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  1. 11 minutes ago, Tristanc said:

    Pelts aren't used in crafting at all, only improving, so I don't truly think they qualify as a newbie *starter* item.

    So pickAxes is not used it crafting either so they should not qualify as "a newbie *starter* item."

  2. 33 minutes ago, CreZ said:

    I don't see how a dioptra would make much sense. I think you'd want to add a blacksmithing item (hard cap at 70 for fun?) to create a gimbal mount for the compass.

    was just an idea. The dioptra has 3 legs that can be modified to fit a compass ?

    like using a compass to make a way stone? or an iron needle on a brass compass? It is wurm after all. :)


  3. 42 minutes ago, Tor said:

    I understand that, but it was the "unfaithful"l action was performed in a cave where you can't dig while activated pickaxe, a tool that you can't dig with. It was just a keybind for a action that can't be performed

    The system should not even allow you to trigger an action that is not possible. regardless of unfaithful setting or not.

    like in this example if you  hit the "dig to pile" hotkey in a cave the system should just ignore that action or display a message that the action is not possible

  4. +1

    I think attaching a  nautical compass ito a ship s a good idea. It only settles when you are drifting state.

    make it so you need  higher QL components to make them. maybe 75+ QL?

    I was thinking a nautical compass  = 75ql+ Dioptra + 75ql+ compass.

    as soon as a toon get on a boat with one attached the nautical compass display on the hud same where like the current normal compass.


  5. Somehow my client cannot connect to the patch server.

    "Update Failed! (Error opening connection to patch server)


    The [Play] button show  [Retry Update]  but no luck with actually connection


    Any Ideas

  6. 2 minutes ago, Retrograde said:

    I'd hope not, I worked hard on the loyalty system and I'm proud of it! 

    I know I have been very pissed off about the changes but the loyalty system idea is pretty awesome. Good Job

  7. 1 minute ago, Retrograde said:

    Currently it takes 20 100ql veggies to get 100 favour, it's 5 per veggie.


    Aim is for between 2-4 per item now, given how easily produced on masse they are it does suggest that a lower number is better for balance rather than them remaining the dominant meta 

    @RetrogradeThanks for this reply.

    Now we making some progress to get to some answers.

    I surely can work with 4 favour per chopped veggie. reducing it to anything below that way to drastic.

    I have 20k+ 99.9 ql chopped veggies in stock. so it is roughly 100k favour.

    Nerfing it to 2 or 3 favour per will reduce that to either 40k favour or 60k Favour. See why I am upset. I have put

    a lot of work into grinding farming, actually farming the veggies and chopping them. To have 100k favour in stock mean I will now have to spend so much more time farming and chopping.

    now you want to make it even more so by devaluing it?


    the mass production of chopped veggies is not easier than any other sacable when you consider the time grinding farming, tending the the crops daily, then harvest and then chop them.

    It takes time. a lot of time.








  8. 14 hours ago, Samool said:

    The changes in no way mean that veggies will be useless as you assume them to be, it's just intended to bring all the favor items more in line to be similarly viable.


    11 hours ago, Retrograde said:

    I'm the update notes the specifics will be included. Chopped veggies will still be viable so it's not something that needs preperation


    The answers from staff keeps being vague around exactly how effective veggies will be as sac'able.

    Time to give us some actual facts here. Lets nip this issue in the bud. If veggies is not going to be nerfed to death like I expect it to be then just tell us the exact numbers


  9. 1 minute ago, Makkhoi said:


    It doesn't mean they are going to be nerfed anywhere near 90% or at all, so why do you spread so much negativity? Intentionally trying to harm the game?

    Not about being negative, just realistic. been bitten by this sort of thing before. Previously Nahjo could sac Wemp and it was taken away.

    In the light of Retro's comment below it is quite obvious it will be seriously nerfed to be less effective than ' template specific favour' that is horrible in most cases due to the grid to make such saccables



    Although popular we would like to bring more options and variety to the choice of favour, encouraging the use of more template specific favour options vs thousands of chopped vegetables. 



  10. 42 minutes ago, Shrimpiie said:

    Based on the post I quoted yes; "they will remain viable" would mean they can still be used I would think.

    Can be used does not mean they not going to be nerfed by 90%

  11. Please do not mess with saccing of Veggies. I have been screwed over before when sacing Wemp was taken away while I had 20k 99ql wemp in my bins.

    Now I have 20k chopped veggies that is going to be nerfed or made totally "useless". It was a damn painful grind to get my farming high enough to supply my 2 priest with chopped veggies.

    now I will need grind other separate skills to have sacables for my 2 priest. 

    Back to Cordage ropes? This will probably also be nerfed as anything that is useful is either taken away or nerfed.

    I thought we want to make the game better and more attractive for new players to stay. The priest changes is going in the wrong direction if that is the case.


    This really sucks. as a player for over 5 years I am contemplating if I should go or stay. 


    Also please don't just dump the changes on us on patch day. give us accurate info up front. well in advance so that we can at least try and manage the outfall.

    Another thing, I was so happy to see that a faith change is included in the  loyalty system because I made a mistake with the last faith transfer to change my 1 priest to Mag and wanted to revert back to Nahjo.

    Now that is also been slapped back into my face.


    Last comment. Did you really think the priest changes would be applauded by must players? I think you knew exactly how this will go down in the player base. If you actually care about us that has sticked with the game

    for years you would reconsider these upcoming changes..



    I am not happy how the devs treats the loyal player base. Screwing us over as a reward for loyalty.

  12. 1 minute ago, Thorinoakshield said:

    Guess that's one tunnel I can remove from my to-do list.


    Are you ppl ever planning to turn it into a deepwater tunnel? With a nice highway tunnel next to it?


    Thorin :) 


    Not planning to make it deep water. none of the other 2 tunnels out of Lake Vrock cater for that anyway.

    Also is there any other boats except Knarrs? 😉