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  1. Tried this with the latest patch and it wouldn't work for me.
  2. Has anyone become the Jenn-Kellon ruler without the help of a gm? I and many others have been asking the Lady of the Lake for weeks now and she always gets to the end and says "for no reason obvious reason she leaves". Any ideas what might be needed or is it just really bad luck for us?
  3. Thanks Shrimpiie. I used the green tome of magic but it hasn't changed for anyone else. There is still one cast left on it though. Maybe that's what's holding it up?
  4. Well there seems to be a bug perhaps. After following the shell and obtaining the green tome, my conch says it can't find the black tome and everyone else in the server their conch tells them only to go to the green tome even though it's not there anymore.
  5. Has anyone found the location of the tomes of magic on adventure mode? I have found the green tome but none others.
  6. Hey guys. So I've been playing on the server BlueFangSolutions.com Los Angeles Public Server for about a week now. Since yesterday, whenever I try to connect it just stays at the "connecting to server..." and never changes. Even if I make a new character, it still sticks there. I can see that the server's population goes up and down throughout the day but I still can not log in...I can log in to other servers just fine. Any idea what would be causing this? Is it possible to contact a server admin when you can't log in?
  7. They have been smelted and I can deliver around independence at the moment.
  8. Can't at the moment Outlaw sorry.
  9. Hey there. If there is any interest I have 1k iron ore for sale on Independence for 1s. Just let me know here or pm me ingame - ralisk
  10. a Lantern would be greatly appreciated. Send to ralisk please