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  1. And obviously the date won't be posted here, this thread is simply to get an estimate on numbers, if you had something to say for or against it I encourage you to use the other thread linked in th first post. As for logistics I am not saying I'm a great general , if you'd like to work on the strategy and logistics I encourage you to pm me a bout becoming a battalion leader. No hate intended here people, but do you really think a few soldiers could stop twenty to fifty people? 😛
  2. Ok, firstly this isn't a raid on any one kingdom, it will be mostly raids on coastal settlements. And I'm not overestimating Freedom islanders , but a horde of them could take a settlement or two.
  3. Do you know what we do to spies on Xanadu? We give them a gift basket full of cookies and grant them free lodging. Xanadu style! 😛
  4. Ok so if you've yet to already be sure to check out this: http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/110995-fun-idea-sacking-chaos/ This is the enlistment board for that raid. If you'd like to join this raid please leave a comment with your name and fighting skill. This is purely recreational you will not be compensated (aside from the spoils of war) for your service. If you'd like to bring your own weapons and armours that is fine, but we are looking for volunteer boatmen and Smith's for the following: Volunteer Smith's, if you could make any weapon types that would be appreciated, again you will not be compensated. These weapons do not have to be of marvelous quality, any ql will do, though I personally believe that shortsword and shields would be fine. As for armours they aren't required, but again if you'd be willing cloth armour would help am doesn't matter here either. Boatmen your job explains itself, you'll be transporting the troops from a Talley point to the landing sights. Any sailing boat would do for this role. Combat is not one of your requirements, but you may need to be prepared to defend your ships. Lastly if you are interested in leading a battalion please pm me either here or in the game, character Diarmuid. This raid will take place sometime in either November or October, a more specific time and date will be posted when avalible. 😜
  5. I was thinking a Mongolian style attack, I'm no great leader, but I can plan a battle. This is an official declaration that ITS ON! 😛 I'll link a new post later (too lazy to do it now) for the Freedom Islander Recruitment. Details on equipment and dates will be there.
  6. So, as with all thigns born of late night Freedom chat this is absolutely insane, but bear with me. Raid on Chaos? Sounds fun right? We could establish a Xanadian Kingdom there. Just get a few hundred or so Xanadians to charge the eastern coast of Chaos at once, they'll be overwhelmed. I want to hear what people think about this, and though originally this was a joke, maybe we could pull it off.
  7. I also have a village, still a little under construction and not much elbow room, but I'll try to accomidate you as much as possible, if you have any questions feel free to ask.
  8. Hmm... I wonder if anyone has built a zoo.
  9. Hi, I am a land owner in SW Xanadu and I would like to start a seal farm. To do so I would like to buy a male and a female seal, both mature or aged. I am open as to price I will pay, so please send me offers, and yes aI will accept half sets.
  10. Could you do a shipment of 300 to me on xanadu, near Q14, or if by land O16, please respond with the price you askj if you can do this.
  11. I think a cog is worth more of 6 silvers.
  12. I might be interested, I would like to see what you are willing to sell for and a picture or two if you would be so kind.
  13. So yeah, I got very much screwed over with my rare chance, action starts at 1 copper, it could be useful for a combat dummy or a carved pumpkin, both possibly rare. I would have sacrificed it if I didn't think it could be useful in someway.