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  1. Wicked awesome! This makes me want to come back and start breeding horsies again!
  2. I just brought a new toon to Melody. For some reason it attracts me the most. Still looking around and getting some skills. I'm a Wurm veteran, have played mostly on Xanada, Lormere area. Was part of the public relations team for a while. It's great to see the renewed interest in the game!
  3. Some crazy digging going on when I logged in on Harmony last night!
  4. Can I ask what your settings are at? My Wurm does not look like this!
  5. Love the new graphic updates but the sun glare is a bit much. Any way to tweak that to be less intense?
  6. Where are you guys standing with this project?
  7. What are the exact settings we need to see such awesome graphics?!
  8. Been playing on the server for a few days now and it is really great! Friendly folks willing to help out. I did a lot of exploring and the map is a great size to allow for that, while not taking too much time. Still plenty of pristine wilderness for new settlers! I think when I logged on earlier there were 44 active players which is the most I've seen so far on the server at once.
  9. Is it fixed yet? I still have a Skewbald turned grey... are we doing support tickets again or still waiting it out?
  10. My skewbald foal turned back grey and is still grey ?
  11. In my last round I had 15 new foals born. Only one was a new color (Skewbald Pinto), but none of them were grey. I have been seeing mainly grey out in the wild, but honestly that's usually the case.
  12. In my last round I had 15 new foals born. Only one of them was one of the new colors (Skewbald Pinto). But also none of them were grey. So not sure how that fits into the evidence...
  13. First new horse color bred at Blackthorn Port - Skewbald Pinto named RoseRock.
  14. New Skewbald Pinto cutie - RoseRock. Her parents were both Piebald Pintos.
  15. I most likely had some foals born today... I wonder if this affected them at all.