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  1. [11:55:54] <Becket> You are currently known as: Worgmaster Becket the 15th Hierophant [Master Mason Hand of Libila]
  2. Skill Points

    Thanks everyone.
  3. Skill Points

    Popped 10k skill points (10,024). Toss me a title ?
  4. Holy Crash Batman

    Right click to butcher right click to open = crash has happened on 2 different kills.
  5. Nice This made me smile. Happy Anniversary Wurm !
  6. -1 Would do nothing. for Dragon Drama, There are players out there that hunt the servers everyday for dragons its what they do.
  7. Hell just name your forge Wilson and you will not feel lonely.
  8. Wurm milestone

    Yes it's LetMeOut Thanks everyone and I really want that title
  9. [09:08:23] You have played 1000 days, 13 hours and 23 minutes. OK where is my no life title!!
  10. +1 But sell the license to do so at Wurm Shop.
  11. Oh ya I want a Pink Unicorn with flaming horse shoes
  12. Logged in twice now and just crashed right out.
  13. Polearm skill

    Hmm that could be the reason Finnn the weapons I use all have high coc.