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  1. Close

    Supreme Horse Shoe. 90QL 88WoA Starting bid: 8 silver Bid Increments: 1 silver Snipe Protection: None Hidden reserve Buyout 15s Current Hightest bid 9s
  2. this alone will make me no do business with him. Regardless of what he is selling
  3. pls Cod me the 3 mining potions Potion of Mining 86.16 QL 6s Potion of Mining 83.75 QL 6s Potion of Mining 79.52 QL 5s
  4. The initial few days are the worst in my opinion. After you have some basic skills it gets better. But to be honest if you are the type of person that wants to gave "end game" skills in a few days/weeks WO is not for you. For me personally the achievement of yet another self imposed milestone makes Wurm the game I enjoy to play. If you would max out all the skills in a couple of weeks you will get bored of the game and move on to something else. I say this from a pure PvE perspective. I have never played Wurm on a PvP server but from other games I have played this brings a totally different perspective to the game and you would want to be "PvP viable" as quick as possible. I have no idea what is considered "PvP viable" so I can't comment on the grind to get to that point. Regardless of what anyone one say 2 - 3 days is not enough to get the real feel of Wurm. You need to give it a few weeks.
  5. I am all for making it a bit of an effort to make a new resource tile. What I would like to see if making it much easier to remove a resource tile and add Marsh to the removable resource type. I am sure there is many of us that wants to get rid of Marsh/tar/clay tiles around our deeds that is in the way. Might even be something like 10% of the "normal" requirement to remove a resource tile if it is on deed or in your own perimeter.
  6. Correct. but just to avoid some possible confusion. 4 Listeners will give you a faith click but do not reset the prayer cool down. a minimum of 6 listeners is required to reset the prayer cool down. Also if you have a mix of BL & WL priests they can run on their own schedule. When a BL priest sermon all his listeners gets a reduction in their alignment but this does not affect the WL listeners 30 alignment increase cool down requirement to count as a listener for the WL Priest. Another thing that has not been mentioned is that although you need a altar of your own god to pray you can sermon at any alter of any god. (I am not sure it works for a WL priest on a BL altar. Never tried it.) So you can have your altars spread over the listening area to prevent crowding/diseases an have a altar in the center where the priest whose turn it is can sermon from. Only problem with that is a bit of discipline from the preaching priest to go to the center altar. but they learn fast if they do not get the max faith tick
  7. Just a reminder for those who did not read the whole OP
  8. FYI Sleep Powers can't be mailed. Has to be traded from 1 person to another.
  9. I have 2 screens hooked to my PC. I have WA with all the tools that I use open on the 2nd screen. I would like to know if there is a way to have the "reminders" popup on the screen that WA or the Timers Windows is on because I cannot see them while in game.
  10. I agree with this. A great example is Vrock Landing. The nearest Clay is "miles" away and there is lots if newb eating mobs on the way That is if he is lucky enough the get someone in local to point him towards where the clay is to be found.
  11. Nw Xan Impalong

    Pretty nice faith gains going around. [23:59:03] Faith increased by 0,255 to 100,000 [10:43:10] Faith increased by 0.740 to 94.361 [16:32:27] Faith increased by 0.860 to 84.017 [23:03:32] Faith increased by 1,00 to 85,208 So come along we will be here for a few more days
  12. Sermon Group

    Pretty nice faith gains going around. [23:59:03] Faith increased by 0,255 to 100,000 [10:43:10] Faith increased by 0.740 to 94.361 [16:32:27] Faith increased by 0.860 to 84.017 [23:03:32] Faith increased by 1,00 to 85,208 So come along we will be here for a few more days
  13. close

    CoD Highest CoC medi rug Please
  14. Repost from another thread. To keep it all together as per Keenan's request
  15. Another additional thing that can be added is that all the priests that is involved to cast RoS must belong to a village on the server where it is cast. That way "outsiders" will not be able to Ninja RoS so easy.
  16. Every post is a free bump to the top for your add
  17. Funny how you flame me for the same thing you did Shows me how short your memory span is. It explains why you can't remember the going rate for a item. I also think it is VERY rude to make a post like your first one in someone else's WTS thread. Remember (I understand it is hard for you but please try) there is a difference between PC and WTS posts.
  18. The normal price for SP is 1s ea. No idea where you get your price from. The fact that a hand full of desperate or uninformed people sell for less does not make it the normal price.
  19. +1 for sleeping in caves +1 to let us add doors inside a cave. (I think PvE servers only) +1 for Faster Boat Speeds +1 for faster Carts +1 for Horse Saddle Bags +1 For Name Changes (maybe ask 5s for that) Maybe a new Type of ship to carry non swimming animals across water. Portals between allied Villages. (Allow carts/wagons with load through).