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  1. Also worth noting there is mistake in the keybind settings in launcher, old names are still visible but they are bound for new jewelery offensive/defensive enchants...(Probably should make bug for it) Libilas Demise, Magranons Shield, Vynoras Demise, Fos Demise, Libilas Shielding, Magranons Demise, Fos Touch(I guess not sure?) are replaced. Also I belive Selfhealer Demise is renamed to Monster demise and Dragons demise to Legendary demise(someone double check this one pls).
  2. Parked my priest there, will log from time to time to spam some praying(his name is Vlada) and if someone needs listener for sermon just pm me to log. Cleared my weekend and timer is fine by me so see the rest of us then or before
  3. simplify light furnaces "feature"

    Can alway butcher some lava creatures like i said before, it's not entirely without alternative If no lava creatures on island as well then yeah you would need some way to light piles. I am mostly highly intrigued by train of thougts that brought this to patch notes considering how hypotetical all these scenarios are. I don't mind the addition that much, although it could be simpler..
  4. simplify light furnaces "feature"

    There is a way to light fire with steel and flint but only campfire(which can serve for all tasks if we are talking about pure survival). The only valid purpose of this is that someone can light coal pile without steel and flint in order to get coal (although it can be get by butchering so hypotetical scenario is not really without alternative) to get steel to get steel and flint if you loose one. Like you play this game alone and can't get spare steel and flint from someone... Like the OP suggested could have been much more simpler with just lighting every furnace with 2 kindling like you can make camfire with just 2 kindlings and decent firemaking skill. Seems a bit like immersion overkill but ok.
  5. simplify light furnaces "feature"

    Yeah i have no idea where the hell this cameout from but was very suprised to see it in update and wondered why anyone wasted time on that considering that i don't see how it will be used that much... Don't wanna offend person who developed this, but seriously.
  6. I am central european time unfortunately, gmt+2 Timer time is fine for me though its 22:00 here now. will know tommorow for sure if i will have weekend free. So lets see who else wanna join and we will work something out
  7. I have 100 faith 94 chanel Lib. Can send him to Cele if needed in day or two.
  8. Ballistas

    Reqire them to be loaded unloaded instead of picked up in invetory?
  9. Replace global cast on journal

    And you don't find it a little bit concerning that so far casts have been just on Indy and Xana. What is ability of other servers to fill pools considering their population? How long will it take untill we have single cast on smaller server, half year, year? It doesn't change the fact that you're forcing us to spend possibly month of our premium to be constantly devoted to be logged in 24/7 and sit in a cave with a bucnh of other people out of our deeds instead doing other fun things like riding, fighting, farming what ever you want to do, and you call that initiative for community to work together or whatever (more like suffer together). FFS am i the only one that sees how dumb this is? Just replace goal with something else, don't try to revive dead horse. And are you heads so up in your asses that you fail to see other perspective than your own? Rites currently are mostly by product of people aiming to get to higher faith by sermons which is somewhat ok, having them as requirement for such gamebreaking reward is NOT OK! I hate you guys for having to sermon my way to 100 faith twice, i hate my self even more that i put myself for several weeks of such stress. I will hate you for this even more.
  10. Dismantling & Skillbooks

    Excellent observations @Flubb. I too see this as opportunity for expirienced crafters to transfer their knowledge indirectly to apptentices. To spice it up we could require just ink in the pen to be used, not dyes so that could give some use from octopus ink which is bot really existant bow when you can make reports with any crap dye, also maybe tie result to ql of ink like @Etherdrifter said but as succes factor to get max ql from paper (simmilar for using low ql coal vs high ql coal on same ql of iron for steel,iron caps ql but ql of coal determines how often result will go towards cap)
  11. Dismantling & Skillbooks

  12. How do you convey how hardcore Wurm is?

    Fixed that for you
  13. Replace global cast on journal

    We hold eachother for hands for couple of minutes and never see eachother again, and that will bring us together Oh and we afk sermons in silence for god knows how long Argument of moving community together is ridiculous. I mean yeah it can be fun to hang around other people and together imp or sermon for fun, but forcing people to do that for some game breaking reward(like 100 faith or +5 spell power), no thank you. thats terrible idea. If people want company they will organize themself
  14. Things you'll never hear said in Wurm

    I can't wait to sermon another priest to 100 faith
  15. Replace global cast on journal

    And how exactly you will check it out? How will you know there need to be adjustments and what possibly can be adjustment. Could you guys just listen to as people that this is bad design for numerous reasons. If anyone is hanging on hypoteticals here its the dev team. The thing is when this first started and goals where introduced you made huge oversight that made goal impossible for 4/10 priests. And now, how long has it been (2 months) there was no any public word about it, no public appologie/announcment something like Guys we ###### up, we are sorry, can't fix it now having Indy lag as priority, will come with something, we have these ideas about rites bla bla. Instead you come here with no shame or humility to tells as that worst possible alternative as fix will be implemented and thats it. To anything else yoy just repeat as a parrot reasons that no one agrees with, looking things just from your perspective and missing the point. Today i am trully disaponted in team and way this was handled. Whoever want to do it will do it with a bad taste in their mouth and continue with their lives ingame or outside of game. Well done team. Have your fantasy fulfulled and continue asking yourself why people keep leaving this game I will say it once again, this is very bad game design and terrible requirement for a very cool reward.
  16. Replace global cast on journal

    Because i have nothing better to do on my limited play time than to attend sermons with 100 faith priest? Sermons are very dumb mechanic btw, one of the most stupid things in game. And how exactly i can see it by sermons, by message of sermon? The way it is now its a very bad thing. Also why shouldn't i have it? You want to punish me for not wanting to be social all the time? For not playing priest 24/7? Why dont i have to have in terrible system that enchanting is? And beside most of us have jobs and can afford playing only 1-2h daily. We can't instantly just log in when there is rare oportunity to do it and nobody is going to wait us for 6+ hours just so we can link. What community interaction? Be in the right place in the right time. Find the right people link for couple of minutes and never think about it again, ridiculous, don't make me laugh. Rifts and uniques are a joke how available it is comparing to this. P.S. The way i see it now do to this is to send 100 faith priest to afk 24/7 and grind praying and to hope i will not be at work or afk when time comes for linking? I can do that but If that is what i'm paying premium time i might reconsider and don't give me you don't have to have it bulshit.
  17. Replace global cast on journal

    I still think this is logisticly very stupid thing to ask from players. Looking for when pool is ready with no indication when it will be ready, communicating with all players over the servers that want to do it(public versus private unique drama all over again). Being at right place at right time(with alt that is premmed just for enchanting bunch of stuff ocassionally or when i really have lot of spare time to grind main and priest at the same time) instead of dedicating time and effort to do something is so shitty model of rewarding players in this game. Sure i might get lucky to do it now but sure for hell still wouldn't feel happy about myself that did it, no feeling of pride, accomplishment, it will be just another bad memory about Wurm that i wanna wash of myself under the shower when i do it. Would rather have it just replaced with some better goal that is more solo play oriented and more time consuming instead.
  18. My latest discovery was this: Still have no idea how it works, will definetly try it once i get my hand on courier well. But pretty crazy Also gnomes that steal things are hilarious (i belive there is screenshot of gnome in magic chest who stole 10k corn or something crazy like that) Small chance to get struck by lighting and get some Mind logic is also one of those things that i found after years of playing and though seriously they put even that ingame, ###### crazy or ###### amazing Some of those are not the things you can willingly do per se but still quite silly how much things we don't know.
  19. Item sink: disassembling for skillgain

    Yeah, awesome idea, ot definitely deaerves its own thread, please do post it @Etherdrifter:)
  20. Wishing well (Question to the Development staff)

    Lmao i had no idea about this for 5 years of playing. Never came to mind that i can cast Courier on a well or anything other than a mail or tourete lol. And that option is what, to write mail to Rolf?
  21. Wishing well (Question to the Development staff)

    Wait, what? We have wishing wells ingame? Lol. Would someone care to explain for those of us who never heard of it, how it works? What does it do? Asume i know nothing like Jon Snow
  22. Increased Macro Questions?

    Yeah nothing fancy, just that i can log in and chip bricks all day at work. Could just literally be just crafting window tied to bsb on my deed and tools in my invetory
  23. So.. mend

    You know purpose of mend isn't for you to lower ql of items but to repair things that can't be repaired like pelts, whetstones (if you ask me those should be impable and repairable it's a crapy mechanic), potery, magic stuffs, etc, and lowering ql is just side effect and in some cases pretty bad one, so i'm glad they fixed that.
  24. New traits *not for horses*

    +1 also i think there should be trait for increased amount of milk milked not just for shorter milking colddown. And that traits shoud be redistributed by type of animal. Would be silly to have silky horse as well as 5 speed sheep lol Other traits that comes to mind might be fertile which would allow too be pregnant for shorter time or even a small chance to give birth to twins instead of just one baby
  25. Idk, it seems a lot overpowered to be honest. With 70 skill cap bought i can get alt that would make bulks or spam rares in background quite efficient while i play on main and make invested money back in year if not before. Since i started paying premium yearly for my main (80e a year if i'm not mistaken is really not that much imo) I don't really bother anymore whether i will waste premium or not nor have to calculate when will i prem or is it worth to do it.