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  1. Please add the 3 Tunnels North of Vrock Landing All 3 is Knarr Only Tunnels
  2. This is awesome. Just one small problem. F/G14 (3089 -1980) You miss spelled my deed name Scorpion Point Not sure if possible. is there a way to get the grid positions into the keyboard buffer?
  3. hmm either I am missing something or here is a few ppl that is lagging behind 7 months?
  4. Between the lines I read : . We can't manage to fix this speed calculation error so let's make our shame the player pain. The sad part is I do not believe the reason that is given to us for the proposed change. I choose to believe that they will not do such a change for a crappy reason like the one they give us. I guess only people that signed the NDA knows the real reason.
  5. not 100% sure when I will be there due to being still so early and also so long. But I will bring my main & 2 priests. KillerSpike : Black Smithing and Normal Carpentry Gandalf : Nahjo with 82 Channeling SexySpike : Vyn with 81 Channeling
  6. Does not help at all. I can still be stranded far away from home. what if I leave my deed on old iteration 29.
  7. but don't dare to dismount anywhere. If you do you will have 2 unruly Hell horses and a cart/wagon to get home somehow. and those buggers are grumpy and nasty to lead :).
  8. Ahh figures. almost all the forums are up.
  9. Again I have routing issues to Xanado. Anyway to work around this
  10. -10000 on this. I have to wonder what in Wurm is going to be better when they "fix" this so called issue. In my opinion something is only an issue if it do damage to the game so by changing this it must improve something. I wish they tell us what it is that we can also understand. I don't think anyone has ever been frustrated nor confused because hell horses does not unhitch them self. Was always clear to me and everyone I know that you need to hitch team early in life and then you have a great ride for quite some time.
  11. Not if you consider the amount meditation ticks we get. In any other I can do something to get more/bigger skill ticks. eg. Lower the tools QL etc. To grind faith I can attend a sermon to be able to pray more often. Now with meditation it is a totally different story. You have a limit of 5 meditations per day. You fail to get a tick more often than not. So the progression is VERY VERY slow as it is now. Now you want to make it even slower by reducing the tick size? It is pretty clear to me that who ever dream up these changes needs to sober up a bit before to get to work.
  12. You are joking right? The ticks are very small already,
  13. Will pick up in 3 hrs or so
  14. Offer 12s for above 3 potions. if except CoD to KillerSpike please
  15. This is off topic : Just a bit confused why you call them rare horses? I call them "new color horses". There is many of them around. I have at least 20 of them and when I try to sell. some of them for "cheap" nobody was interested. If they were that rare it should be easy to sell.
  16. It is one of the things that get my goat in Wurm is the Randomness of the creation quality of non-imp-able Items. I will try and explain my point by using Sac items for priests. I use cordage ropes as favor for my vyn and it is a pain to make. Using a 90QL rare rope tool with 99.85QL wemp and 80 skill the randomness of the QL of ropes produced is just ridiculous. Even making yoyo's is a pain. With 2 skills to master to get good QL materials and still the output QL is way to random. I have a nahjo priest as well and it is such a pleasure to cast with him. The effort to farm high QL sac-ables pays off of because you KNOW what quality Wemp (yes I use wemp because I can use it for both priests) I will get and how much favor I will get out of it. I know I will most likely get the complain comments that the sac-ables for Nahjo is an abomination and all that. That is another argument that has been around for a long time. My point really is the fact that I have put in the effort in to be a master farmer and I know what my results is going to be. With most of the other sac-ables it is just to random. (maybe locks is not that bad as I have not tried them yet) for the others something needs to be done to reduce the random and low QL of items created. eg. With the above mentioned mats & skill I should be able to create an average rope QL of say 75+. if not better. If someone has made the effort to grind the skill let his.her reap the benefits The same goes for things like making leather. If a Master Tanner makes leather with high QL Lye and High QL Hides he should get 80%+ High QL leathers. Many more examples can be mentioned : Making Steel, NS/alchemy / Butchering , the list goes on. TLDR - Please lessen the QL randomness of un-imp-able Items in the Game.If someone has made the effort to grind the skill let his/her reap the benefits
  17. As you loose membership of your deed when you cross over to another server and because you can belong to different villages & alliances on other servers this will not work so well. Just use an IRC channel to chat across servers.
  18. Yes Please +1. if someone left the village or has not logged in for xx (90) days the mayor can take over ownership of all things on deed belonging to that citizen
  19. 61ql 71woa - 3s CoD to KillerSpike pls
  20. server down?

    Maybe I should have shutup when I told one of my mates we have not had a serious crash for ages. No free SB for a long time
  21. server down?

    No official word on what's happening ?