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  1. While foraging (I believe on grass) in the Freedom Islands on Pristine I got an ivy seedling. I have never seen a seedling of any sort only sprouts, and I searched online everywhere and can find nothing about seedlings or ivy at all. A friend who has played much longer than me took a look at it, and she's never seen one either. She set it on the ground and said it looks just like a sprout does, but when we tried to plant it on dirt, grass, and even shallow water (as you do with reed), there was no plant option available. Does anyone have any idea what an ivy seedling is? Its purpose or use? When I examined the ivy seedling: [11:29:21] A tiny ivy seedling. It is made from unknown. It can not be improved. When I examined a cherrywood sprout: [11:34:16] A delicate tree sprout with a few tender leaves. It is made from cherrywood. It can not be improved. Here is a screenshot of the ivy seedling on the ground, on the left the Cherrywood Sprout and on the right the Ivy Seedling. Does anyone have any ideas or has anyone else found one? Were you also foraging when you found it? My friend just found 3 more of them while foraging.
  2. I have a partially finished house on a very small island and I accidentally dropped a tent inside of it. Partly in and partly out, with no way to pick it back up. After asking for suggestions: drop dirt (which I can't in a house), ride a horse (which I can't as I am not smart enough), or drive/ride in a large cart (I cannot drive one yet and no one was available in my area to drive me for it so I could embark as a passenger), one player said to try getting the cart close to stand on it, and I realize even though I can't drive it I can drag it. I dragged it nearby and was able to embark as a passenger and get the tent. I did not like the last option given which was to destroy my house, hours of work gone, no thank you! lol... Glad I got it back and didn't have to trash my house.