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  1. Patch Notes: 21/MAR/19 New HotA and tweaks

    Which one was the relevant one?
  2. Ebonaura Kingdom graphics changed

    If this is the case then why was it different for TC? Wouldn't the same transfer of rights have happened then too? In fact thinking through this in the context of what was published about the TC case and comparing it. 1) P's wife was the artist of the original coat of arms. She hopefully provided permission to use it in the original artwork but did she also transfer derivative rights? 2) P created the work that appears was then used as the basis for what is currently published. Did he provide permission for the people who changed his image to use it the way they did? If not, isn't this the same situation where permission has to be provided for any artwork that later forms a new piece of art? TC mentioned having permission for the rose etc for instance Curious more then anything.
  3. Devblog: Server Issues Postmortem & Future

    They are trying to build a new server environment that's quick to setup, reliable, more lag free and player happy. More details to follow....
  4. Devblog: Server Issues Postmortem & Future

    Wasn't there a mod or something for WU that allowed it to run on MySql instead of sqlite?
  5. Workers?

    I am wondering if @Ildar's helper mod could be the basis for this type of thing? His mod has helper bots that do the things you've mentioned in the context of the currently logged in user. If it could be extended to: 1) Read some sort of input request (perhaps a parchment with order like farm, x-start,y-start, x-end,y-end) 2) Bring into instance a worker bot (visualization would be even cooler) 3) Complete the work 4) Subtract payment (of course you could do payment up front by selling the parchments) Just a thought, would be interested in hearing Ildar's comments around how feasible (regardless of whether he would personally want to take it on or not)
  6. The building of Haven's Landing

    What he means from a "I am a stuck new player perspective" is to press the F1 button on your keyboard so the console appears. Type /suicide and you will die instantly. At that point you can select the Havens Landing deed from the drop down menu and presto you should be back in business. Be aware that typing /suicide will cause you a small amount of lost skill however as a new player the amount loss will be very, very small and easily recoverable in a short period of time.
  7. Increased Macro Questions?

    I think someone else was often driving while he was doing that - grin
  8. Increased Macro Questions?

    The interesting thing about this response is that back when WU came out I heard that this was accidentally released and then quietly removed in the next update. No idea if it's true myself, never saw the code. 3 different people at different times talked about it so it's possible that code control wasn't as tight back then and perhaps the word got out?
  9. Why is transmutation so horrible?

    @RoccandilYou are playing on serenity for this testing right? I think PVP servers have mechanics in place to make transmutation of tiles much, much harder then Freedom/Non-pvp servers. That might explain why some people seem to say it's not too bad compared to your experiences. Have you considered this aspect? ~Nappy
  10. Client helper mod

    Interesting mod. I haven't used it although I have enjoyed reading about it. On DesV3 we created an Anti-cheat mod and everything you say here is true. You can't trust the client hence any client mod has to be treated as untrusted because it can be modified to not send the updates/text messages etc that people are asking for here leaving a GM with a false sense of security. You have to treat the server as the trusted source and then control the messaging (both ways) between the client and the server in order to track what people are doing and identify patterns. In the case of this mod I would look for a looping set of steps, build 10 things 10 times, pause, do again would be an easy one. If that loops for a period of time without problems well high percentage chance it's a macro bot. At the time when DesV3 was live tree collisions were on in WU and the tree collision turn off mod wasn't yet public so people who used the private version had a significant advantage. The way we identified who was using it was mapping a players transit/travel across a server of at least 200 tiles. If they never had slight course changes especially with terrain and slope changes it was 97% likely to be someone using the private mod. When we followed up 100% of the time this was the case. Another thing we did back then was filter the server feed to the client so that programs like WurmESP would have nothing to display that the play couldn't already see. Useful inside a mine because the only things livemap or WurmESP would show were the visible ores, not the hidden ones. We also reduced local which had the benefit of client performance increase by reducing how much was being sent/processed as well as severely restricting the information the server sent to the client. The point of all this is that this mod exists, privately, whether it's public or not. Likely many versions of it out there as well. The key is to figure out a way to guard the server and use it to filter what it sends and trusts from the client. Of course it doesn't help that the WU software agreement prohibits client modification so no one can produce a secure client. ~Nappy
  11. How is this going? It's fascinating to read and watch!
  12. Enemy went invisible for everyone.

    Started around the time the new modern renderer came in?
  13. W.S.A Extended downtime 21/FEB/19

    That often happens after a hard server crash. It usually means that the server didn't copy what was in memory to disk. People who just created something immediately prior to the crash will likely have to finish creating it again if this is indeed the root cause.
  14. WTB 90+ql Altar Imps

    @aeris did this for me on Exodus a few years back. Imped 6 altars to 90 - 95 ql I recall.
  15. Wurm Unlimited Updates

    168 days! Wow!
  16. Foundation 2xskill 3xaction Free deed

    Very nice server. Very scenic. Interesting starting premise as well.
  17. Love in Wurm

    That was a well told story. Too bad we didn't have a lot more of this kind of stuff happening. Really makes it more intense.
  18. Farewell to the greatest Dev

    Be patient. We only started asking for an update/clarification/proposed path forward more then a year ago. It takes time to have a vision apparently. "Actions speak louder then words" - Good words to measure the responses by.
  19. Wurm Online "Cancer Sucks" Fundraiser for Tich

    Are you open to "donations" for the auction? If so then please post an ingame char where items can be mailed etc.
  20. When you need solid bridge support

    That's pretty awesome!
  21. There have been a number of threads predicting or in some cases declaring Epic dead. It is true that Epic population is no longer even close to what was experienced 2 years ago when Elevation was refreshed. However despite the predictions there is a group of dedicated people in JK who are making a go at making Epic work. I think similar small groups exist in Rome, BL and MR. For this thread I would really like to avoid kingdom drama and focus instead on Epic as a whole, with emphasis on moving forward with what's best for all players and all kingdoms on the Epic cluster whether they are Elevation or on a home island. As a result I will give away some information that normally is never shared openly. 1) JK has about 10 active players on Elevation. This is active players and doesn't include their alts. With alts the number is higher. I believe other kingdoms have around the same approximate number of active, every day, players. I could be wrong, haven't invested in spies, don't care to either 2) A quiet war has been going on with BL, Rome and JK for at least 5 weeks now where deaths are no longer appearing in the forum threads. This gives the wrongful impression of a quiet, dead cluster for those who aren't participating here. In reality there have been deaths on all sides, close to 20 I believe at this point. This does not include the flasher group deaths that are often advertised 3) Many of the JK players came over from Freedom to try out PVP. They did this knowing that their skills can't be lost on Freedom, they can teleport home at any time and we are offering PVP training as much as possible to ramp them up quickly. After each battle we also do a post-mortem to learn from what took place. Hopefully our enemies will agree that our fighting abilities are rapidly improving as a result 4) We have at least 5 highly skilled weaponsmiths, platesmiths, enchanting priests etc. What this means is we don't really care if gear is lost in combat, we will replace it for anyone who is actively engaging in PVP. For us what is important is becoming part of the team and most importantly, having fun while you are here 5) Two weeks ago we enjoyed 17 hours of PVP between the various kingdom PVP drop bys. People participated as their time allowed and we had a great time. 6) While grinding on Freedom means you preserve your skill gains even if you die here, an advantage to grinding on Epic is that you more quickly close the gap with the higher end accounts and in many ways the grind is more natural because it often happens while building up deeds, weapons, plate etc 7) A polite war is also occurring. The higher skilled accounts are often leaving the lower level account gear behind after a death allowing them to get back into action quicker. This type of behaviour is appreciated and yet seldom mentioned in the forums I encourage each kingdom to ramp up recruitment and get the action moving forward. This will help significantly. Anyone interested in joining JK in the fight reach out to me and we will get you in the battle, with the gear you need, the training that can help and the encouragement to have a fun time. I encourage the other kingdoms to post their contact info in this thread too. For Retrograde and the Wurm devs there are two remaining things that could make a strong difference. 1) Consider either a map refresh of Elevation or tack a brand new server on the cluster. In either case go for a really small map, 1024 x 1024, lots of water around the edges so it's really a max of 650 x 650, add mountains, rivers, valleys, lakes, ravines and put the three template kingdoms on it with really small starter deeds to preserve space (like the smallest you can make). If you add a new server it will preserve people's deeds on elevation if they want to keep them while the much smaller landmass of the new server will lead to a much greater level of excitement as kingdoms trip over each other 2) Regardless of your decision about the map changes, clear up the unknown. This, more then anything, is what I believe is leading people to not come out here and engage in the action. That's where Wurm staff can make an immediate and lasting contribution right away. ~Nappy
  22. Poll Wurm Veteran Status

    I think it's supposed to be a Queen
  23. Golden Valley

    I look upon this valley that's so dear to me It's been my life, my essence and my reality So many attractions and people of the past have left me be Here I remain, a guardian of the Golden Valley actuality - Ziad, citizen of Green Valley
  24. Name and Shame - Necroedarkslayer

    It's too bad they can't introduce a new field in the player's database called something like "Secondary password" and give that password only the ability to use the account, no ability to transfer ownership, change email etc. Then people could share knowing that whoever held the primary password could always retake the account. I imagine the login code would just need a slight tweak to check the password provided at login against two fields, the current primary password field and a secondary one. It doesn't fix everything but maybe it preserves a key area. At the end of the day people are only as good as whomever they are as people. No amount of technical things will overcome the root of who they are as a person. When I left Epic for a break back when WU came out, I freely gave 4 deeds to my kingdom, asking nothing. I transferred mayorship of the fifth deed, a deed that I really liked and had spent significant time and effort on to someone I thought of as a close friend, with the clear understanding that if I came back to the game it would be returned to me. When I came back the deed wasn't returned. That's on me for trusting them and ultimately on them for lacking whatever it is that makes a person honorable and trustworthy. At the end I lost the money, time (more then a year of steady building/terraforming) and effort put into the deed. More importantly I no longer had a friend that I had thought highly of. The key thing I didn't change (and had to make sure I didn't) was willingness to continue trusting others despite this event. I have no intention of naming the former friend. They know who they are and what they did. It's just really unfortunate is all.