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  1. My gates are always open
  2. Hi! Lodestone within a village of Cheshire: 1490,1137
  3. When doing a fast relog on a deed, my pickaxe have a 'very warm' temperature status for about 10 seconds from 'entering the world' (was not hot before logg-out). After the time, status vanishes (don't cooling gradually from 'very warm' to 'warm').
  4. LOL That's trully means: "I'll take it so no one would steal it." You made my day.
  5. Disagree, for obvious reasons xD
  6. Huge -1. If you dislike your actual name, nothing can stop you from creating a new toon with nickname that more fits your mood or beliefs. As someone said, could be fine, when you couldn't make an alt character. You have a space in your Forum account to tell all your alt (and main) names.
  7. Same here. Skill tracker bars maxxed with any possible skill level.
  8. Guard tower: 1465, 1121 Thx!
  9. JK tower at 1489,1210 - half way of the bridges set.
  10. I saw it in one of Minecraft release. I don't like it too.
  11. I'm making bulk support beams (way more than 100, that fit on the ground), put them inside a raft on a large cart - using birchwood log and maplewood shaft (turns: unfinished birchwood support beam) After all bunch is done, draging some to my inventory with other required parts. Placing in a crafting window all beams from my inv. then start to add maplewood shafts - after first is added, the beam that is crafted getting eject from a crafting window, but 2 other action/shafts are queued and were executed. Possible cause: switching a wood type of item, while crafting (not tested if using only one type of wood causing the problem too).
  12. Simply use Notepad or Wordpad, as usual with system files, works best, but if you had access denied you can copy the file on your desktop for example (other location than original), change the content/add the line, save it (not "save as") and copy to initial location: "copy and swap".