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  1. 7/13 release rift near P15
  2. for that matter, allow all mailing and allow global trade including chaos
  3. Closed

    WTB one charge of Smoke from Sol
  4. are changes being done to the loot distribution system? Tombs for example. I have none. I wasn't too worried cause I figured I could actually buy one if I wanted. Because they are rare and have value. And their acquisition is mostly a trust based loot system and player random rollings after the player that found the unique and put a lot of effort into the deal got first picks. if I can't buy things then I would enjoy seeing a fairer loot distribution system than "trust" and ninja.
  5. Please allow for the moving or refund of existing deeded traders.
  6. shhh I have to spend a few hours before they gimme 5 more
  7. I better still have the Hammer of Mag on me when I log back in!
  8. At the time of the issue, no lag. no menu refresh lag. repeatable. Celebration. I can not repeat this now.
  9. Standing on the last tile in village and examine it (through right click examine or through double click) it says this is within the village then examine the tile outside village. it says it's within the village. do it 3 times it finally says perimeter. then examine the tile inside village. it says it's within the perimeter. do it 3 times it finally says within the village.
  10. In inventory, peg active, right click small wine barrel, seal = You may only use that item while it is on the ground. Drop or Plant small wine barrel inside or outside house on deed. Peg active, right click small wine barrel = there is no seal option in the menu
  11. I have a concoction that is giving: [15:47:35] You think this may well work. (without the extra detail normally shown for other recipies) and it's been cookin a couple hours hehe [15:53:28] Current difficulty:25. most other recipes I've "discovered" say the following: [14:25:43] You think this may well work when cooked. [14:25:43] Current difficulty:11.