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  1. To anyone experiencing this crash, it would help greatly to know exactly what you were attempting to build, and how, and whether you were running the new UI or the legacy client.
  2. Thanks for the report! This was unintended and will be fixed with a graphics pack update on Thursday the 23rd. No other items have been affected as far as we can tell.
  3. I agree that does look small in that screenshot. What resolution and UI scaling options are you using there?
  4. For clarification regarding pottery planters: Don't worry, planter racks still function the way they used to! They were not affected by this change. It's timed. There's a bit of a random factor in how much it withers with each ageing tick, but if the planter is old enough to be picked, it should take multiple days in the cart for it to completely die off. Even if it takes an ageing tick or two while in the cart, as long as the plant is still alive, it will grow back to a normal, harvestable state once it's somewhere it can grow. As of now, planters can grow: On the ground In planter racks When placed on top of another object, such as a table. If the planter is on your person (your inventory, a container in your inventory, a worn item like a backpack or satchel), it will neither wither nor age. Its age will be frozen. This is mostly to prevent them from withering while you're relocating them. This is the same as how they used to behave while in containers. When inside literally anything else (a cart, a chest on the ground, a forge, a backpack on the ground), they will wither and die over the span of a few days. Yes, dropping them into something like a chest or cart will cause them to wither away and die, letting you plant something else in them. However, it may take a few days for them to do so, so it may not be a convenient way to "unplant" them. And yes, when placed on a table or a cupboard they will now act the same as they do in a rack or on the ground.
  5. Like other items, the material determines what you use to improve it. Stone (included rounded & rendered) requires normal stone shards and chisel, marble requires marble shards and chisel, and so on. The pottery variants will require clay and a chisel. When creating them, it works more like metal items, with completely separate crafting recipes, rather than switching depending on what was added last.
  6. The new installer/launcher handles its own Java runtime. You don't need to install your own. Which installer did you use to install the game on the new laptop?
  7. What is your deed tile:animal ratio like?
  8. There's no need to manually install Java or update your Java installation. The standalone Wurm Online launcher handles its own Java runtime environment. Reinstalling Java isn't necessary and won't help. As for the crash itself, I'm not sure, but I can pass it along to the team.
  9. Were you able to find the planters anywhere, possibly on the floor, or on a different floor of the same building?
  10. Are they only going through gates? What about solid fences, doors, or walls?
  11. Out of curiosity, how long are your surface mining actions that are causing this much damage?
  12. There don't appear to be any tile type based limitations for hatching, just for laying.
  13. Weird traits

    Sorry, I somehow completely overlooked the fact that the first image had date stamps! I just wanted to make sure it was recent. We can take it from here and look into whether or not there's a bug.
  14. Weird traits

    @FinnnDo you remember when this horse was born, or better yet, when it was conceived?
  15. Minimum skill to build something, when there isn't a hard minimum, depends on, at the very least, the quality level of the tool you're using. So including "minimum skill" would require a table with skill levels at various tool QLs tested in-game, if not other factors on top of that. That's getting a bit bulky.
  16. Just to clarify: This does NOT mean that we aren't working on new content, only that this upcoming patch is itself going to be more about bugfixes and similar minor changes.
  17. In general, if wiki staff are removing something from the wiki, it would be a good idea to ask why it was removed before adding it again.
  18. Additionally, what settings do you have under the "Compatibility" tab?
  19. What did you actually bind "Improve" to? Was it a mouse button or a keyboard key?
  20. "Republic of China" is Taiwan's official name. In other words, it's what they call themselves. This is not to be construed as a statement on any nation's relative sovereignty.
  21. Got a couple more! Orb of Doom (Prompt: "A round crystal ball the size of your hand, with a treacherous red glow dancing amidst dark vapors inside") Turned out appropriately spooky. Worg (Prompt: "A worg is a formidable, werewolf-like creature, with a muscular frame, coarse fur, sharp teeth, and a foreboding, foul odor") It turned out this wasn't the actual Worg description, but I did it anyway and now I'm terrified. The first one kind of looks like it has a face in the upper-left facing the camera, and a very confusing body, and the second is some kind of beaked cryptid. Worg (Prompt: "This wolf-like creature is unnaturally big and clumsy. The Worg seems finicky and nervous, which makes it unpredictable and dangerous to deal with.") Okay, this one uses the actual description from the game. The first is a bit scary but needs more legs, and the second looks adorable and has a weird, spooky forest going on in the background. Fog Spider (Prompt: "A large black spider emerging from a dense fog") Made up my own prompt from this instead of using the description. Turned out pretty good, although it's only barely a spider.
  22. I was just trying to get it to render "A cave painting of a man cutting down a tree with a shovel" but I think I ran out of Google Colab processing quota, so it'll have to wait a day or so!
  23. For the past couple days I've been messing around with The Big Sleep, a tool to generate images from text prompts using AI (specifically OpenAI's CLIP and BigGAN). What this means: You input a text prompt, like "a man standing on a sidewalk" and it generates an image based on that prompt, continuously trying to "improve" the image over many iterations, often resulting in something weird, possibly incoherent, and probably surreal. So, I decided to have it generate images for a bunch of things in Wurm Online! The text prompts I used consisted mostly of in-game descriptions, modified as necessary, plus a couple requests I got from users in the Wurm Online Discord server. Many of these took at least a few attempts before I got anything reasonable, and some prompts worked much better than others. Note that the text prompt listed is the only input I had; the rest was up to the software. Images themselves have been spoilered to avoid clutter and make this easier to navigate. Here we go! First, various Wurm creatures! For these, I just used the in-game description of the creatures, with no other text added. Hell Hound (prompt: "The hell hound is said to be spies and assassins for the demons of Sol") One of my favorites. The weird mouth made out of tendrils is a bit disturbing. Lava Spider (prompts "a giant spider made of lava" and "a giant spider full of lava") Prompts don't follow the given format, as I made these before settling on my methods. Vaguely spider-like, but pretty abstract. Spawn of Uttacha (Prompt: "Uttacha is a vengeful demigod who lives in the depths of an ocean on Valrei. These huge larvae are hungry and confused abominations here. ") Obviously the AI has no idea what "Uttacha" is, but the rest was enough for it to create some... fairly disturbing and grotesque images, as you could guess. You've been warned. Avatar of Magranon (Prompt: "A ferocious beast indeed, the juggernaut can crush mountains with its horned forehead") I love this little guy. He looks like a ferret with a cool mustache who got into the weight gain powder and hasn't stopped lifting since. Maybe not what I was expecting of a Magranon avatar, but I wouldn't trade him for anything. Avatar of Libila (Prompt: "This terrifying female apparition has something disturbing over it. As if it's just one facet of Libila") Presumably because of the "female apparition" part of the prompt, this mostly turned into spooky ghost photos. But still pretty neat ghost photos! I think Libila would appreciate them. Avatar of Fo (Prompt: "Something seems to have gone wrong as Fo tried to create his manifestation. The thorns are not loving at all and it seems very aggressive.") The AI had absolutely no idea what to make of this. The description doesn't really indicate that it's a humanoid creature at all, or indeed any kind of creature, so it seems to have gone with "malicious morass of bloody thorns". Sure, why not! Avatar of Vynora (Prompt: "This female creature is almost see-through, and you wonder if she is made of water or thoughts alone") This one was tough. Since the description doesn't specify that the creature is humanoid, I got a lot of weird, sometimes disturbing results resembling translucent sea creature flesh. I almost gave up, but then it struck gold, with an image of what looks like a gigantic humanoid shape rising out of the water on the horizon, with barely-visible arms and a darkened face. Sheep (Prompt: "A mythical beast of legends, it stares back at you with blood filled eyes and froth around the mouth.") Well, thanks to the jokey creature description, this was bound to go poorly, wasn't it? We've got two rather distressing images here: An abstract bloody terror foaming at the mouth(?), and what appears to be demonic blood owl resembling the Goetic demon "Stolas". Lamb (prompt: "A small cuddly ball of fluff") Now this is better. Cuddly as advertised! Has a smushed face that kind of looks like a cross between a rodent, cat, and bunny. Would pet. Evil Santa (Prompt: "Some sort of Santa Claus is standing here, with a fat belly, yellow eyes, and a bad breath") After a few attempts, I got what appears to be an absolutely feral Santa Claus stooped in the grass, doing god-knows-what. A giant tuft of wild white hair with some kind of headband up top, and a barely-visible red cloak or coat. I hate this. I hate this so much. Next, I wanted to know what the AI's interpretation of Wurm's several moons. For these, I used the in-game description, but added the word "moon" and sometimes a color, just to give the AI something to go on. Seris (prompt: "A white moon that is a haven for the dead") The first of these is pretty bizarre and surreal, with what seems like the surface of a moon with a pillar(?) and an arm(??) on top of it, with another moon-like object in the sky. The second came out fairly straightforward, as a white moon on a somewhat ethereal space background. Jackal (Prompt: "A moon flowing with the blood of the damned", "A red moon flowing with the blood of the damned") Both a bit abstract, but I think they get the feeling pretty well. The first in particular looks rather menacing, whereas the second went all-in on the blood, it seems. Haven (Prompt: "A small teal moon rumored to be where Golden Valley lies") Two different color cues confused the AI a bit, but I think it did a good job regardless! One appears to be a fresco-like painting of a shining blue moon above a golden landscape, whereas the other looks like a deep-space telescope photo of a teal-and-golden moon that appears to have had a chunk bitten out of it. Valrei (Prompt: "A large pale blue moon that is the home of the gods" (1st), "A large pale cyan moon that is the home of the gods" (others)) Got some neat results out of this one! The first looks like a painting, complete with artist's signature in the lower-right, of a pale blue moon casting its light over a strange landscape with stranger architecture. The second and third are surprisingly coherent imagery of what a moon of that color might look like, and the last looks like a landscape with Valrei rising over some mesas in the background. Bonus requests! Man digs tar on a large slope (Prompt: "A man digging tar with a shovel on a steep slope") Requested by Madnath on Discord. This one turned out better than I thought it would! I couldn't decide which iteration of this attempt I like better, so I'm including both. Resembles a slightly-stylized silhouette of a man digging tar with a shovel, on a background that looks sort of like clay or a cave wall. Sailing through a border to be left a drift (Prompt: "A man adrift in the ocean at the edge of the world") Requested by Beronica on Discord. A reference to the occasional unfortunate server-crossing player left without his boat. First result was a straightfoward image of a man stranded as sea, although the man looks glitchy and weird. The second seems to be a much more artsy, stylized rendition of the same, with an almost ecclesiastical style to it. Easter bunnies trapped behind wooden walls who are forced to relinquish their Easter eggs by greedy peasants (Prompt: exactly what it says) Requested, with that exact text, by Bunn on Discord. I don't know how she expected this to work out, but it kind of didn't! Instead, we got the Easter Bunny fever dream you see below. Extra special bonus! Seals! These are the very first Wurm images I made with the AI, and of course, being a Newspring resident, they were all seal-related. Some of these turned out better than others! Prompt: A seal screams at God under the light of the full moon. Only barely recognizable as a seal. Surreal and spooky, but we can do better. Prompt: A group of harbor seals summoning an evil spirit in a field The AI still isn't quite sure how to construct seals, but this vaguely does appear to be a group of seals on the shoreline, doing something mystical. Someone should probably stop them. Prompt: An ancient wall scroll depicting a harbor seal destroying a city This is probably my favorite in this entire post. It clearly depicts some kind of awful monstrous sea-monster seal creature wreaking absolute terror on the populace. I appreciate the city landscape and buildings on the top and left, some ships in danger on the right, and what might be a city block at the base of the seal-thing's body. The ancient-looking writing in the middle is a nice plus.
  24. Does the "Place" command work when placing it on the ground/floor?
  25. So, just to clarify, this is also occurring after logging out and leaving the world, not only on crossing borders?