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  1. Super helpful and friendly guys. Would recommend to anyone wanting to join a chill Chaos group. Saved my unpremmed butt and got me to safety after logging into Chaos for the first time in almost two years.
  2. Hi all, I've been away from Wurm for a long time now, but Attenia asked for my help dealing with the larger issue that she is facing at the moment. As it pertains to this topic and some of the concerns here: All 6 released creatures (5 Neutral and 1 Hostile) have all been unbranded. No other creatures have been released, nor is there or ever has been a plan to mass release branded animals. The initial release of creatures was not in any way intended as a personal slight against any of her neighbours. Queries have been raised about the purpose and appropriate use of the branding feature. Any official clarifications or ammendments to rules and/or mechanics regarding branding will be absolutely welcomed. Thank you to everone for you patience and openmindedness regarding this issue, I hope that we can come to a conclusion shortly.
  3. I know this is a problem with Intel Integrated Graphics cards. I suspect that Wurm isn't using your Nvidia card, check the nvidia control panel. I know I had problems initially getting it to recognise Java as a 3d app.
  4. This is the best honey pot thread I've seen in awhile.
  5. I prefer the staff interviews for the insight into "behind the scenes" stuff. But both are good.
  6. Bump for the kingdom with members on almost* every continent! *Damn you Antarctica!
  7. Thanks Gavin, I did smoosh lots of things down into single sentences. But I love reading write-ups from different perspectives, post away.
  8. To be fair to Wurm, the restrictions are far looser than some games and only their to prevent day 1 players from griefing mostly. (With some annoying exceptions like you mentioned) In any case, why add more restrictions? And how does it prevent snowballing? Surely all of the most active top-tier PvP guys will all join the same kingdom (Because that is how you game hardcaps) Every other kingdom will be made up of the players that are left I.E. The casuals and the newbies. And they will get stomped without a doubt with no reasonable measure of retaliation. Soft-caps would be a much better option IMO.
  9. This. I was taken aback when I first joined MR, seeing the kingdom work towards major plans and goals that had been set months and occasionally a year or more in advance. That planning and foresight has clearly payed off. Not to continue the derail: Suggestion number 3 is an easy +1 I could be swayed to accept numbers 1 and 4 But 2 is a big no-no for me: Artificial restrictions are a personal pet peeve of mine in pretty much any MMO, Wanna ride a horse? Sorry gotta be level 40 first! Wanna have fun and play socially? Sorry you've gotta grind out these preset dungeons or else you're totally irrelevant! Wanna play with your friends? Sorry space is limited, gotta start your own kingdom with strangers who would all rather be with their own friends but couldn't be!
  10. You could always try creating alliances the old fashioned way.
  11. -1 I can appreciate the thought behind it, everyone wants a more concentrated population. But I can't see any method of merging that doesn't leave one or another large swath of the population very angry. This wont add any new players to Wurm, but it will definitely make some of them leave.