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  1. i'm in no spot to suggest to Rolf what he should be I've not developed and run and maintained a game and i suspect many of the "armchair experts" haven't either either. That said i'm thinking a reduction in premium cost for characters could be compensated in a revenue stream easily with the addiction of vanity items and customization packs in the shop. This would skyrocket the revenue stream without heavily burdening the general player base monthy budget to play. People LOVE to be unique and have special things in game and won't thing twice about custome store bought "vanity" items. this way you increase revenues without mandating a heavier cost on the player. What i have in mind is sell things like hand mirrors, hair and face templates that only can be had via store purchase.."premium cosmetics" if you will. I'm thinking you sell fancier vanity clothing and crowns and tents. when someone sees these things..they will want them too or to make their character even more unique than others with a variety of combinations of store bought add-ons. would like to hear opinions on this.
  2. you know i've offered wondered why we don' t have one..would be nice to have like an armor room or a war room to showcase your weapons and armor..hang shields on walls along with tapestries and and bear or mtn lion heads type thing. it could server to act as storage and and decor simultaneously
  3. the tortoises seem to behave like hell horses used to..that is the are aggro but won't aggro on you until you attack. changes recently made hell horses attack after a small time passes..tortoises on the other hand won't attack at all until you attack them. i'm not sure this is intended
  4. Dorian..with this suggestion you just got cooler..+1
  5. actually i'm not sure i'm supposed to reveal this..but the REAL reason was.....for us all to see EMOO in his ninja turtle costume again. the thinking was that the turtle shell would cause emoo to feel nostalgia of "remember when..." moments. Come on for the team..for wurm..for the COWABUNGA!!
  6. There are many that silently suffer varying ranges of depression. because there is often a stigma associated with it people are reluctant to talk about it. Depending on severity, more professional solutions with or with out medication may be helpful. Exercise is a great natural way to buffer that, as it increases endorphins..which are our body's happy feeling of well being chemicals we produce in the process. That those things reside in the RW...lets talk about Wurm..the great and almost more important world. Perhaps find a very active village or couple of players to derp with so your mind is occupied and you are having social interactive fun varrying up your activities so as not to fall into a slump. Use some type of voice comms (mumble, teamspeak, raidcall, skype) to build a richer play experience. Deed pressures can often add more challenge to the mix yet more often act as a safety when bumping into griefer players or other misfortunes like "red train express" via trolls and hell hounds. Keep with us..wurm loves everyone. and if you feel you have just entered crazy..keep driving through until you reach the other side
  7. gah i hope someone knows for sure. when i asked today i was told it doesn't use shield skill at all in the making. I have no shield making skill and the fact they can't be improved seems bizzarre given how hard they hit and hard to kill. I almost died attempting to kill it.
  8. this is true. I had gone to attack a tortoise and then a pig that was right next to it to "heal up" with my LT sword when I received the "this is illegal...." message from a deed i didn't realized i was on. sure enough all around me was deed.
  9. bump..cause you'll have a good looking mayor
  10. Needle, iron, 80ql, 78coc - 64c Cod to sadisticsherpa then please and you need to resend the hatchet and pickaxe you charged me 38 and 35s respectively for they are returned..i'm sure you meant to put that in the copper column not the silver colum
  11. +1 yes so many times to this..and long before seals ever came around..just wanted to be able to smoke and dry and store fish like other meat..but now with seals..even more needed
  12. Spindle, oakenwood, 90ql, 76coc - 1s Needle, iron, 17ql, 70coc - 35c Leather Knife, iron, 91ql, 78coc - 1s Hatchet, iron, 8ql, 76coc - 38c Pickaxe, iron, 16ql, 71coc - 35c CoD to sadisticsherpa please on xanadu
  13. things that talk in the Deep
  14. moreover..have winter time be a time very little crop growth takes place so you need proper planning. this would also give a boost to farmers in the economy as demand for bought crop will be high in winter