the WO server but the IRC server. However the idea of having an aligned alliances chat would be great. (A channel where 2 or more alliances share a chat window. ) I have a few ideas how it can work but I don't want to hi-jack this thread anymore then I already did.
  5. +1 for 4 passengers on a wagon -1 for leading more than 4 horses.
  6. They do but not while you command the cart. but if you hang around the cart for a while they do attact you
  7. I think they have fixed the issue where Templars attack then. I have been through Vrock Landing a few times recently with my Hell Cart and they did not attack.
  8. I am running Full screen windowed and mine has never "Stay on Top". The notifications does not popup either. Not even on WA2. I just learned to live with it. WA is such a helpful tool that a simple issue like this is not going to stop me using it.
  9. I know you can. Maybe add more Timer options So have a Meditation Count down as well as a "next meditation Time" options. Then I will just add both
  10. Not quite a forecast Say it is 5:45pm and you have a meditation timer of a remaining 25 mins I would like to display the 6:10 PM somewhere. So that I don't have to add the counter to the current time to see at what time I need to meditate. basically DateTime.Now + Cooldown TimeSpan
  11. I believe I can say it on behalf of the Wurm Comunity : Great job Aldur. One of a kind util for Wurm around. Nothing does the job better than WA. Thanks for the effort you put into this. Being a dev myself I know that the ###### & moans when there is a unfortunate glitch is much more then the thanks & praise from all the silent masses. P.S. While I am here 1 small(ish) request. On the Timers can you add the time the cooldown is over next to the count down. Sometimes a pain to work it the time for you next sermon/meditation if it is early morning
  12. I am now totally screwed. I tried to remove all the WA2 & 3 install from my PC but in "Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Programs and Features" I have now 3 WA 3 Launchers that does not go away and does nothing when I click on the. I grabbed a old WA 2 Version from the dropbox links ( and that runs just fine. I re-download the Setup.EXE and when I run that it does "nothing" exept from spawning 3 x processes of itself when I look with Process Explorer. This is the same thing I got trying to run the Latest WA 2 & 3 launchers. It creates processes that does nothing (Uses NO CPU) and I can't kill them either. I need to reboot to get rid of them. As I can see I am not 5the only one with problems I will wait a week or 3 until these issues are resolved. At least I have a old but working copy of WA2. Can you perhaps dropbox a latest WA3 version without any installers and crap for me to try?
  13. Hi Aldur, With the 1 click install it try to d/l a upgrade but it "time out" with a messgae it took to long to d/l and try again and eventually it seems not to upgrade at all Can you make that wait period for the download a bit longer. I am in South Afrika and don't have super fast lines like you guys
  14. Thanks for the reply but you did not answer my question. WRT your comment I know there is but I have a Vyn and Nahjo so it is better to have 1 resource I can use for both
  15. Excuse my ignorance and going OT but why do some people sell Wemp Fibre and and not the Wemp as it is harvested? Surely it will be more sell-able if it is not crushed because more priests can use it. Fibre is pretty useless for Nahjo while high QL Wemp is usefull for both Nahjo & Vyn priests
  16. The fact that you can use a bounded key to do a action (any action for that matter) but it does not appear on the menu must be a bug as well. Either it should be on the menu or the key should not work but the 2 must be in sync
  17. +1 I believe you should be able to access the cargo from anywhere within a tile width all around the boat. And while we at it the same for wagon/carts etc. Any "vehicle" that has a inventory.
  18. +1 I was thinking exactly this the last couple of days
  19. Confirm this is more or less the same area as where the Kyklops slaying was a while ago? So I can get there via Glenfiddich ?
  20. I am visiting a deed a few tiles away from Fogshore tunnel and I have done a get info and besides my 2 hell horses there is only 1 spider "quite some distance away" There is a Croc spawn about 15 tiles away from where I am but in the couple of days I have been here I yet have to see a croc. It is terrible here. At my deed on Vrock Lake you don't ride for long and you would be attacked by something or even a few at the same time.
  21. Tanks for the replies. I understand that SS is close to the water and that it is the gathering point is also in SS. However it does not mean that SS will be in local of the slaying. I am planning to bring all 4 my alts and only go to the slaying with my main but I don't want to walk to far with my alts as none of them has great FS. and I don't want them to die because of the risk of loosing skills that I need for my priests.