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  1. I love this map I have it on my server and all love it the only problem I have found that most of the map if you dig one dirt you are hitting rock so i spend a lot of time dropping dirt and modding the land for other players. This map would be awesome as a 4096 sized map also.
  2. I loaded a new map on my server and it is like time is frozen in winter the sun and moons are stuck in the same spot all the time I am not a coder and not sure how to fix it I would like to have it set with longer summer and winter with spring and fall a little shorter. when I open the insertwurmlogin.sql which from what I understand is what I need to change I'm not sure what to change please help this is what it show: BEGIN TRANSACTION; INSERT INTO IDS VALUES(32611,3001,1127788,6147,3000,3000,0,3000,3394,3000,3003,3000,3000,3000,3069,1000,100); INSERT INTO SERVERS VALUES(0,'New Creative Server',200,200,0,0,0,0,1,'','48010','','','3724',1,4,0,0,0,'','','','','','','','',1,0,1442559932459,'7220','7221',1442559567892,1442564489555,1442564489555,1442564601555,1442559801228,0,36700,554394,589996,25385,1,0,-1,0,0,0,200,10000,10.0,0,10.0,10.0,2160,1,20.0,25.0,25.0,10.0,1.0,0,3.0,'',0,0,1,500000,10000,51,5,3600000,1000000,'Note to Self: 1. Survive, 2. Create!','New'); INSERT INTO TICKETNOS VALUES(0,10000,9999,200000); COMMIT;
  3. Hello I am trying to find out the best way to make a custom map I am not sure how to make the height map so that it is what I want and trying to create the map below Had to link it could not get it to add any other way
  4. Hello not even sure it can be done but is there anyone working on mods for new avatars and clothing? Is there even a way to add them to WU?
  5. I have tried to start a dedicated server several time I was able to get on yesterday but today it goes though the whole cycle up to where it would say connected to steam then it crashes I can get on if I don't have use dedicated checked. I uninstalled the dedicated server and reinstalled it and it still has the same out come IP addresses are correct not sure what is wrong.
  6. Thank you not sure why I didn't think of that 2 days ago lol
  7. I have tried to destroy using ebony wand and get this message "You may only use that item while it is one the ground"
  8. I accidentally created a huge bone alter not I can not get rid of it won't let me drop or destroy it. Can anyone help please
  9. Just had an order delivered excellent service kept me notified of the status of my order never had to worry. 10k brick 5k mortar and a Knarr delivered in just over 2 weeks. will defiantly be doing business again with this gentleman.
  10. Slave? Master? O.o
  11. thanks to those that messaged me, I have made my purchase
  12. looking to buy 5k brick and 5k mortar on Xan PM Sullius in world thx