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  1. [Resolved] Chaos Down????

    shhh I have to spend a few hours before they gimme 5 more
  2. [Resolved] Chaos Down????

    I'm in I'm in!
  3. [Resolved] Chaos Down????

    I better still have the Hammer of Mag on me when I log back in!
  4. Tile Examine Incorrect

    At the time of the issue, no lag. no menu refresh lag. repeatable. Celebration. I can not repeat this now.
  5. Tile Examine Incorrect

    Standing on the last tile in village and examine it (through right click examine or through double click) it says this is within the village then examine the tile outside village. it says it's within the village. do it 3 times it finally says perimeter. then examine the tile inside village. it says it's within the perimeter. do it 3 times it finally says within the village.
  6. In inventory, peg active, right click small wine barrel, seal = You may only use that item while it is on the ground. Drop or Plant small wine barrel inside or outside house on deed. Peg active, right click small wine barrel = there is no seal option in the menu
  7. I have a concoction that is giving: [15:47:35] You think this may well work. (without the extra detail normally shown for other recipies) and it's been cookin a couple hours hehe [15:53:28] Current difficulty:25. most other recipes I've "discovered" say the following: [14:25:43] You think this may well work when cooked. [14:25:43] Current difficulty:11.
  8. Supreme Trowel

  9. Supreme Trowel

  10. Supreme Needle

    I'd go 15s Dash, and no need to imp
  11. WTS Supreme Butchering knife

    I'm willing to go 30s
  12. WTS Supreme Butchering knife

    is that a 1.2 kg weight?
  13. Magranon priest rehaul

    I also don't see talk in here of what the casters skills are and what the targets skills are which seems like it should be considered when talking balance. 1) A new account with only skills required to priest up and spam faith from sermons vs 2) An account played to bring up skills that can't be skilled once becoming a priest in preparation for it and has some good channeling and body control is it intended that fire pillar work as effectively for both? 1) A premium alt account that's used to dig dirt and bring body up (or mining alts) this results in only bringing up a specific set of skills vs 2) An account that is well rounded and has done farming and nature to bring soul depth up should both of these account be effected the same way?
  14. Magranon priest rehaul

    sounds like good use of developers time running scenarios on the test server I'm sure a lot could be learned from recruiting some of the players to fight series of battles on test monthly that way devs can show the creators intention as well as get good logs and players can give feedback on that specific battle it would be nice for example to understand what group sizes the devs expect to be at a battle. do the devs want such a thing as 1v1? do they think there should be 2 person buddy teams exploring? are 5 person teams expected for roaming / patrol parties, etc. other things too, how long should it take to catapult into a building with 9 floors of unfinished walls. WE don't know if it's a bug unless we know what was indended
  15. Magranon priest rehaul

    not only should there be a casting penalty (imo backfire) casting when not in rags (eg even scale should be giving penalty) but I also recommend anytime casting is done in combat the caster experiences the equivalent to "you make a bad move and open yourself up for attack" reinstate good shield bash. get these priests off the toe to toe frontline and back into the support ranks where the archers should also be. let the fighter class rise!