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  1. In addition to this. A few times in the past even in Global chat in Wurm Online i've seen good discussions turn into bad where all the sudden a colored text shows up saying, "Lets clean this up guys, lets change topic" or something similar. But when trying to find out where the conversation went wrong the Chat moderators won't explain. I hear people asking, "ummmm, clean what up?" and no answer. There needs to be more information about what we did so we don't do it again, same thing goes for the forums.
  2. I didn't know him but i've heard so much good things about him... So alot of kind things being said about him over the years and will continue on... This is sad to hear. RIP Oracle =\
  3. Not sure if this is the answer you are looking for but you could create>sleep powders, they grant 1 hour of sleep bonus when you eat them.
  4. True.. All I know is that they wander and was trying to give Janae some insight as to why Tharr was around. Not sure if they are fixated on a position though, such as if the NPC decides to go to HOTA and your deed is in the way, I don't know if their intention then is to attack you or carry on until they get to HOTA or not... But then again, if their plan is to go to HOTA they might be programmed not to enter enemy deeds but to go around it. sorry if that was confusing
  5. Tharr showed up in my local the other day and when I examined him it said he was a member of Hearth and I think that is the MR-kingdom I believe. [08:27:29] Another explorer. [08:27:29] He is very strong and well nourished. [08:27:29] He bears the mark of a citizen of Hearth. Npcs just wander out of their homes to random spots on the map. The npcs village I came across and live at now the npcs like to go to the HOTA zone that is located really close to where we are at now. They will go through enemy zones I guess, that is just how they are programmed.
  6. Most things work this way. Activating and right clicking. just future fyi
  7. Activate the tar in your inventory by double-clicking it>right click the lantern>fill Activate steel and flint>right click lamp and light
  8. Thank you for everything Docterchese and take care! To Retro, I really do believe he is a peacekeeper, several months ago I was very upset with the game and I went to him with questions/concerns and I was just really mad, staff-bashing really and he never once gave up on me. Any once else probably wouldn't have the patience to put up with my attitude at that time but he did and answered all my questions the best that he could and i'm grateful to him for that. Thanks for the news each week and glad to see there is more community to staff involvement.
  9. Very nice map Validate, lots of land and just enough natural water passages to get around. These are the types of maps I like to see =)
  10. Kenshi: Alot of us have been through the same thing that you are going through now. It's very hard at first but it does start making sense later on. There is a few people in this thread that have posted a few times, and you won't believe the amount of crap that they have gone through and they can still stand up and say that this is clearly a case of a deed it or lose it situation. That is not easy for them to say. Had there been some indication of life there, signs, shacks and so on like Mordraug said it would've been alot easier for Amory to keep walking, but by the sounds of it there was none to say that. Personally, if I came across high quality walls, I would feel that the person who built them, knew well enough about ways to protect his land so he wouldn't be in this situation. Just saying.... Also alot of people don't like to live on steppe and desert as it can cause an even more flame as people like to use them as hunting grounds for certain spawn. So I can understand Amorys hesitation there.
  11. Try resetting your GM power in the server settings back to 0, then relog, then set it back to 5 and reload. Should give you another one.
  12. WTG rares

    Ftoz gave me the green light to pass it along to someone else, so I did. Thanks for the inquiries but the Leather Knife is no longer in my hands anymore. thanks again Ftoz for considering me. Take care!