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  1. PvP easy fruits

    Just some simple ideas: PvP arenas where two player can enter for a fee pre-paid at npc, and the winner gets the money (with some percent goes to the king) or it can be a group fight (not like HoTA) - can be watched from safe positions outside the arena - also we can make tournaments on this way (so this could be somewhat of the extension of duel/spar option). Players can throw or use cauldrons, filled with glowing hot tar from top of walls/high slopes to protect against people attacking walls (for defense) Catapults filled with glowing hot tar can cause area shot on enemy (like as hell horses do) and/or more damage in wooden structures New vehicles: - war cart 1: for single player: go fast and the player can shot with arrows while embarked or can throw items from it - war cart 2 or ram: for multiple players: slow movement but gives protection from arrows until someone smash it with huge axe, made of planks New boat type: - boat with catapult to attack walls from water - fast moving player controlled "bombing" boat which can be filled with glowing tar and stops enemy ships for a limited time when it collides - the player who control it should take the risk to swim away or fight New priest spell: mind control of enemy to run to the nearest opponent and start fight with him New priest spell: panic - good against a group of attackers, causing panic so either they start to fight with each other or just run away in every direction or simply stunned for some seconds
  2. Nice, what about palisade walls they need some holes too :-)
  3. Isn't CA/CM/GM accounts cannot be sold?
  4. Will be there, along with my vynora/magranon/fo priest.
  5. waiting for a supreme or fantastic foal for now
  6. I think the effect of any changes are unable to test on testservers due they strongly related on game economy and behavior of players. A test server has no living market or playercount to test money distribution.
  7. Make the trader contract as shop item only so can make sure that newer traders cannot be placed based on trader profit, I think this would solve the problem.
  8. -1 this change would result noticable amount of players leaving the game and most of the market will close- unless that the selling value on traders/tokens/merchants increased and the 5c/hour limit lifted To be optimistic, this could be work on that way to let us move the traders to public and the trader should pay the tax to the upkeep of owner regardless where they placed (and have a tax set option available not only once)
  9. Regarding the realism: FPS game developers were tried to integrate a real world AI into games and the result was terrible - players didn't expect the smart strategy and later on left the game while testing - thats why all FPS has no real world but and dumb enemy AI. In wurm the wildlife pressure is nice though, so attacking animals really have a point but not with this rate maybe.
  10. That image up there seems to be a photoshopped fake, since I found the original: (Another proof is the rainbow in the backround) Tomflea with proud papa.