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  1. When I ended week 1 ( ) Body Control was at 20.81 and Fighting skill was at 1.07. To put that into proper perspective I was unable to ride a horse and if a large rat even looked my way well I was dead. As week 2 closes out my Body control has reached 22.38 and my fighting skill is at 24.63. I can now kill large rats and lions and wolves. However anything bigger then that or multiple mobs are still quite the challenge. By the time this update ends you will have learned the story of my first death on epic. I wanted to start this update by talking a bit more about the community again. I have been very pleasantly surprised to discover that the ratio of men to women on Epic Elevation is better then it was on either Exodus or Independence. There are more women playing on the PVP server. I am almost ashamed to admit that this surprised me. In reflecting on why I was surprised I realized that most of the angry PVP posts you read on the forums are by men and unfortunately those posts do not reflect the reality of the population composition on Epic. The other interesting thing is aside from the forum wars you see where kingdoms taunt each other to try to provoke PVP the general atmosphere is very respectful. I think it is at least partly because knowing disrespect could result in a fight/death has a certain calming effect. For the stronger players the possibility of outright ejection from their community also helps as well. I think these two elements work together to reduce the stress found on freedom when people don't want to get along. There have been three PVP events during my time on Epic so far. This represents about an hour of total time being in a potential PVP battle. The rest of the time has been very much like Freedom, gaining skill, working on deed, and going hunting (solo and with friends). The biggest difference is that so far there has never been a single moment when someone wasn't also on the deed working alongside me on something. My first Epic death came as I headed towards the HOTA on Elevation. There seems to be better hunting that way and it's also possible to find more horses. Another new Epic player (unable to ride a horse yet) also tagged along so instead of riding a horse like in previous solo hunting trips this time we took a large cart. This was our first mistake, LARGE CARTS are SLOW. The second mistake was venturing further and further away from base. As a result of this when trouble came it was much harder to escape. About an hour into the hunting trip we had located a bunch of horses so I was now riding a horse and leading four more behind me. My friend took over driving the cart. At this point we decided to start heading back and the fun began. As 11 km per hour it is hard to outrun trolls, hell hounds and their escorts. Together we killed our first troll when my friend had less then 2 fs and I had 14.5 fs. We likely got very, very lucky. A hell hound also died. After that it wasn't uncommon for him to be chased in the large cart with no less then two trolls, two hell hounds and a bunch of wolves, bears and lions on him. Real life intruded at this point and he left the game. In a danger situation it takes five minutes to leave the world so for that five minutes I fought and lead trolls etc away from where he was standing. Red tunnel appeared 7 times during the next 30 minutes as I waiting for him to disappear and then later as I waited for him to return. After 30 minutes I made the mistake of deciding to save the cart. Instead of riding a relatively fast horse I switched to the slow cart, left the open area we were in and started into the woods. For the first time ever since playing this game I discovered that in the thick woods while being chased by trolls, hell hounds and their escorts that I was very capable of losing my sense of direction and running in circles. Three times I came back to that field before finally setting off in what I thought was the right direction. By now the simple hunting trip had become an epic fighting retreat. Wolves, bears and lions would attack and sometimes die. Most of the time I just kept that large cart moving. Finally I reached the border of a settlement and I could see towers. This was the moment when I realized that all towers are not good. These particular towers were those of the enemy and a quick glance at the local tab showed me that I could see them which also meant they could see me. The next mistake now occurred. Instead of running on my fastest horse, I stuck with the large cart until almost the bitter end. I managed to have a clear local for a bit however it was clear that the chase was likely already on. A minute or two later an enemy name appeared in local. I jumped off the cart and before I could climb on to a horse to make my final escape attempt, two trolls and two hell hounds jumped me. About 15 seconds later I died. After I died I learned that I was within seconds of dying a PVP death when the mobs killed me. In thinking about that fight I've highlighted some of the mistakes made. It's also important to mention that the fight is different when you know that you could be engaging more capable opponents then the automated trolls and other mobs that have been fought for so long on freedom. That extra paranoia adds something significant to the game and makes every moment off deed that much more special and interesting. Next update I will reveal the kingdom I joined and why I chose that particular kingdom. In that update I will be happy to include recruitment links for all other Epic Elevation kingdoms if they provide the link in a response to this update. At this point I am having an absolute blast playing on Epic. Skills are slowly coming along (more on that in a future update) and I am beginning to feel more a part of the community that I have joined. ~Nappy
  2. Wow, I forgot about this old series on trying out PVP: Did a quick search using Google and found the following entries:
  3. A New Elevation

    Sure, turn them off. Turn off priests too while we are on it.
  4. A New Elevation

    Never thought of players as serfs before so not my intention. Truth is that players will do what they want regardless of designer intent however the design could include elements that would allow home servers to play a role in the fight too. Of course this means there has to be some reward element included for home server people so that there is something in it for them as well. I recall reading Rolf's original vision for the game. I remember it being like a life journal or career log where the player goes through progression from personal skill growth, to village life to eventually joining the kingdom combat and then eventually retiring back to the home servers after a successful war career. This idea is meant to extend on that vision, realize it to some degree and somewhat bridge the gulf that currently exists between hard core elevation and sandbox home servers.
  5. A New Elevation

    The answer to the home servers and PVP is to give them the ability to affect combat on Elevation while also being the kingdom islands they are today. The home islands become supply points for the main fight. Using Serenity for the home server example, could be any server. As an example, farm corn on Serenity, using a ship transport it to a depot on Elevation (open field combat opportunity). When the corn is transferred to the depot it is consumed by granting the kingdom's elevation combat troops a small combat bonus for a period of time. Repeat the cycle to keep the bonus. Have Elevation have a very rough environment so weapons wear out quicker. Make it so weapons made on Serenity and transferred to Elevation receive a bonus against damage (or perhaps have a special paste made that can be applied to weapon to do same thing - again only craftable on home islands). The key is to better connect the home islands to the fight while still allowing people who prefer living on the islands to remain there if they want to. Also makes the home islands a bigger target for raids (to cut supply of corn for example). The problem with the current home servers in my mind is that the job isn't done, the integration isn't complete, make it more relevant and more combat ops will happen.
  6. A New Elevation

    Started on a WU server recently with only crude knife, crude axe and a steel/flint. No weapons, no armour, nothing else that I can recall. Was pretty cool. Of course was also on a starter toon, not a skilled up character.
  7. A New Elevation

    Personally I would love to see the homeserver/elevation portal with no items stay until the next map reset that's planned.
  8. A New Elevation

    Well I was thinking about my inventory items specifically but thanks for the joking around - missed you too - grin
  9. A New Elevation

    Will characters forcefully moved to home islands be moved with or without any items that they might currently have on them now (Pre-new elevation map)?
  10. A New Elevation

    Instead of max deed count use a metric where the number of premed citizens impacts deed upkeep costs. For example only - numbers can be modified of course: At 10 premed citizens normal deed upkeep costs At 5 premed citizens deed upkeep is 3 times normal At 2 premed citizens deed upkeep is 5 times normal At 1 premed citizens deed upkeep is 10 times normal Also consider using same guidelines however add in number of drains to disband, at 1 citizen it takes 2 drains, at 5 it takes 4, at 10 it takes normal. This way you can still allow for kingdom expansion however you need the numbers to realistically support it. If you want to go even better then test for certain skills and if beneath a certain level across those skills then it's just an alt, so counts as half instead of a full citizen. Go even further and tie in last login, last skill gain etc and pretty soon you can have a true indicator of real players versus alts etc.
  11. Devblog: The Rest of 2019

  12. A New Elevation

    It's almost a gasp moment, I find myself in complete agreement with McLavin here on this one. It really does support the group mentality if everyone gets reset at same time. The nice thing also is this is a time limited map according to OP so it's also setting a precedent for this kind of thing in the future if it works well. ~Nappy
  13. A New Elevation

    Why exactly is it so difficult to reset all skills to 1 again? Run a database query and set all Epic skills to 1. It only gets complicated if you are trying to have a skill level for Elevation and a skill level for non-Elevation servers. As far as item transfers just make it that you can't take boats across, only by swimming can you cross the border. This will eliminate 99.9% of the items people worry about coming to the server. For meditation just turn it off for elevation server only - make it so it does a simple check on user login if they are on elevation. If so then no meditation skills, if not elevation then let them have what they want. Seems simple. (pseudo code - If server name = "Elevation" then exit else turn on mediation stuff). Do the same thing to turn off tome effects, If on Elevation off, else on Similar logic can be applied for faith, priests etc.
  14. A New Elevation

    For the current population size (and even if it was to quadruple) I strongly recommend you go with a smaller map. Just like in real life, close proximity is what drives aggression/combat etc. DesV2 had a 2k map, same with DesV4. Both of them had less intense combat then DesV3 which was 1k. DesV3 also had at least 140 concurrent players online at all times over an 8 week period with population peaks hitting 240 to 260 players. This is far above what WO sees today. Even on DesV3 there were large areas of the map that were abandoned and not used with most population living on the front lines. If you want a combat zone then make one. Going too big is just encouraging separation and longer travel times, both things which reduce the intensity and likelihood of combat.
  15. Why was PvP abandoned?

    I've been reviewing the old DesV3 anti-cheat code, the Sindusk version (which implemented it in a more calculation intensive way), the WU code and playing with a few different ways to try negating the ESP highlight capability. Along the way I've created a few new options that knock off some of the other things that people do to "exploit" things. I think there is a way, just have to run down a few different approaches that I have spec'ed out. No promises nor a particular rush for me on a personal level.
  16. Why was PvP abandoned?

    This (the above) is the path to madness. Give the people of Epic a new Elevation map and then implement it. Make it small enough that people trip over each other. This will make combat happen. If you don't have the time ask the community to do it instead (thinking about the interesting effort TC made when they changed their designs, that was a solid community winning effort with lots of community involvement). If it turns out that 1 year from now you have an idea that leads to a new map two years from now then at least you will have a solid reason to have a conversation with your community about why a reset is needed, with good solid reasons. In the meantime you've given people a new map to play on, hopefully some engaging combat to enjoy and perhaps a much stronger community will happen as a result. The amount of work required to put a new map into place is trivial (this isn't supposition, I've done it multiple times). If you want to go a bit further to recreate the Epic 180 idea that's been bandied about most of that is easily accomplished with mods (I've written a bunch that get rid of things like altars, meditation rugs, hell horses etc so even that request is relatively small as well). I think people are most upset at the trivial things that they are requesting that are being made into these huge efforts when in reality the effort isn't huge. Unfortunately when WU came out it ripped open the curtain and made it possible to understand just how hard these kind of changes are. It's time to stop being the problem and instead start being an active and effective part of the solution.
  17. Why was PvP abandoned?

    I think that's a great point you've raised. It's not important what Retro says or thinks. With all due respect to him and his position, at the end of the day he is just in charge of communicating the message. We really need to be hearing from someone more significant, someone with more authority and someone who actually makes the decisions. Where is Budda?
  18. Give Epic The Map It Deserves

    You can run a very decent dedicated server on Wurm Unlimited for around $110 CDN last time I checked for a month. That's about 73 euros or about 9 premiums (at 8 EUros per premium per month). Implementation isn't a big deal and would take minimum time once the actual map is created. Using a tool like World Machine makes that relatively easy too. With PVP servers go small not big. Lack of space drives player interactions (just like in real life btw). If you want active PVP make people crammed together so they need to fight. At current or even improved PVP levels I would not make it any bigger then 1024 x 1024. ~Nappy
  19. Why was PvP abandoned?

    It's not just the lack of attention, even more concerning is the lack of a shared vision. A shared vision is a much, much more powerful thing and with time and successful execution it builds upon itself. As an example: "Our vision for Wurm is to build up population by building awareness of the game, improving retention via the improved tutorial and improving game play including better combat and more engaging activities within the game. In order to make this vision work we need community engagement, the true kind where we brainstorm ideas together and come up with things that work for both PVE and PVP players as much as possible. Both communities are important to the games future success and both are in need of attention. While our main focus will initially be on PVE we have heard the strong voices of the community ask for at least something for PVP. We will be resetting the elevation map to a 1024 x 1024 map similar to Old Elevation. While this is certainly not everything we want to do with PVP it's a start in the direction that has been asked for. It will take time to realize this vision and frankly things will change along the way as challenges are faced. We will commit to giving you quarterly updates on where we think things are headed as the vision unfolds. Of course this kind of vision requires help, specifically your help. We are seeking: - Volunteer developers - Have you tinkered with mods in Wurm Unlimited? Come join our team, worse case help us reduce technical debt by fixing bugs, best case, design a new engaging mechanic that becomes part of the game - Volunteer ambassadors - Help get the word out about Wurm. Youtube stream, blogs, gameplay guides, anything and everything that can help people learn about this game - Volunteer greeters - Help new players at the tutorial site. Answer questions, explain the game, help them explore, tell them more awaits Right now we don't have the ability to thank you as fully as we wish we could, however we can offer you some recognition for your efforts - special "Volunteer Developer/Ambassador/Greeter" title visible in game, some sleep powders and a willingness to listen to your suggestions. Of course actions speak louder then words so let's get started today"
  20. Why was PvP abandoned?

    Read the threads where lots and lots of people are giving you their feedback on current game state. Your customers don't share the same perception as you, the service providers, do. More and more people seem to be voting with their feet too. Planned roadmap - Many times promised, never delivered. Sindusk, Ausimus and Darklords do great and fantastic things without a doubt. I have seen their work first hand in WU. What's lacking is solid communication. When is that coming?
  21. [RELEASED] Quality Level Limit 0.3

    You are awesome! Thank-you very much. I will install it on my test server today. ~Nappy
  22. Lava --> cooldown --> freeze
  23. [RELEASED] Quality Level Limit 0.3

    I need it for a specific project I am working on again. If it's a real pain for you I could just update the pieces I need.... I've finally invested the time and effort to code my own mods (as well as design them). ~Nappy
  24. I spoke to him (verbally) about two days ago. As Mark Twain likes to say, "Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated". @WalkerInTheVoidwill respond when he is ready to.