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  1. I would really really reeeaaally like animations to be truely "off' I have animations turned off in my game options but things like the Boats rocking, making me motion sick.. the rest i can deal with... though for lag sake id prefer to not have to have any animations on ever... i was perfectly happy with the old static gliding animation for walking etc lol and the old simpler models.. would be awesome.. My youngest brother got my old laptop as a hand me down.. it used to be able to play wurm with the old simple toon models.. but its can't anymore, it lags freezes and crashes constantly if anyone else is in local of him.
  2. I like this idea alot, I would love shiny silver armour and weapons etc :3 I do think that it should be an independent skill from JS though as it actually has nothing to do with jewelry smithing at all and also ties into weaponsmithing, armoursmithing, and blacksmithing equally if not more then jewelry smithing if you were to be able to apply the leaf to all of these items.
  3. I think something like this is an awesome idea, it would allow full pvp/raiding and be amazingly fun. It would take a lot of time to implement, but I don't see any really functional good way to fix the current system.
  4. Why? new players have been going to chaos in the half-broken state its currently in? theres tons of villages to join especially if you have friends on freedom. And joining an already founded map gives them more protection then a new one would. New map imo would cause more rage quit and not re-rolling would bring back old players that miss the pvp.
  5. Voted yes. +1 to full rework of the PVP system, no point doing it if you're not going to actually *FIX* it. And I personally do this its a priority, what else is there that's big and needs work? bridges..? we can made due w/o them for a while longer.. lol -1 to new map/map reset -10 to skill curve
  6. Selling 100 Rafts, 10s OBO. I prefer they are picked up from Riften on Deli @ 40x, 30y. Please make all offers here on the Forums.
  7. Unless there's a gatehouse every 11 tiles it's not an enclosure and you can bash right through it, and i totally agree +1
  8. The last couples weeks since I've gotten a bit of my network stuff moved around I've been lagging pretty horrible, specifically the last like three days. My question is are there ports to forward/ are we allowed to? if so which ports? It's just miserable playing with the amount of lag I currently have, I usually end up just standing in a corner and doing nothing or just smithing because the rest of everything lags too much to be much fun. Any information is much appreciated in relation to this. Thanks!
  9. Cotton Volume

    Okay so there was a conversation in GL this morning, the conversation is as follows; [03:18:09] <H****> i've noticed that cotton is pretty much the ultimate skill crop.. seems to give decent skill at any level [03:18:18] <D****> same here [03:18:23] <S****> yeah [03:18:38] <Cita> too bad it licks butt to transport or store in large quantites [03:18:58] <D****> no problem, use catapults [03:19:00] <H****> just drop it into the ground if you havve too much ;P [03:19:10] <D****> step 1 : drop on ground [03:19:14] <D****> step 2 : walk a tile or two away [03:19:18] <D****> Step 3 : take items [03:19:20] <D****> Step 4 : repeat [03:20:37] <Haips> drop the cotton as you harvest it, then come back and collect them with the cart [03:22:04] <Dogukakugi> or just bring the cart along in the first plavce [03:23:59] <Cita> <-- here lies the problem, only 1999 cotton fit in a bsb, why? who knows. But the mass is screwy if you ask me. [03:24:19] <X****> its likely just because not exactly 16,000 volume can fit in a BSB, but rather everything below it [03:24:22] <Cita> You can put 10s of thousands of wemp in a bsb but only just barly 2k cotton [03:24:26] <X****> ohh [03:24:38] <X****> well, wemp is probably smaller [03:24:44] <K****> it is [03:24:57] <C****> voluuume [03:25:09] <Cita> 1 wemp = .5kg 1 cotton = 1kg [03:25:21] <Cita> so by that math only 4k wemp would bit in a bsb [03:25:32] <Cita> but i have like 7000 in a bsb atm [03:25:34] <K****> BSBs don't count by weight, they count by volume [03:25:55] <Cita> exactly my point, im pretty sure the mass of cotton is screwy [03:26:26] <K****> huh [03:27:10] <K****> Cotton and Colossus Bricks have the same volume lol [03:28:01] <K****> You're right, the volume of cotton is screwy. lol [03:28:13] <Cita> yap, and the most cotton you can fit on a cart at a sinle time is ~780, unless you combine your cottons then its 1 64kg wad per raft [03:29:34] <Cita> Im pretty sure rolf added one too many 0s in the cotton volume coding.. cuz 20k cotton per bsb is far more consistent with other items Conversation pretty much says it all, Cotton volume = Colossus brick, surely this must be a bug? Anyway, it would be nice to see a revised volume on cotton to make storage and transportation much more convenient. Please note: all names were removed from the chat log and the screenshot, just in case anyone didnt wish to be involved for whatever reason.
  10. +1 just cuz <3 playing with guts