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  1. Hello, I returned to the game following a 2 year break due to nostaglia, and my deed has changed and it's been taken over. I am selling: 89Ql whetstone (c78) 81QL hammer (83w) 2x yellow potions 80ql pelt (c75) The above for 3s I'm also selling 25s for 25 euro (or if you buy all= 26 euro) I'm in S9 Xanadu Thanks
  2. I live in S9, how much for logs and rope tool?
  3. Bricks

    Hi all, Selling bricks 1.8s/k 3000 bricks in stock Collection only S9- Newspring Xanadu Zanada- message me in game
  4. I'll take 77 and 71 woa chisels. COD to Zanada (Located in S9)
  5. Hi guys Selling a Rare Hammer 75ql 99coc Asking price is 11s Regards
  6. Hey all, Selling a Rare Stone Chisel 64ql Asking price is 6s Regards
  7. I'll buy the Vyn for 7e Message me
  8. Dirt

    Hello, Selling dirt at a rate of 80c/k collection from S9 (Xanadu, Newspring) Have large crates to swap out 6k in stock Pm in game- Zanada
  9. Many thanks Duriel, was very nice and professional
  10. Price for Coc on my rare hammer?