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  1. On Hiatus

    Please send to Sush 12.66QL carving knife blade, iron CoC91 - 3.29 silver 5.94QL knife, iron CoC94 - 3.89 silver Thanks!
  2. On Hiatus

    1ql pickaxe head, iron CoC94 - 6.32 silver Please send to Sush, Thanks!
  3. Please send to Sush Thank you! Chisel, Iron, 90coc - 6s 90ql Whetstone, 88coc - 4s Hammer, Iron, 94coc - 6s
  4. Please send to Sush Butchering Knive 83BOTD Chisels 92 BOTD File 94 BOTD Rake 87 BOTD Steel Shovel Blade 71 BOTD
  5. Please send to Sush Mallet 71ql 97 BOTD Trowel 93 BOTD File 72 BOTD Large Anvil 62 BOTD Thanks
  6. Please cod to Sush 81ql Rare Small Anvil, Iron, 86botd - 20s 81ql Rare Hatchet, Iron, 70botd - 20s 81ql Rare Pickaxe, Iron, 70botd - 20s Huge axe, silver, 70ql, 71nimb, 94coc, 76lt, 64ms - 17s Awl, Iron, 83coc - 4s Butcher knife, Iron, 62coc - 1s Carving knife, Iron, 73coc - 2.5s Chisel, Iron, 92coc - 6s Grooming Brush, Oak, 74coc - 2.5s Meditation rug, Cotton, 70coc - 2.5s Metal brush, Iron, 62coc - 1s Needle, Iron, 88coc - 4s Rake, Iron, 62coc - 1s Sickle, Iron, 70coc - 2.5s
  7. Awesome service, fast friendly, really went out of the way to deliver animals, can't recommend Dystopian enough.
  8. Hi Please deliver to Sush Black Tahuflash, Young Foal, Female, Strong Body, Strong Legs, Keen Senses - 3s 2.7s Kissblood, Adolescent Foal, Male, Carry More, Strong Body - 3s 2.7s Ironchaser, Young Foal, Male, Fleet Movement, Lightning Movement, Strong and Healthy, Certain Spark, Fights Fiercely - 3s 2.7s Ebony Two Speed Northgolden, Young Foal, Male, Strong Body, Strong Legs, Keen Senses - 14s One Speed Hardkiss, Adolescent Foal, Male, Strong Body, Fights Fiercely, Tough Bugger - 9s
  9. 1 small square sail and 1 square sail to Sush please, thank you!
  10. Hi Carbon, Would you please deliver to Serenity Valley Sush the following? BLACK One Speed Hardjack, Young Foal, Male, Strong Body, Fights Fiercely - 1s Kissmack, Young Foal, Male, Certain Spark - 40c
  11. 1214, 584 Serenity Valley
  12. Great service, great quality, and friendly. Highly recommended!
  13. Wonderful service, great food, what more can you want?!