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  1. Hey smokes i remember buying a gold chain set from you, i too am leaving the game. Started around the same time as well, what a coincidence. Good luck with the Account sale and the baby
  2. The title says it all. Contact me here. I shall reply asap.
  3. Hey guys, im selling my account after playing on it for a while. Here is the link to all the levels: The account has a lil over 55s in it as well, so I am counting that in the sale price as well. [01:30:53] You withdraw 55 silver from the bank. Bid Details: Starting bid: 90E Increments of: 3E Buyout at: 120E I Only Accept Euros, not interested in any in-game currency.
  4. Sold all except hammer shovel and lantern
  5. Sold pretty much everything Except: Pickaxe iron woa 64 88ql shovel woa 38 81ql hammer coc 52 81ql lantern 63ql Spyglass I want to sell this for a decent price so gimme offers of 2s and above please
  6. Selling all the items in this link: Message here price you would like to pay. Whoever calls it first pretty much gets it. Dirt cheap. Anything over 10c is reasonable.
  7. Link to Ql of set and Dmg: Starting Bid: 15s Increments: 2s Buyout: 30s
  8. Count me in. Im an old friend of trophium and old resident of pristine and that same island. That large farm one of your tribe mate tends to belonged to me Now the only problem is getting there lol
  9. I'd like a plate set at 80ql. And if you are the same as hoppyman or hoppygirl ingame. Pm me here on ingame
  10. Ah yes! Im sorry for not being able to communicate properly lately. I have been travelling a lot irl and is the reason why i keep postponing the dates. Also to be honest. I haven t received as many participations as much i had hoped for. So another good reason to postpone the dates. You are right i should have communicated the change of dates properly. Im sorry for not doing so. But i can assure you this in now way is a scam. Ive just been very busy, and honestly im still contemplating if i should host the event. I shall keep you informed from here on. Regarding any more changes if there will be.
  11. I'll be there. mubelsjedenn and crystalherb (bystander)
  12. I'll be there. Mubelsjedenn and crystalherb (bystander)