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  1. [20:34:37] The black drake hide jacket has some holes and must be tailored with an iron needle to improve. Doesn't need to be exclusively iron anymore, should be replaced with metal, or just needle. I suppose it's remnant of times when iron and copper needles were 2 different tools and you could have imped with only iron one...
  2. I don't know where are you living but in Serbia very decent dinner for a date for two is 20-30 euros. Can even go for 10e. 200-300e is someones montly salary here....
  3. sealing kit use like a overkill for small flask or jar. Suggestion is to use peg on glass flasks
  4. Kochinac is my real life last name, spelled a bit differently(Kočinac is real one). Since English doesnt have letter č i replaced it with ch because it's the same sound as ch in chair. Also c in the end is not read as hard K as many people asume, it's more like zz in pizza, English doesn't really have that sound too.. Reason why i almost always go with my last name on my mains is because it's unique even in my country and because i don't like to refering to my character in 3rd person, they are actually me, not someone else so i like to wear my real name in game too.
  5. Happened to me too, here . GM reported it to devs Sadly nothing could have been done about my FS loss, i droped under 95 now for nothing and that hurts a lot. Don't have time to regrind it(not to mention that i died several time on rifts before because they are increadibly long and stupid now and requires 2+ hours of full attention otherwise you can die in drake armour with 95+ skill, sorry for digresssing, but lost 3x0.250 skill in FS in last 2 months before i managed to recoup from previous death, had to let rage somewhere) Edit: Astarte was kind enough to restore my FS
  6. +1 but would love them from glass and with glassworking skill
  7. Would be cool to have something like this, nautical compass made from regular compass, some brass bits, and mounted to shipp with some planks and nails..
  8. And you guys find this desirebale behavour. Wonderful.
  9. Scenario: yesterday killed troll, started with 0 dmg addy small axe, around 94.xx ql i think, don't remember how much dmg i had after fight but repaired right after fight and lost beetween 0.01 and 0.02 ql. Sorry don't remember exact numbers, will be quite happen to try to resimulate with iron, steel, and addy weapon (as you guys should do before releasing this patch). Point is if there is no significant difference in ql loss between those materials what's the point of moonmetals, and if ql loss is much higher on others just after ONE fight that isn't very pleasant experience and maintaining weapons for hunting is now huge chore to bother with... I don't mind to reimp moonmetal and steel weapons now and then but i excpect them to last quite a while before that, expecially with very high ql. Loosing 0.02 ql after each fight seems to much for me for 94ql addy weapon.
  10. So now keeping valrei items in magic chest to quickly participate in mission when you don't have time to investigate is uselles. GJ dev team. Unbelievable realy -.-
  11. with every single patch is more and more visible how little development team actualy plays and understands game they are making... It's terrible really how much they are detached from actual everyday gameplay most people has.
  12. Problem boils down to skilling these things is to the border of insanely impossible passed certain trashholds without single use (otherwise useless alts) or decent group of people to play with. Which leads to problem that game shouldnt restrict people who don't want to play with other people that much activly. I guess that removing timegate on faith gains could work, not should if it would work too well tbh. maybe just removing 5 faith gains cap daily, i'm sure someone has much better crunch of that data to see how fast would be possible to get to 100 faith with that. As for channeling other ways to increase diff instead of links i guess.. It's a game of numbers that needs to be simulated... But current system is not good obviously since people used so much 2s alts for that.
  13. Then let us discuss. Grinding faith to 100 is horrible and boring and please don't give me that play with community bulshit i don't want that. I get that it shoudl take time to get to 100 faith but curently if you're about to do it just by praying it's impossible. Reward rare prayers with faith, reward finishing missions with faith, reward random kiling stuff, farming, idk somthg for each god, saccing rares and supremes, meditations, remove silly 5 times a day cap, just throwing ideas. Second, grinding chanelling, also increadibily slow and boring without links after 92-93. Atleast allow followers and other priests to be linked to a priest to increase dificulty, so i can use my regular 4 priests i would normaly play and pay for and some crafter alts instead of making tons of 2s ones.. add coc and ql of statue to actually matters in difficulty of casting, add spells more suitable for above 90 grinding without links. And no i don't wanna go and make suggestion thread, these problems are so old and obvious to anyone who made and played priest ever in Wurm.
  14. very much agree expecialy for not decaying at all, atleast on deed
  15. Very much agreed, but i doubt rework will happen anytime soon if it happens at all. I can only be happy i used sermon alts to cast global spell and grind channeling to 96 right before change... People who didn't do that again missed window of opportunity like always in Wurm sadly.
  16. yeah right. sorry but thats not my playstyle that they are constantly trying to push on me. Don't wanna play like that. don't wanna comune and talk with other people constantly or trying to combine with people but do it on my own leisure, but still be in mmo, i know some people simply cannot wrap their head around that idea...
  17. But they served purpose, it was only semi sane way to grind channeling above 90 and to get to 100 faith in this huge ###### up that you call religion system
  18. If something goes wrong GM team will rectify it. I had reverse situation Chaos hots Lib priest that i used transfer on on freedom and converted to Vyn. Haven't been on Chaos since then but one day accidentally i crossed to Chaos as hots there and Vyn on freedom, i lost my faith and put support ticket. After few hours Enki transfered me to Freedom there and restored my faith as Vyn.
  19. I agree that farming is bot very immersive but i'm against most of ideas. Making it seasonal would make life way to difficult, it already is with fruits but still berable. As it can't be expected from us to log in when we can't or don't want just to catch small window to saw, and later harvest just to be able to produce our food...
  20. Not really a fan of indroducing more classlike things with follower changes, i think it's wrong direction... How many sadless and shields will new racks hold?
  21. Why on earth would you want/need 250x250 deed? 20x25 is more than enough for one player, expecially with well planned cave beneath it which effectively almost doubles that size. never understood people with huge deeds tbh.
  22. so when we buy shield skin from shop we get some kind of token we can keep some time untill we have propper shield to apply it or we must apply it immediatly upon purchace? also will this skin be available any time later or just this month and never again?
  23. Funny cuz, depends how you look at I could also say that ability to sell silvers for euros is huge loss for the game, but the trader change is very welcomed because i didn't have any traders and maybe plan to get one as soon as i find out more details... They already spit in our faces as you say on so many ocassions, fountain pans, priests, favour sources, why should traders get special treatment now beside all these spittings? When i was complaining how my stock of lovage is useless after this change people where cant understand how you can label item useless, bla, bla. I sincerly hope some of them had traders and traded silvers and acounts a lot
  24. 10 s/e for all scale? Cod to Kochinac if you accept and i can pay with paypal if you prefer that