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  1. Well me and my friend are looking for a deed or a village to join around this area, we are quite new to this game. We've been suriving off the land our selves for a few weeks. Well, we got no speciel requirements except that it needs to be somewhat close. Pm or comment if interested.
  2. As do I, as you might be able to see
  3. Well me and my friend Ragnar, recently took up playing Wurm Online.. And well we'd like to eventually form a settlement, but before that we're just surviving in the wild trying to get a handle on this game.. Well we'd like to try and play game without to much help from veteran players(We thrive on the challenge).. But that said, we'd like to see if there is any other possible new players out there that might be willing to join us. We've got a teamspeak server, and we're European based.. And well we've got a friendly spirit, and we don't mind having fun Contact me on here, or pm me ingame same name as on the forums -HoratioOakheart