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  1. I was already there trapping the thing with a few others, so I'm gonna be there.
  2. It still did not work. After everything, reinstalling java, restarting, it still doesn't work. You said that the 3 files had .java at the end, when they actually say .jar. Do I have to change .jar to .java? If not, this solution just doesn't work.
  3. You bet I'll be there! I'm going with Seedlings and Hypamania. Thanks for hosting, and I will see you there. Oh, and if anybody could, try to cut back on bows, because mac users will crash if fired. I've tried the solution, but it didn't work. Oh, and my character name is Arendale.
  4. It didn't work. I'm using OS X Yosemite, if that makes any difference, and the error file has (F)V at the end, if that makes any difference. I'm really bummed
  5. Hello. I am a mac user of Wurm online. I use Mac OS X Yosemite, ver 10.10.2. There is a game-breaking glitch, where if I fire a bow, or a bow is fired around me, it instantly causes the game to crash. This is especially annoying during unique monster hunts, where many people are using bows. My Wurm client is 3.86. Please find a solution, or if there are existing solutions to prevent this, or any other compatibility issues with Mac OS X Yosemite, please inform me. There is an error with the file: <javax.vecmath.Vector3f.setZ(F)V>