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  1. They changed SotG finally... but you aren't here to enjoy it. A real missed opportunity. 

  2. They have been live for just under eight months now though, and people have complained about them enough. Still nothing though. We'd rather not see the same thing we've been seeing where a bugged feature is added, then left as is because another new feature takes priority. Fix old bugs before adding new ones.
  3. No one knows yet. It was bugged and created craters (on land) instead. Go figure.
  4. Still surprised?
  5. Cool, except: 1. There is an entire second cluster called Epic where some people enjoy playing without stupid ideas that make the game more tedious and boring for no reason at all, and 2. The game still shouldn't be balanced around any server's or cluster's economy because it is not a feature of the game. So I amend and reiterate: do not balance the game around any server's economy.
  6. The rod creates a gigantic ugly hole with 1000+ slope rock sides and lava at the bottom. It spawns adamantine boulders and can only be placed in areas that have no kingdom influence. This is usually HotA, where pillars spawn at the bottom and require Mag priests to win (gl BL). It also gives people a way of killing themselves in PvP and saving their gear. These holes on old Elevation had to be hotfixed by Rolf several weeks before the map reset. The wand is supposedly fixed now. It was supposed to create islands. It used to create shallower holes in areas with no kingdom influence (again, HotA). They are/were not nearly as bad as volcanoes. Both of these were factors in deciding to reset Elevation because they destroy the map. Wand of the Seas (strong language) >
  7. There already is. Five minutes doesn't prevent people from logging off unless they are behind a really crappy mine door or an attacker picking a gate has been praying really hard to RNGsus.
  8. Why fix the game when you can pile on new shiny stuff to make it look nice? This is exactly what triple A companies are trying to do, and it's failing miserably.
  9. You mean like we did before armor/archery nerfs and spell changes were added that we specifically said were bad and we didn't want? Yeah...
  10. Sounds great at first, but then it would make combat logging way too attractive. Sorry, -1
  11. Can the rod be removed already? Please? Good changes otherwise.
  12. Still a bad idea, but... if you do this, remove hunted status completely. Thanks.
  13. -1 Stop trying to balance the game around the Freedom economy. Also, they do decay, but only on actions that have timers (ie. special moves, shield bashing, cutting trees with swords/axes, etc.).
  14. And your corpses are protected. Ours aren't. Again, we aren't asking for anything different for you; we're asking for something different for us. It's like any other feature that we ask to be excluded from PvP.
  15. Why should you on PvE be voting on something that is for PvP? We're not asking for anything different for you. We're asking for something different for us to prevent people from losing several hundred euros worth of if a bridge bugs out and gets someone killed. I'm so sorry that you're missing out on full loot when you die (you can petition for that to be added to PvE as well after moon metal and HotA statues), but we don't like losing an entire paycheck or more worth of gear because Rolf forgot to carry a one. Here's a lovely example of what I'm talking about: inb4 peeveepee sux