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  1. Mini-Tokens as Decorations

    The whole "decoration" non decay thingy is extremly lazy and sloppy solution... One and only condition if i am not mistaken is that item doesn't form pile and that is on ground (well technically 2 conditions). It should be implemented much smarter to encourage people to use racks not punish them for it for example or not to fool people that item os safe placed on surface. So yeah real "genious" at play...
  2. Patch Notes: 9/JUL/19

    I'm more in favour of adding lockipicking ofdeed, atleast for bsbs and fsbs. It will bring new thrill of you want to loot 90+ ql mats for example. You would have to break 90+ ql lock which requires skill, this update with this addition would be awesome. It wouldn't be just the first that is on site but also the one who has some skill too. Lockipicking skill is very useless on pve and needs some love, this would encourage people to grind it, also some creatures(trolls, goblins) could drop locked small chests with various treasures like some coins, gems etc. You could dig up locked chest while digging, fish up locked small chests etc. People with high lockpicking could buy those boxes without knowing what's in it(it can be empty) or can simply offer service of lockipicking.
  3. I said it gets me furious yeah it's not about you, sorry for that, even reread your post after i posted, i realized that you are not defending it so might have been overreacted towards you so i do appologize for anything personal in my post. But still i'm extremly mad at that concept and thing that it should never goes to that even for the sake of economy, like i think it should never got to having skill decay again. I am on other side against character trading although i understand peoles reasoning about that, but personaly never liked it and i think economy would be much stronger without it as it would allow natural sink for vet accounts, even the time they don't play is enough to open space in market for new active players. To some extend i agree with but i don't think going to such extremes is neccesity. No need to reinvent the wheel with economy, with more players activly playing economy would get better, as like i mentioned Wurm has that unique beauty in game design that only true restriction is time. In that notion i agree with some of the people that skilling maybe became too easy. As for the steel i simply adore steel and my dream when i started was to manufacture steel tools not iron ones, it's not worth considering effort vs money, but i still do it just for my own fulfilment, enjoying in road i had to go and skills i had to grind to get to somewhat steady steel production for me. What is interesting is natural raising bounds, like when i started nobody even thought of making steel tools, now people do it because iron became boring and to easy
  4. This kind of thinking gets me furious. You're seriously telling me that you would want to be caped like that? The main selling point of this game to me is that with enough time invested I could do anything I want. And sorry to break it to you, it maybe looks like that on paper but this wouldn't increase trading ingame, it will either make people quit or prem up and grind bunch of alts untill we cover all we wanted and could with one account. The thing you suggest is utterly terrible game design because of which I only play wurm and no other games. Look where priest restriction brought us, nobody is buying enchants because everyone has priest alts. If I want to invest 10 years in this game and want to have more than 10 100 skills it's none ###### buisness to restrict me for sake of some economy. I want to be both carpetner and smith, both farmer and fighter so sod of with such restrictions(only restriction should be time to do it), can go play WOW if I wanted that.
  5. Peanuts!

    Huge +1
  6. Yeah, I think was using mostly perch, didn't really payed attention I used whatever was caught by fishing net. And yes iron hooks and thickest line, not sure what's the name, but the one most complicated to use and professional reel
  7. I just went on white shark tile with high ql(95+ think) rare professional rod and used smaller fishes as bait and feather as float. I have 91 fishing. Caught it relatively fast
  8. Make animals feel more "alive"

    Some very nice ideas +1 I expecialy live ideas about twin chnaces and chance that animals breed alone if together. I had idea about pigs for a long time but never posted it this thread reminded me of it. I think pigs should give birth to 6-10 piglets unlike other animals. This will make balance on them because you have to feed them instead letting them graze but would get much more meat. Still not sure of it would be enough to motivate people to keep them though but atleast it's better than current. And ofc if they ever rewamp the whole trait/ah system and intoruduce traits specific to animals like more meat, more milk/wool that would be awesome
  9. new vehicle - woodsman wagon

    Even 100 felled trees would be improvment for me if it goes as fast as wagon. +1
  10. Please Close

    15c per for supreme led and zinc lump? If you accept cod both to Kochinac please
  11. It's a party, Independence turns 10!

    Big tumbs up for creativity!!! Excellent way to celebrate to bad Wurm doesn't have more players to enjoy such events
  12. Quality lock on containers.

    That's true. Locks make most things unsalvageable sadly. I wish there could be some workarounds about that like using lockipicking at certain conditions... Earlier before generic 1ql lockpads where introduced upon creation I even managed to salvage some pmk wagons that I found unlocked by some miracle, drove them to chaos, changed ownership and was so happy about it. In future it looks I won't be even able to loot abandoned bsb
  13. No please. I have enough trouble to remember where I parked my wagon after 3 days. Don't want to look for my boat in the middle of ocean because I didn't put anchor (which I never do cuz I always forget it in inventory, and it decays relatively fast in ship cargo so it's more a pain than usefull thing. Haven't used single anchor for a couple of years..
  14. I think generally notifications are bad for the game. So agree on removing them, for uniques and deeds... I love looting old disbanded deeds that I stumble upon during my travellings. But when a notification happens and people rush immediately it's not fun at all to camp with 5 other people, expecialy if competition about figuring ways to block other looters start... I believe that who ever of campers is on in the right time by luck should get loot, if you're crazy enough to be online and monitoring 24/7 oh well. But building houses around decaying houses, fences and such is too much. We should have some sort of honour code on freedom for situations like this not go all the way pvp and use every trick we can in fight for loot, or atleast clear statement from GMs that everything within game mechanics is allowed atleast.
  15. Wagoneer Ship Transport For Across Servers

    They need to leave their deeds but for their own leisure and to do things they want, not to chase with people on different timezones just to make trade.. I find it very ridiculous that people are forcing other people to waste time traveling if they wanna trade, don't get what is your concern if someone doesn't want to travel to trade? +1 for suggestion
  16. Valrei International. 086

    Imo if server and Twitter notifications are removed it wouldn't be that much of a problem that pendulum locates them... But this is certainly better than current situation
  17. Wsa silver sales and safety

    I don't see why we must forbid it. They are not supporting it right now, if they would to support it they would have to implement ingame mechanic, like trade window where you could link your paypal ingame and trade with people without risk.. They are simply not forbidding it now and that's all. And don't be foolish, chance to earn some extra cash on side while doing something you like is the main selling point of this game for a lot of people, if they forbid that they wouldn't stick that long and population would be even smaller If you want to ban something it should be account sales more than silvers...
  18. Well I disagree with your disagreement, digging dirty is relatively easy, in fact chopping veggies and casting is harder unless you are grinding chanelling you would probably choose to dig in order to get dirt. Making concrete on another hand is way harder than casting strongwall.
  19. Now that I have made and spread over 5k of concrete on my deed? I generally like the idea but would severely kill need for concrete and make it opsolete...
  20. The Screenshots Thread

    That phenomena thingy...
  21. the cape spot

    On a side note I think it would be better to have options (more like stances on pet you could choose from) like follow, stay on place and options for fighting: taunt everything in proximity, support (attack only when owner agros something), and stay away from fight.
  22. the cape spot

    Agreed lol. I know English is not my native language but still. Could people who understood tell me their secret how they did it or is it just the matter that I'm not a native speaker?
  23. Remove/reduce merchant 10%tax

    +1 I prefer using traders over trade chat and live interaction. I wish there is more initiative in game to use them.. one can only hope for connecting them into one giant auction network via courier spell for example, in that case I wouldn't mind paying 10% taxes
  24. Lapis Lazuli

    Botanazing and foraging should be out of the game as a skill and should use gardening skill for foraging action instead.. +1 for additional sources for colors expecialy some that use different skill (minning should be suitable for LL)
  25. Distant rendering, show it off!

    I can confirm black rectangle Looking from my phone right now