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  1. Hi! I followed step 2 exactly but it turned out that Java had a different file name. I found my javaws file in "C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_40\bin\javaws.exe" Thought someone might find it pertinent to know that that file might be named differently from what's posted here!
  2. +1 I've accidentally crushed a bunch of wemp in the past the I meant to turn into seeds, so I had to go foraging for more. Seems like a reasonable change that would not affect anyone negatively, and while it simplifies one tiny thing in the game, it certainly doesn't simplify the entirety of Wurm! These little simplifications make the game more enjoyable and less frustrating in small but brilliant ways.
  3. Seems like this is a good place to add my idea of a horsetack rack onto that list of horse things! A place to store all the horse-related equipment in the game. Of course I want more horse colors, and I love the idea of a hitching post, and the troughs! Would make it easier to feed chickens and pigs as well Big +1 from me! Edit: @Malena, what about a black horse with white mane and tail?
  4. Sounds sweet! But only people with the highest QL gear and enchants? Wouldn't that make it a lil unfair for those without that kind of stuff?
  5. Disabling GLSL seems to have solved the distorted graphics. Still curious if there's another fix though.
  6. Hi, I'm trying to run Wurm on a new laptop I've purchased, but I'm getting some pretty bad visual graphics errors: I don't believe I'm using Nvidia OR Radeon, as only Intel is listed in my display adapter in the Device Manager. Is this an issue with Intel? And is there a workaround if it is?
  7. Mubels is a very amiable person, so while my knarr took a bit longer to make than expected, we had a lot of fun in the meantime! I definitely recommend his services to those looking for a shipbuilder
  8. would you mind showing where this is actually located on the map?
  9. ooh I'd forgotten about barding! The first image looks really cool, thanks for sharing!
  10. +1 Please! This would help immensely with immersion!
  11. A mostly-decorative item on which can be used to store bridles, saddles, horseshoes, and ropes. Similar to the weapons and tools racks, but for horsetack! Edit: Maybe barding and horse armor as well, as has been suggested in the comments!
  12. +1 Lovely idea! Would make horses a lot more useful
  13. Well it's for my friend, I'll tell her to contact you guys when I see her on in-game again. (I don't think she has a forum account.) But anyways, thanks for all of your replies! You guys are great <3