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  1. Welcome to the X-mas auction of fairly big container of the strongest wurm coffee type - kahvesi (one sip give 10 power = 10% better skill tick). Let's be honest, if you are into quest to hit 90 in every skill this might help alot. All set is what you see on the picture: 275 kg of 99QL kahvesi; 80QL large amphora sealed with a 86QL wax sealing kit. If you add all that up you can find it's worth the price or even some bidding. After auction: Amphora can be mailed for 56c added to the final price. If you wish to pick up, be my guest at M21 Deliverance; Cheshire. Starting bid: 18 s Increment (minimum): 50 c Buyout: No Sniper Protection: 30 minutes
  2. After some Devs decisions with balancing caffeine and drinking coffee mechanics, I came up with an idea that might make an agreement to both sides. As we all know, salt have too few uses these days, so why not use it as a factor of control on the water bar. We have such control on stamina bar by walking around with climbing toggle on. Basic mechanics is to each salt unit player eat, some % on water bar is lost, as salt is known for making ppl thirsty. Let me know, what you think on the subject.
  3. Edit: Switched to .exe Problem solved. Using JNLP file to start the wurm. Running stops on the window I mentioned in the title, client window doesn't show. Details in the Error window are: Launch File tab: ...and Exception tab: Wurm worked fine just before the yesterdays update. Since update no chance to run wurm. Using "Choose Client", I picked all possible modes. I tried various methods to get rid of unwanted files, several times i reinstal app and java. If anyone can diagnose the problem from the mysterious java error code, i'd be grateful.
  4. Hi. I have two special place spots to add to the community map: 1429, 532 = Despair Reliquary and 1398, 413 = Sacrarium Of Pain. Thank you
  5. [01:03:30] <Malajane> The Mausoleum Of Spirit is complete! It has become an Epic focus point! Shrine at 1416, 528 pls. Thank you
  6. I am all my heart for the idea! 1+
  7. I'm proud to announce that O21-O23 canal reached it's max depth and is fit for all the ships now. Enjoy sailing
  8. Yeah, i know the place, but it has less convenience to my needs (still huge bypass to use that canal and exit/entrance to the sount). Thx to pointing that, can't tell how many ppl know the place. I have been told of another special place at 1565, 1971, but the drawback is, it's inside a cave. Thank you again for fast responses. Yaga, you rock!
  9. Hello! I'm proud to announce a new part of highway cover the area of Deli. We are being stopped by settlement of which owner we'll try to contact and pass the highway further along. Coords are: 1493, 1226 almost straight to 1477, 1342, then tunnel with freshenned pavement to 1666, 1340. Our next goal is to prepare canal part to maintain caravel passage, not only knarr-deep ships. Thank you for adding our info
  10. Hello. Another two tar tiles to consider in resources layer: 1532, 1144 and 1555, 1103. Thank you.
  11. Does the error code: 35 has anything in common to Windows version (win7 here)? One guy said ppl with win10 don't have the problem.
  12. Hello! I'm proud to announce a new cave highway section: from 1401, 820 to 1469, 1121 Not a straight line, but i'm too lame at math, to figure all its run. Cheers!