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  1. Xanadu Trail

    an interesting concept/adventure Blood. Could be fun.
  2. Game won't load

    Since this new java update I can't log in. Yes, I have seen the other thread. Yes, the other thread explained something for them. No, the other thread did not explain anything for me. I am a programmer idiot. Slow, easy, and with layman terms is a good thing if I am to understand any help. Tanks.
  3. Running a MacBook Pro with Sierra and updated Java as the prompt asked. I am in the same boat as all the others here.
  4. WSA: DNS connectivity issues

    I am a computer illiterate and use a Mac. following the instructions on that link worked great.
  5. Login issue

    Thanks Kadmint, Finn, and Steveleeb. BTW, I am running a Mac.
  6. on the start page where you "log in" does it show the servers you can join or not? I am having the same issue but have no servers showing and if I just press play it starts to load then crashed.
  7. Login issue

    Hey all. I have been trying to log into Wurm the last 2 days I get the starting box ( see pic) and it doesn't show the servers and when you press play it gives the crash window. Any ideas? I have reinstalled java and may have to reinstall the client, not sure. Help?
  8. Deed For Sale

  9. Deed For Sale

    This Deed is located at P14. The name is Sinistral. I will be taking offers with sale on Jan. 1. If there is information you would like that is not posted please contact in game or email. The deed is 41X53 and fully walled. It has an entrance on the north wall and one at the south east corner. There are large areas for farming and you will find a few different types of trees. There is good road access as well as water way. Sinistral Features....... 15 enchanted grass in a holding pen area. Mine is under deed has the following vains. Iron: 1 poor, 4 normal, 4 acceptable, 2 good, 3 very good, 4 utmost Tin: 1 very good Marble: 1 acceptable Copper: 1 poor, 1 good Silver: 1 very good Zinc: 1 poor 3 Gold alters Vynora, Magranon, and Fo Stone mailbox with Courier cast on it (70) Castle with court yards Some screen shots...sorry for the links, I am not the best at doing them.
  10. Close: WTS Onions

    Close Please
  11. Selling Sleep Powder

    Selling 9 sleep powders 1s each C.O.D. If you are near E21 on Xanadu, Mount Jericho, West North West of Summerholt, you can meet up with me to deal. Narille doG of Sinistral SOLD!