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  1. Yeah, i know the place, but it has less convenience to my needs (still huge bypass to use that canal and exit/entrance to the sount). Thx to pointing that, can't tell how many ppl know the place. I have been told of another special place at 1565, 1971, but the drawback is, it's inside a cave. Thank you again for fast responses. Yaga, you rock!
  2. Hello! I'm proud to announce a new part of highway cover the area of Deli. We are being stopped by settlement of which owner we'll try to contact and pass the highway further along. Coords are: 1493, 1226 almost straight to 1477, 1342, then tunnel with freshenned pavement to 1666, 1340. Our next goal is to prepare canal part to maintain caravel passage, not only knarr-deep ships. Thank you for adding our info
  3. Hello. Another two tar tiles to consider in resources layer: 1532, 1144 and 1555, 1103. Thank you.
  4. Does the error code: 35 has anything in common to Windows version (win7 here)? One guy said ppl with win10 don't have the problem.
  5. Hello! I'm proud to announce a new cave highway section: from 1401, 820 to 1469, 1121 Not a straight line, but i'm too lame at math, to figure all its run. Cheers!
  6. I love to be there!
  7. Hi. I have two spots with tar: 1488, 1116 and 1580, 1123. Thanks!
  8. Hi! Lodestone within a village of Cheshire: 1490,1137
  9. When doing a fast relog on a deed, my pickaxe have a 'very warm' temperature status for about 10 seconds from 'entering the world' (was not hot before logg-out). After the time, status vanishes (don't cooling gradually from 'very warm' to 'warm').
  10. LOL That's trully means: "I'll take it so no one would steal it." You made my day.
  11. Disagree, for obvious reasons xD